"If you understood everything I said, you'd be me" - Miles Davis
"There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge." - Bertrand Russell
"Take away the right to say fuck and you take away the right to say fuck the government." - Lenny Bruce
"Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!" - Homer Simpson

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Suds Warrior
A post apocalyptic world without gasoline is one thing...
But imagine a world where beer is scarce and only those with most brutal pedal powered machines can attain it...

Road Warrior Remake
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What Happened?
It's that time of year again for the gigantic Fimoculous List of Lists - 2007

Kitty Like Catfish
large pet fishing cat
Extreme Pets - Fishing Cat
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Chiru Hits Something

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To Hell with Turkey
Bacon chocolate chip cookies with maple cinnamon glaze
Bacon bakalava
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Security Theater
No proof airport security makes flying safer

It's Good to Have Friends

I heard today on NPR how Teller (of Penn and Teller) is co-directing (or something) a production of Macbeth. He needed someone to make the sound effects so he asked Stephen Sondheim, Lou Reed, and Tom Waits for advice. Nice company to keep. Tom Waits pointed him to Kenny Wollesen, who's body of work and very existence makes me green with envy.

Teller's "Macbeth" Journal Entries

Bootsy Collins - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Cloverfield Clues
Cloverfield Despoiler Wiki

Lost - Season 4 Theater Trailer
Holy Frap, was that a talking cow?

LOST - Season four theatre trailer HIGH QUALITY!
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Santa is Satan Sideways, 2007 Edition
    Top Ten Elf Pickup Lines

  • 1. I'm down here.
  • 2. Just because I've got bells on my shoes doesn't mean I'm a sissy.
  • 3. I was once a lawn ornament for John Bon Jovi.
  • 4. I can get you off the naughty list.
  • 5. I have certain needs that can't be satisfied by working on toys.
  • 6. I'm a magical being. Take off your bra.
  • 7. No, no. I don't bake cookies. You're thinking of those dorks over at Keebler.
  • 8. I get a thimbleful of tequila in me and I turn into a wild man.
  • 9. You'd look great in a Raggedy Ann wig.
  • 10. I can eat my weight in cocktail wieners.
Santacon Carol Book (PDF)
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Render Unto Caesar
" America has told Britain that it can "kidnap" British citizens if they are wanted for crimes in the United States.

&nbsp A senior lawyer for the American government has told the Court of Appeal in London that kidnapping foreign citizens is permissible under American law because the US Supreme Court has sanctioned it.

&nbsp The admission will alarm the British business community after the case of the so-called NatWest Three, bankers who were extradited to America on fraud charges. More than a dozen other British executives, including senior managers at British Airways and BAE Systems, are under investigation by the US authorities and could face criminal charges in America.

&nbsp Until now it was commonly assumed that US law permitted kidnapping only in the "extraordinary rendition" of terrorist suspects.

&nbsp The American government has for the first time made it clear in a British court that the law applies to anyone, British or otherwise, suspected of a crime by Washington.

&nbsp Legal experts confirmed this weekend that America viewed extradition as just one way of getting foreign suspects back to face trial. Rendition, or kidnapping, dates back to 19th-century bounty hunting and Washington believes it is still legitimate."

US says it has right to kidnap British citizens
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Abe Lincoln Calling Screw On Head

The Amazing Screw On Head
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Data Abuse

" This page has some real-life (as opposed to hypothetical) examples of abuses of our personal data.

This document is updated from time to time. It was most recently updated on 12 November 2007. The most recent updates are at the top.

The Times reports on a form of identity theft involving a phantom tenant taking out a mortgage on someone else’s property using information taken from the Land Registry's website.

Zdnet reports that "An NHS trust is investigating how one of its hard drives containing confidential information was sold online. The Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Trust is trying to find out how one of its computers full of confidential medical information was sold on eBay."

Disposal of the trust's computers is carried out under contract to Siemens Medical Solutions, as part of a PFI agreement. Computer Disposals has a subcontract with Siemens to dispose of obsolete IT. All hard drives that leave the trust via this route should undergo data wiping which meets the government's standard of being overwritten three times.

The BBC reports that "Two former policemen have been jailed for hacking into computers while working as private detectives. Ex-Met officers Jeremy Young and Scott Gelsthorpe even tried to hack into the New York Stock Exchange. They received 27 months and two years respectively. Three former Staffordshire officers were jailed for unlawfully accessing the police national computer." The article does not make it wholly clear that some of them were serving officers when the offences were committed.
The BBC reports that "A police officer who sold secrets to a private investigator has been jailed at Southwark Crown Court for 15 months."

The BBC reports that "The number plate system needs to be completely overhauled to beat a rise in "car cloning", police have said. ...Tony Bullock's car was cloned even though his plates were not physically stolen, and he was threatened with prosecution after "his" car was repeatedly caught speeding in Leicester."

He said: "It was horrendous. You are guilty until you can prove you're not. It's the first time that I've thought that English law is on its head.""

UK Liberty
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