"If you understood everything I said, you'd be me" - Miles Davis
"There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge." - Bertrand Russell
"Take away the right to say fuck and you take away the right to say fuck the government." - Lenny Bruce
"Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!" - Homer Simpson

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Tiger Planking
Tiger Planking Nice Kitty

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RT @radleybalko: Awesome dog is awesomeness.
RT @radleybalko Awesome dog is awesomeness. Super Dog

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Basset Hound mixbreeds
Basset Hound mixbreeds Long Low and Lovely

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Almost too much wild boar piglet cuteness...Almost
Almost too much wild boar piglet cuteness...Almost In a year that little french bulldog is going to have one hell of a posse

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Jack Russel/Dalmation puppy
Jack Russel/Dalmation puppy I hope they like active dogs

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To sleep, perchance to dream...
To sleep, perchance to dream... Sleeping Animals

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RT @demis: Dog, you are not a shirt : (...LOL... Dog rules.)
RT @demis Dog, you are not a shirt : Dog, not shirt (...LOL... Dog rules.)

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A Happy Cow
automatic cow brusher
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Baby Pygmy Hippo #cute
Baby Pygmy Hippo .. This is a baby Pygmy hippo. That is all. .. #cute

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Sled Dogs

There's nothing happier than a happy dog.

Sugarbush Dog Groomers
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Mister Dog and His Stuffed Monkey
chihuahua dog stuffed monkey

The One Armed Monkey (Flickr)

Bulldog/Shar Pei Puppy
Bulldog/Shar Pei Puppy - Honey the Mixed Breed -

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Puppy or Polar Bear? I hope puppies never invade the Earth, because it would be game over
Puppy or Polar Bear? - Puppy or Polar Bear? - I hope puppies never invade the Earth, because it would be game over

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Dogs on Roofs
dogs on roofs
Dogs on Roofs
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Cute Puppy of the Day
french bulldog puppy

French Bulldog Puppy (Flickr)

You May be Driving, but He's the Captain
dachshund dashhound puppy
I Got Myself

Corgi Puppies Animgif
charging corgi puppy animgif

More Sleeping Pug Puppy Goodness
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Sleeping Chunks of Cute
sleeping pug puppies

Sleeping Pug Puppies
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Kitten Tickling

Yippee, the new computer is (semi) operational! Free again to post about the important things:

Surprised Kitty (Original) (YouTube)
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Vampire Hedgehog
Thankfully, no sign of earthworm minions.

hedgehog in 
vampire halloween costume cute

I Vant To Zuck Your Mealwormz

Helpless Before the Cute
vera french bulldog puppy cute

Vera the French Bulldog

Happy Dog
happy chihuahua dog

Sniffing flowers B

Shy Dog update

Her name is Dahlia. She knows more commands than I was able to remember, including sit, shake, up, rollover, and the mysterious "under". She doesn't like handtrucks because of a car accident with a handtruck in the back seat. She's enlarged her dislike to include most things made of metal, including wire clothes hangers.

Original Shy Dog Post

shy dog basenji fremont

This is Shy Dog. She belongs to a shop a couple of doors down from my Fremont stop. She's more indifferent than shy-she basically couldn't care less about people. I can't remember ever seeing her wag her tail. She's been seeing me a couple of times a week for years and all I've been able to manage is a couple of head scritches. It doesn't help that she thinks my hand-truck is made of evil. I started giving her a treat every time I see her, which has earned me rapt attention and zero affection. Still, I have to admire her consistency.

Dog Story

"We moved to Vancouver in late 1997 and discovered our otherwise macho little alpha dog was afraid of water. I'd jog on the beach with him every morning, and he wouldn't go near the ocean. When my soon-to-be-wife ran a bath (for her, not him), he'd hide under the bed.

That all changed the day we went deep sea fishing off English Bay, and brought the dog along (before kids, you always bring the dog along). He mostly stayed inside the boat, cowering in fear, until we reeled in the first salmon. The moment that fish flew out of the water and flopped back and forth on the floor of the boat, a bell went off in Tanner's head: water equals fish. Fish equals...something I must have in my mouth right now!

He spent virtually every moment of the next decade trying to catch one. The size of the body of water was irrelevant: ocean, lake, river, puddle, bathtub, sink. In Tanner's mind, all water must contain fish. Fish flop. Fish = fun.

No dog obsesses quite like a Jack. Every time I bathed the kids, he would sit on the edge of the tub, waiting for that salmon to leap out of the water and into his jaws. It would eventually happen, he figured. He'd seen it. He had proof.

He would sprint along the shoreline of our cottage lake for 14 hours a day, chasing schools of minnows. In recent years, as my son grew old enough to cast off our dock, Tanner would leap off after every cast, trying to beat the worm to the sunfish.

He never did catch one. But he never stopped trying. Man could learn something about perseverance from a Jack.

Tanner had more success with rocks. Some dogs fetch balls, some fetch sticks. He fetched rocks. Not little rocks. Rocks half his size. Boulders.

One day at The Beaches in Toronto, after we'd moved back east, Tanner drew a crowd of 100, all stopping to watch him "rock-fetch." He'd swim out 20 feet, dive under the water, disappear for 30 seconds, and emerge with a rock twice the size of his jaw. The crowd went nuts. I should have put a hat down and collected tips"

This Dog's Life
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Concentrated Cuteness

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Planet of the Cats

Cat House on the Kings (YouTube)
The Cat House on the Kings (Official Site
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Serious Dogs
You Better Have a Pocket Full of Porkchops
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Dog Vs. Balloons

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