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Buckle Your Seat Belts

"The most outlandish of these devices was the Rocket Drag Axle, which connected mechanically to a car's differential and, when ignited, surpassed the engine's motive force by upwards of a thousand horsepower and launched the vehicle forward at a truly mind-numbing rate of acceleration. The infamous Black Widow Volkswagen Beetle, a basically stock Bug fitted with a Turbonique Rocket Drag Axle, instantly became a drag racing legend by leaving Tommy Ivo's four-engine Showboat dragster in its dust with a 9.36 elapsed time at 168 mph on Sept.19, 1966, at Tampa Dragway.

Built by tobacco heir Zachary Reynolds of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco fame, the "Tobacco King" 1964 Ford Galaxie was as wild an example of a Rocket Drag Axle-equipped car as one could ask for, and certainly reflected Reynolds' daredevil personality. Playboy, pilot, Ham Radio enthusiast and all-around enfant terrible, Reynolds specifically wanted a car that would terrorize everyone with its appearance alone..."

1964 Ford Galaxie 500 Rocket Car

If You Steal, Steal Big

"Never do I want to hear again from my conservative friends about how brilliant capitalists are, how much they deserve their seven-figure salaries and how government should keep its hands off the private economy.

The Wall Street titans have turned into a bunch of welfare clients. They are desperate to be bailed out by government from their own incompetence, and from the deregulatory regime for which they lobbied so hard. They have lost "confidence" in each other, you see, because none of these oh-so-wise captains of the universe have any idea what kinds of devalued securities sit in one another's portfolios.

So they have stopped investing. The biggest, most respected investment firms threaten to come crashing down. You can't have that. It's just fine to make it harder for the average Joe to file for bankruptcy, as did that wretched bankruptcy bill passed by Congress in 2005 at the request of the credit card industry. But the big guys are "too big to fail," because they could bring us all down with them.

Enter the federal government, the institution to which the wealthy are not supposed to pay capital gains or inheritance taxes. Good God, you don't expect these people to trade in their BMWs for Saturns, do you? "

The Street on Welfare
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Fail Dogs, like a minimalist canine LOLcat
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16 cylinders, 4 turbos, 10 radiators, 1000 horsepower,
253 miles per hour
4 mph faster
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Flamethrowers Don't Kill People,
but they will fry up the undead quite nicely. Darkplace

Sock Puppet Sea Monster

Beany and Cecil: Wildman of Wildsville, featuring Lord Buckley.
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It's a Good Thing I Like Nightmares
comics Fletcher Hanks sinking head
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Lost - Yet Another Blog
Hatch 23: The occult secrets of Lost
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Lost - Ep# 407 -Ji Yeon
Yawn. Nothing really happened this episode. Yea, Sun gave birth in the future, but that hardly required any dramatic moral choices. And we learned that Ben's mole is the guy everyone already guessed it was. And once again I was wrong with a prediction that Charlotte worked for Ben.

Maybe what this episode needs is different theme music


  • What does Frank have to be ready (and not late) for? Frank says he'll "be up", so it sounds like something on board, something unpleasant, by the look on Frank's face. I don't think it's poker with the boys.
  • Regina is (not) reading The Survivors of the Chancellor, a novel by Jules Verne.

    " Verne's 1875 diary of a shipwreck is told from the point of view of one of the passengers. A plot element that Verne uses again and again (and Lost picks up on) is the use of an international cast of characters, and The Survivors of the Chancellor is no different, but the characters are primarily from the British Isles, France and America. The diary follows a J.R. Kazallon's account of the ship the Chancellor leaving Charleston, South Carolina and heading out to the Sargasso Sea via the Bermuda Triangle (it can't be avoided).

    Eighteen days into the voyage, the crew discovers a fire in the cargo hold of the ship; one of the passengers, a Welshman named John Ruby, was smuggling "with characteristic Anglo-Saxon incautiousness" an explosive called potassium picrate, which ignited in the hold. Things pretty much devolve from there. The fire burns for days, the captain resigns, and the smuggler himself goes mad and jumps through a hatch into the fire. The ship finds its way to a small volcanic island and tries to make repairs, dumping much of its cargo and putting out the fire. But not long after setting off again, it starts to take on water, and after a number of days they're forced to make a raft and abandon ship. The survivors limp south, and little by little, succumb to the pressures; some of the crew get drunk and mutiny, some die, some eat the dead, one person dies from poisonous water. A body even goes missing, like Christian Shephard's, and like Regina, one crew member goes insane and jumps off the ship.

    One of the interesting points about the novel is that the narrator is constantly giving their precise latitude and longitude throughout. This makes the novel a bit more interactive than a regular book, as the reader can follow along with a map and chart when and where the survivors ended up (not unlike what much of the Lost audience does each week). Furthermore, this kind of interaction is one that displaces traditional author/audience roles, where the audience only passively receives whatever the author explains (and we know how active the Lost audience is in its story). As such, it's fitting that the name of the ship, Chancellor, describes an administrative official of high national office, and in some places a leader. The leader, in other words, is crippled and brought down, while those who were subject to the leader become self-organizing and self-directing, for better and worse."

    From Lost: Join Ye, Ji Yeon

    Screencap of Book

  • Kitchen trouble? Would Michael sabotage the kitchen?
  • Why is Frank coming from the copter with the bag of lima beans?
  • Lima Beans, aka Phaseolus lunatus:

    "P. lunatus is a legume. It is grown for its seed, which is eaten as a vegetable. It is commonly known as the lima bean or butter bean; it is also known as Haba bean, Pallar bean, Burma bean, Guffin bean, Hibbert bean, Java bean, Sieva bean, Rangood bean, Madagascar bean, Paiga, Paigya, prolific bean, civet bean and sugar bean."

    This doesn't lead anywhere, but then neither did this episode.


  • Uh oh, Sun is actually thinking about WTF is going on. This can't last, so don't expect it in future episodes.

Hotel Room

Jin Downtown

  • Run Jin Run, Search Jin Search.
  • Panda=black and white


  • Sun and Jin actually want to know what's going on and Kate actually tells them. Amazing.
  • Meow-Kate doesn't play well with the other girls. Especially if they've stolen one of her men or clocked her over the head.


  • Nitpick: Sayid should assume the room is bugged. Instead he blabs away, telling potential listeners that there's a mole.
  • "Don't Trust The Captain": Brilliant, like anybody on Lost should trust anyone. How about some useful advice, like "don't eat the tacos"?


  • Why does Daniel have the phone all taken apart? Did it get broken last ep and I missed it? Or is he trying to hack it?
  • Daniel is still wearing that tie. I bet he strangled a hobo with that tie.
  • Great googly mooglys, Sun is asking direct questions and demanding answers!
  • Jin is wearing a red shirt. He's in mortal danger.
  • Sun has a goddamn plan, and nobody better get in her way.
  • Another direct question, this time from Juliet.


  • All the hospital scenes are creepy-I keep expecting somebody to steal the baby.


  • Yes, Jin has a temper. Yawn
  • What drugs is the toy store guy on?


  • Nice map, it's like a third-grader drew it, not expert tracker Kate.
  • If it's all she's got left, Juliet will resort to the nuclear option.
  • I love the stunned look on Sun's face.
  • The first thing that goes through Jin's mind is "I gotta go fishing"?
  • Look, it's Bernard, the very definition of a 3rd wheel.


  • "That sound is not mechanical"-I love Sayid. He and Desmond should get their own spinoff. They'd be a great pair of cops who make their own rules.
  • That banging might be intended to be heard by a submarine.
  • Frank is on an "errand"?
  • Say goodbye to Regina.
  • Captain Gault is a fictional sea captain created by English writer William Hope Hodgson.

    "Captain Gault seems to be a captain for hire, and operates a different ship in each of the stories. Some take place in England, some in the United States, some in Havanna, and some in Europe. Gault himself is a morally ambiguous character who follows the pattern of many famous fictional criminals: although a law-breaker (he seems primarily interested in making money), he proves also to have a strict moral code. As the series progresses, we learn tantalizing bits of information about Captain Gault: he seems to be highly placed in a secret society; he has occult knowledge about arcane religious artifacts; he seems to be very knowledgeable about gemstones; he is a skilled amateur painter. In general, he reveals himself to have surprising resevoirs of specialized knowledge. Where he got all this knowledge is generally not revealed; we get only these tantalizing hints at the character's past."

  • Galt: "Some of my crew have been dealing with what might best be described as a heightened case of cabin fever. I think it might have something to do with the close proximity of the island". Something is screwing up the crew, and I don't think it's time-travelling.
  • There's no reason to believe anything the Captain says.
  • What possible use is the black box on the freighter? It's only a cool looking prop for the Captain's con.
  • Lost's Black Box Story Holds True, NTSB Records Chief Says
  • Nice story; they're here because Ben did a Very Bad Thing. Baloney
  • There are some very interesting pictures and maps of what could be an island on the Captain's wall.


  • I got nothing


  • Boom, one second they have to do an emergency c-section, the next the baby's born.


  • "He was surprisingly forthcoming"-Sayid didn't believe a word.
  • Frank mentioned that you don't want to talk to the Captain. The Doctor warns about "never pissing him off". He was kind of intense, but I'm still waiting for the scary side of the Captain.
  • Desmond: "This ship isn't moving"

    Doctor: "If you say so"

    Nice and cryptic, the way I like it.
  • Welcome to the suicide suite. Mops aren't very good at wall cleaning.
  • Oh my god, it's Michael. What a surprise. I never saw that coming.
  • Nice poker faces.


  • Nuttin

Jin at Hospital

  • Yup, it's a flashback. Thug Jin is working for Mr. Paik. He needed the panda for the Chinese ambassador.

Sun's house

  • She's only taking the ring out of hospital bag now?
  • Why is Hurley releaved that none of the other Oceanic 6 are coming?
  • For a second there I thought Hurley and Sun were going to start making out. Now that would have been a shocker.
  • The tombstone says that Jin died the day the plane crashed.
  • Sun and Hurley either think Jin is dead or as good as dead.


Pere Ubu Roi

"Pere Ubu and the Brothers Quay present the WORLD PREMIERE of Bring Me The Head Of Ubu Roi

In two specially created performances for Southbank Centre's ETHER 08 festival, expressionist avant-garage band Pere Ubu presents the world premiere of Bring Me The Head of Ubu Roi, an adaptation of Ubu Roi (King Ubu), Alfred Jarry's landmark 1896 play that inspired the band's name and is widely seen as the precursor to the Absurdist, Dada and Surrealist art movements.

At the heart of Jarry's original production was the use of various performance media, and Pere Ubu's show reflects this with a unique visual staging by the enigmatic Brothers Quay, featuring intriguing stop-motion animation, projections and imaginative stage designs. Singer David Thomas will feature as Père Ubu, partnering Sarah-Jane Morris (ex-Communards) in the role of Mère Ubu, and the production includes an original music score by the band Pere Ubu and 10 new songs. Gagarin, aka London-based former Ludus, Nico and John Cale drummer Graham Dowdall, will contribute minimal electronic soundscapes."

From the press release:

"Well, it's pretty simple. If someone wants to work with me then they have the right stuff. Working with me is guaranteed career endangerment, not to be undertaken lightly. I had no idea of who the Quays were. Everybody else seems to know but I don't watch films, tv or video unless a space ship or baseball is involved. The Quays don't involve themselves with either. So how am I supposed to know? I don't make the Rules. I obey. We met. We talked. We immediately understood each other and the project and how it all would fit together. I don't trust visual information of any kind. The Quays were clearly men who were capable of taming the Eye Beast. I told them I'd be delighted to stay out of their way and let them get on with doing what they feel most. They sent me pictures. They were, as I knew they must be, perfect. No space ships. Or baseball. But perfect nevertheless. Only people who don't understand need to talk. We have no need of talking. Talking is for the weak, the uncertain... and girls. Ha-ha! (I mean it.) We are men who stand in the moment and can deliver the goods. So down to the process: Only work with people who are Masters, and who Understand. If you choose to work with such people then don't get in their way unless they appear to be set on a course that will break The Rules. Don't make up the Rules. Don't work with people who feel the need to talk to you. Don't work with children or animals. Don't run into the furniture."

Bring Me the Head of Ubu Roi

Lost -Ep# 406 - The Other Woman
This was an average episode, saved mostly by it's focus on Juliet, the coolest fertility researcher on TV. It also featured an incredible amount of sheer boneheadedness.

"Previously On Lost"

  • Is this the first episode to start with the "Previously On Lost" recap this season?


  • The miniature zen garden has a black rock
  • One of Harper's diplomas has a Hanso logo.

    If she was originally with Dharma she should be much older. It's possible that she is just impersonating the original Harper Stanhope who died in the the Purge. She certainly isn't a very good therapist.

  • Another of her diplomas is from the fictitious "Experimental Social Psychological Society"(ESP society).
  • Those eyebrows are EVIL. And that mole should be named in the credits.
  • Harper's name:

    "Like Anthony Cooper, Harper Stanhope has a name resonate with the 17th and 18th centuries; the 18th century Anthony Cooper was the Earl of Shaftesbury, and the Stanhope name holds a few similar peerages.

    For one, Charles Stanhope, 3rd Earl Stanhope (1753-1816), was both a politician and a scientist who experimented with electricity. But he is known for, among other things, writing a response to Edmund Burke's scathing 1790 essay Reflections on the Revolution in France. Burke - whose namesake was Juliet's husband - supported the American Revolution, but thought the French Revolution devolved into mob rule. Charles Stanhope, however, was a supporter of the French Revolution, and responded with A Letter to Burke, Containing a Short Answer to His Late Speech on the French Revolution. A few years later, Stanhope stood in opposition to the British Parliament's suspension of Habeas Corpus, which was also occasioned by the French Revolution; Parliament used the revolution and demonstrations by radicals to effect a sort of proto-Patriot Act, where publications deemed to be seditious were censured, and people could be detained without trial (rather like Ben has been on more than one occasion).

    .A generation before Charles Stanhope, two of his predecessors held some different ideological positions. James Stanhope, 1st Earl Stanhope, and his relative Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield, were both instrumental in crushing the Jacobite uprising. Jacobitism, besides recalling the name of our Jacob in the island shack, was a 17th and 18th century movement to restore the Catholic Stuart kings to the thrones in England, Scotland, and Ireland (but as these things go, it was a lot more political than religious). The uprising was of particular importance in Scotland, where the Highlanders, with their Gaelic clans and culture, were primarily Jacobites. The key battle was the 1746 Battle of Culloden, not far from Loch Ness. At this battle, the well-equipped and organized British forces managed to put down the Highland Jacobites, spent the next week hunting down and killing other Scottish Jacobite leaders, and that was pretty much it for Gaelic Jacobite clan culture as a political force in Scotland. This is also the same clan culture that Arthur Widmore, scion of the American Widmores, yammers on about incessantly in Bad Twin. So in that name Stanhope, we have connections back to Edmund Burke, the Scottish background of the Widmore clan, and echo of Jacob in Jacobitism.

    Lastly, there is an orchid species called Stanhopea named after the 4th Earl of Stanhope, Philip Henry Stanhope (not to be confused with Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield).

    Harper's first name is uncommon enough to warrant a second look. It didn't take long before Lostpedia had two suggestions up: Karen Harper is the author of a book called Empty Cradle, about a fertility doctor named Dr. Stanhope who steals her patient's eggs for testing. There's also the echo of one of the more famous Harper authors, Harper Lee. Although there doesn't seem to be any direct connections with Lee's one novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, there is something else to consider: Lee was good friends with Truman Capote, who based a character in his book Other Voices, Other Rooms on Harper Lee. That book concerns a young boy who has to live with his absentee father after his mother dies, which echoes Ben's story."

    Via Lost: YAOW (Yet Another Other Woman)
  • Harper: "You feel that all eyes are on you"=eye reference
  • Jeez, Juliet hasn't even slept with her husband yet and Harper is already slapping her down. Nice way to be supportive.
  • With all the talk about celebrity, TPTB made it seem as if Juliet was one of the Oceanic 6, until Tom shows up.
  • I bet Tom had to shave his mustache so he could wear the fake beard. He loved that mustache, no wonder he was so mean.
  • Tom: "That Harper's a piece of work. But you give her a week, she'll have you cryin' about your daddy. I'm speaking from personal experience here." Is there anyone on this show without daddy issues? I wonder if Ben made Tom kill his father?
  • How does Ben know Juliet loves opera?


  • Yea, Juliet used to have a nice two-bedroom house and now she's reduced to a floppy beach shack.
  • Bonehead #1: Nobody is watching Charlotte and Daniel (henceforth known as CD). Jack has undoubtably neglected to inform the beach tribe about any pertinent facts that might alarm them, or more importantly, make Jack look bad. And even though they have plenty of reasons to suspect CD, neither Jack or Juliet think to keep an eye on them. CD didn't even have to wait until after bedtime.


  • It's night, it's raining, so you know some kind of shit is going to happen.
  • Audio of the Whispers
  • Transcript of Whispers
  • Harper: "Hello, Juliet. Long time no see."

    Juliet: "What are you doing here?"

    Harper: "I came to deliver a message... from Ben. The two people you're looking for--Faraday and Lewis... they're headed to the Tempest. And if they figure out how to deploy that gas... then everyone on this island is going to die."

    Juliet: "Why don't you stop them?"

    Harper: "Because Ben wants you to go."

    Juliet: "How can Ben possibly know where they are when he's a prisoner?"

    Harper: "Ben is exactly where he wants to be."(Doesn't answer the question and mirrors Miles' statement to Kate)

    Juliet: "How am I supposed to stop them?"

    Harper: "By pointing the gun and pulling the trigger."(Very strange syntax)

    Jack: "Hey!"

    (Jack comes up and cocks his gun.)

    Jack: "Who are you?"

    Harper: "I'm an old friend of Juliet's. I just told her where the people you're looking for are headed. Maybe you and your gun can go, too."(More strange syntax)

    That wasn't Harper in the jungle. I don't know if it was Smokey, or Jacob, or the Island, or something else, but it wasn't human:

    • Her appearance was framed by the whispers.
    • She was soaking wet, just as Walt appeared to Shannon.
    • She didn't talk like real people talk.
    • Her repeated references to "guns" could be related to Jacob's distaste for technology.
    • She disappeared almost instantly.

    If Harper was actually Smokey, why didn't she just go pound CD against some trees?

Other's Clinic

  • The storeroom was full of non-Dharma supplies
  • "You're Burke, I'm Goodwin" - What's with the last names? Ethan, Tom, and Ben get first names while we don't know Goodwin's.
  • Why does Goodwin have to keep his chemical burn a secret? So he works with dangerous chemicals, it's not like he's in charge of the Other's stockpile of WMDs.


  • Will Jack and Juliet discuss the most obvious topic-what the hell were those freaking whispers and how did Harper just disappear? Oh hell no.
  • The Tempest, by William Shakespeare:
    • The Tempest (Wikipedia)
    • "There is no obvious, single source for the plot of The Tempest. Instead, the play seems to have been created out of an amalgamation of sources."
    • "The Tempest differs from Shakespeare's other plays in its observation of a stricter, more organized neo-classical style. The clearest indication of this is Shakespeare's respect for the three unities in the play: the Unities of Time, Place, and Action. The play's events unfold in real time before the audience, Prospero even declaring at the end of the play that everything has happened in mere hours. All action is unified into one basic plot: Prospero's struggle to regain his dukedom; it is also confined to one place: Prospero's Island."
    • The Tempest: Key Facts
    • Lost Theory - Lost In "The Tempest"
  • Tempest and EM radiation:

    "TEMPEST is a codename referring to investigations and studies of compromising emanations (CE). Compromising emanations are defined as unintentional intelligence-bearing signals which, if intercepted and analyzed, disclose the information transmitted, received, handled, or otherwise processed by any information-processing equipment.

    Compromising emanations consist of electrical or acoustical energy unintentionally emitted by any of a great number of sources within equipment/systems which process national security information."

  • Juliet: "What I need is for you to help me. Will you help me?" Personally, Juliet could get me to eat sand.

Jungle-Charlotte and Daniel

  • Where did they get that map?
  • Sweet mahoney, that is a LOT of hair! I guess Kate took advantage of the Other's supply of grooming products.
  • Miles is fine, he loves eating hand grenades
  • Seriously, Kate's hair is amazing.
  • Bonehead #2: Murderer, arsonist, international fugitive, con-woman, bank robber, pickpocket - Kate has been around the block. She managed to live by her wits and evade a federal manhunt for years. Yet even though she's suspicious of CD and armed with a pistol she allows Charlotte to get behind her and knock her out.
  • One sign that CD aren't going to gas everyone on the Island is that they didn't make sure Kate was dead.
  • I for one am looking forward to Smokey turning Charlotte into a fine puree.


  • Juliet: "It's very stressful being an Other, Jack."



  • How about those shoes of Harpers? Aren't they nice and practical? I don't think those stilleto heels are high enough.
  • Ben is in love (or the psycho equivalent) with Juliet because she looks just like "her".

    Juliet could resemble:

  • Isn't a conflict of interest to counsel someone who's having an affair with your husband?


  • OMG, Claire has a good idea. What does Locke has to lose from Claire talking to Miles? They can play good cop, bad cop. Maybe Miles has a soft spot for babies or Aussie accents.
  • Why isn't Locke torturing Miles? Not that I'm advocating it, but if he's willing to kill people to protect the Island why isn'the up to even giving Miles a beating?
  • Claire uses the phrase "hostile"-this mirrors Kelvin's term for the Others.

Ben's Cell

  • I knew Ben needed to re-read Valis.
  • Ben's cell has lots of barrels and boxes. I sure hope Locke knows what's in them.
  • Ben: "This rabbit didn't happen to have a number, did it?" Time-travelling bunnies upset Ben's stomach, and an hour earlier he'll be hungry again.
  • Ben is surprised that Kate told Locke about what Miles wants. All Locke has to do is wait a week and let Miles go. But if Ben has a plan to neutralize the freighter what does he care?
  • Bonehead #3: Locke needs guidance. More specifically, he needs guidance from someone who knows more than he does. If I were in Locke's shoes I would be talking to 2 people who could tell me a lot about the Others and the Island, namely Alex and Karl:

    • Alex and Karl have lived on the Island with the Others all their lives. Well, at least we know Alex has. Karl's past is unknown.
    • Alex and Karl are Others-they may not be fully initiated members, but they must know something, at least a first approximation.
    • Locke isn't their enemy; he was almost inducted into the tribe.
    I'd ask Alex and Karl:

    • Who are the Others? Where did they come from?
    • Do they have a name for themselves?
    • What are the Others doing on this Island?
    • What's the deal with Jacob?
    • How did Ben get to be leader?
    • Do you know what the Smoke Monster is?
    • Do you know anything about people leaving the Island?
    • Did you know about Ben's secret room?
    • Do you know anything about the Dharma pallet drops?
    • Why did the Others want Walt?
    • Ben talks metaphorically about a "magic box". Do you know what he's talking about?
    • The list goes on and on......
  • Revolutions aren't needed under good leadership.
  • Locke and Jack are facing dissent because both are wrong.

Other's Beach

  • Why is there non-Dharma wine on the sub?
  • Goodwin doesn't think Ben is ruthless enough to cause him trouble.
  • What kind of work does Ben have Goodwin doing with lethal chemicals?

Otherville-Plane Crash day

  • Goodwin is very loyal-he's like a soldier. The Others trust him with poison gas. Other justice takes the form of "an eye for an eye". Knowing this, it's strange that he breaks the rules by cheating on his wife.


  • Ah, the old "I'll go get some water and ditch you" trick.


  • "No Tricks" my ass
  • Ben implies that the Others no longer want him.
  • Bonehead #4: Locke hasn't thoroughly searched Ben's house? I would have torn that place apart by now and put up my own KISS posters.
  • The "Red Sox" label indicates that Ben made this tape after Day 69 - Monday, November 29, 2004 (today is Day 97 - Monday, December 27, 2004). Either that or he labels all his tapes "Red Sox" just to fuck with people.
  • Locke: "Who's the man in the blindfold?"

    Ben: "One of my people that had the misfortune to get caught."

    Locke: "How does Widmore know about the Island?"

    Ben: "I don't know, but he does."

    Locke: "What does he want?"

    Ben: "John, three months ago in Gainesville, Florida, the Virgin Mary seemed to appear in a patch of mold on the side of an old housing complex. When the word got out, over 5,000 people came to see her face for themselves. You've survived an airline crash on this island. One minute, you're in a wheelchair. The next minute, you're doing jumping jacks. If 5,000 people came out to see a piece of mold, how many people do you think would come here to see you? Charles Widmore wants to exploit this island, and he'll do everything in his power to possess it."
  • I think Ben is playing Locke like a fiddle and either lying and/or not telling the whole truth. He "always has a plan":

    • The Others will kill their enemies. If you can make a nice clear video of Widmore beating one of your people you can just as easily shoot him. This implies there is some reason the Others can't just kill Widmore.
    • Notice how Ben's little speech insultingly compares Locke to a patch of mold and Widmore to a bunch of overly credulous Floridians. At the same time he's flattering Locke by implying that he is so special that people will come to Island just to see him.
    • Ben makes no mention of that metaphorical "Magic Box" that can produce whatever someone wants.
  • The painting of the woman in Ben's house has changed: Lost changing painting Ben's house

    "Ep# 313-The Man From Tallahassee vs Ep# 406-The Other Woman
    Her hair goes from in front of the shoulder to behind it.

    Consider this along with all the picture frames in the haunted grandmother's house changing and Penny's shirt in Desmond's photograph going from white to black.

    I find it VERY hard to believe that these are simple mistakes. The picture frame scenes were probably all shot in a single set-up; so no need to redress the set. And it isn't just one picture frame: first they are all wood and then they are all metal.

    I can see why the woman changes in Desmond's picture; TPTB might not have even cast Penny at that point. But you would have to be a blind photoshopper not to notice that the shirts are the opposite (and symbolic) colors.

    As for the painting-they would have to lose the original and then make an incompetent copy. I also don't think that TPTB are introducing obvious changes without a plot-based reason. I have to conclude that on some level reality is shifting.


  • Kate's hair is getting curlier and Juliet's is getting straighter. Hairwise and manwise, they are trading places.

Tempest Station

  • CD know about the Tempest but they don't know the door combination.
  • What kind of power plant is the Tempest? I can think of 3 possibilities: nuclear, geothermal, or something exotic involving the Island's magnetic field.

    Update: In the next episode, Ji Yeon, Kate tells Sun that the Tempest wasn't a power station, just a poison gas factory. I assume she learned this from Charlotte's tour.

  • There's an electrical panel marked "Box Maker" in the Tempest. "Magic" box maker?

Ben's House

  • ""Un bel di vedremo" (One Fine Day). The song Ben plays for Juliet at dinner is from the opera Madama Butterfly (1904) by Giacomo Puccini. In the aria, Madama Butterfly, a young Japanese girl whose American husband left her after only one night of marriage (and who, unbeknownst to her, has no intent to return), anticipates the day his boat might someday come back to the harbor. Also, the first lines of the song refer to a plume of smoke ("One fine day, we will see/Arising a strand of smoke/Over the far horizon on the sea"). "

    Via Lostpedia
  • If Ben wasn't a bug-eyed psychopath he might make more time with the ladies.
  • Ben's table setting looks like something from the Lucrezia Borgia collection.
  • Zack and Emma were on the list-Jacob's list.

Tempest Station

Clinic/Goodwin's Body

  • Patchy makes house calls?
  • It is quite a "coincidence" that Jack specializes in exactly the kind of operation Ben needs.
  • Ben's a smooth operator. Nothing says "I love you" like a field trip to an impaled corpse.
  • Ben says there were no witnesses. I wonder if that's true?

Tempest Station

  • Jack's line sucks
  • Great, now you're fooling around with the head nut-case's feminine obsession along with the love triangle featuring a woman who killed her father.
  • Ben exploits what people are emotionally invested in-He's invested in Juliet. Why did he let her go?


  • Now Hurley is lucky (not cursed)

Thoughts and Observations

  • Ben can't just kill Widmore and make the problem go away.
  • Ben isn't telling the whole truth about Widmore. Widmore is behind the freighter, but he wants something Ben has.
  • Tempest=Power Station=Power of Life and Death
  • IMHO small shifts in reality are occuring without characters noticing.


I Miss the Sixties

Rat Pfink a Boo Boo!

Insecurity Theater

"Former FBI Interrogator Jack Cloonan explains that regular interrogation tactics work well on even the worst terrorists, that there's no such thing as a "ticking timebomb" scenario, and that waterboarding has done much more harm than good. You can also see interviews with Jack Cloonan in the Oscar award-winning documentary, "Taxi to the Darkside.""

Three Torture Myths
Via Boing Boing

Hope for the Future
funny school science project video games
41 Hilarious Science Fair Experiments
Via Exploding Aardvark

Look on the Bright Side
No matter who the next president is, at least they will be able to speak in complete, coherent sentences. And unless he's standing on a nice high window ledge, no one will broadcast GWB's painful verbal spasms.

"If Loving You is Wrong..."
Addicted to Lost?
Via Sledgeweb's Lost...Stuff

P.S. Want to get rid of the ads in YouTube?  Tubestop (Firefox only) will remove the ads and cure baldness.

New Music Sucks

When you turn on the radio, you might think music all sounds the same these days, then wonder if you're just getting old. But you're right, it does all sound the same. Every element of the recording process, from the first takes to the final tweaks, has been evolved with one simple aim: control. And that control often lies in the hands of a record company desperate to get their song on the radio. So they'll encourage a controlled recording environment (slow, high-tech and using malleable digital effects). Every finished track is then coated in a thick layer of audio polish before being market-tested and despatched to a radio station, where further layers of polish are applied until the original recording is barely visible. That's how you make a mainstream radio hit, and that's what record labels want.


"When old-school producers and engineers talk about modern music, they're convinced that better recorded music would save the music industry from itself. Producer Joe Boyd wrote of the Buena Vista Social Club album (4m copies worldwide): "It's success is usually ascribed to the film or the brilliant marketing. But I am convinced that the sound of the record was equally if not more important." Beautifully recorded records by Norah Jones, Bob Dylan and others have certainly shifted units. But the Red Hot Chilli Peppers' brutally mastered Californication has sold 15m copies worldwide.

Why does most music sound the same these days? Because record companies are scared, they don't want to take risks, and they're doing the best they can to generate mainstream radio hits. That is their job, after all. And as the skies continue to darken over the poor benighted business of selling music, labels are going to cling to what they know more fiercely than ever.

So is that is? Have we arrived? Will records continue to increase in loudness and homogeneity until literally everything sounds like Californication? Optimistic engineers dream of a day when the world's music listeners spontaneously rebel against over-processed music. The Loudness War will end and people will stop buying Black Eyed Peas records. A new era of high-fidelity recording will be born, and men in white coats will once again stride confidently through acoustically-lively studios placing their vintage microphones with care"

I welcome my impending cootdom. You kids get off my lawn!!
Why records DO all sound the same | Word Magazine
Via Zenarchery

Lost - EP# 405 - The Constant
Hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride...

Helicopter Leaving Island

  • This episode doesn't open with a shot of an eye, instead it's Desmond's touchstone (constant?) picture of him and Penny. Maybe it's not the seer but the seen?
  • Frank has a cheatsheet to keep him on the right heading.
  • Faraday's bearing cheatsheet changes from shot to shot:

    lost ep405 constant bearing cheatsheat

    lost ep405 constant bearing cheatsheat

    Is this a mistake, the producers messing with us, or a sign that on some level the basic reality of Lost is shifting?

    Via What in "The Constant" Isn't Constant?
  • Desmond expects answers-good luck with that.
  • Frank can't hold the heading of 305-get ready for the "side effects".
  • Eko carved "Lift up your eyes and look north John 3:05" onto his "Jesus stick".
  • Ben told Michael to sail a bearing of 325, not 305.

Army Base 1996

  • Desmond wakes up in 1996 with the memory of being on the helicopter in 2004.


  • 1996 Desmond is now in the head of 2004 Desmond.

Beach Camp

  • Juliet is one smart cookie-she read Charlotte like a book.
  • Nitpick: Charlotte is a cultural anthropologist. She's been highly trained to insert herself into strange social groups and observe them, paying close attention to how her presence might effect their otherwise normal behavior. Despite this, she's arrogant and annoying with the Losties, the very people she should be ingratiating herself with.
  • Daniel: Your perception of how long your friends have been gone, it's not necessarily how long they've been gone.

    I don't think Daniel means that the time difference between the Losties and the helicopter is only a matter of perception. The helicopter gained a day compared to 20-30 minutes Island time. That's a ratio of around 48:1. If the Losties were perceiving 30 minutes as 24 hours they would have certainly noticed changes in the physical world.


  • Two helicopter pads.
  • Frank lies about Desmond being a flight 815 survivor.
  • "Why did you bring them back?"-that doesn't sound good.
  • Frank gives Sayid the nod to let the goons take Desmond to sickbay. Good thing too, otherwise things might have gotten unpleasant.
  • Desmond: "I'm not supposed to be here!" With all the talk of fate and destiny and course corrections who is where they're supposed to be?
  • Maybe Nitpick: Does it seem like the Freighter is a little disorganized? Only 2 unarmed (or at best lightly armed) goons greet the returning helicopter. For all they know Ben has sent 7 kamikaze Others back with AK-47s and C4 underwear.

Army Base


Jack on the Beack

  • Daniel: "Has he recently been exposed to high levels of radiation or electromagnetism?" -And Jack just gives him a dumb look. Of course, this is Lost, why would anyone tell him about Desmond being inside the Swan when it went all purple and kabloeey?
  • Daniel: "Going to and coming from the Island some people become....a little confused".

Sick Bay

  • What a friendly doctor.
  • "What the bloody hell is going on!"-Say it with me, brutha!
  • It's tempting, but I don't think Desmond's timeshifting is Rousseau's "sickness".
  • Does the doctor shining a light into Desmond's eyes trigger a timeshift? Desmond thinks so later. Minkowski mentions a flashing light in the radio room. Does this have anything to do with episodes starting with a shot of an eye?

Army Base

  • Desmond is in 2004 for a couple of minutes, but it's only been a few seconds in 1996.

Sick Bay/Beach

  • Desmond is in 1996 for a minute or two, but a gone a much shorter time in 2004. It looks like the time Desmond is "gone" doesn't match the time he is "there".
  • What the hell was Jack going to do?
  • I love this, Daniel is arranging his own in-show easter-egg.
  • Einstein - Minkowski spacetime triangle from Faraday's notebook.
  • Lorentz Invariant: it won't help.


  • At Camp Miller, Desmond is about 370 miles from Oxford. Quick and dirty research indicates that taking the train would take at between 6 and 7 hours. Conveniently, Desmond doesn't have a flash during the trip.
  • I don't think Desmond ended up in the brig for going to Oxford. He told Penny on the phone that he had 2 days leave coming.
  • Executive producer and director Jack Bender's dog Lulu makes an appearance at Oxford.
    Jacob has a painting of Lulu in his cabin.

    lost ep405 oxford

  • Do Brother Campbell and Ms. Hawking have a connection to Oxford, or did they just use the same location for the Monastery?

    Brother Campbell Ms Hawking at Oxford

    Via: Oxford Location the same?

  • Daniel Faraday in 1996 is a little arrogant.
  • Daniel forgetting about Desmond's visit to Oxford prevents a paradox.
  • In "Flashes Before Your Eyes," when Desmond realizes that something strange is happening to him, he seeks out his friend Donovan, who is also a physicist, and who is also giving someone a hard time about their work when Desmond approaches.
  • Faraday has 2 sleds in his lab- Rosebuds?
  • So why did Daniel neglect to shield his noggin from 20 shots of radiation a day? It clearly hasn't done him any good.
  • Eloise is Daniel's experimental rat. Heloïse and Abelard were famous lovers.
  • Daniel's radiation resembles the purple/pink glow of the exploding Swan station.
  • Screencaps of Faraday's lab and notebook
  • Daniel's Chalkboard


  • How does Minkowski know the calls came from Penelope? How does he know that Penelope has a boyfriend named Desmond?
  • Nitpick: What kind of magic "calls" are Penny sending? The freighter would have to be monitoring her frequency to even know she's transmitting a radio signal. Why have a flashing light tell you there's a "call" you aren't allowed to answer?


  • Desmond was gone from 1996 for 75 minutes. Daniel said he wasn't going to train Eloise for an hour. Could Daniel have trained a rat to run that big maze in 15 minutes? He better have, or we have a paradox.
  • It's getting harder for Desmond to return to 1996
  • Eloise only jumped once, and only jumped an hour into the future, yet she's dead from the stress? Desmond's head should have exploded by now.
  • This show is all about phone calls.
  • In Flashes Before Your Eyes Charlie could have been Desmond's constant.


  • According to Lostpedia's Timeline, the radio room was sabotaged after the copter4 left the freighter. If Ben's "man on the boat" wrecked the radio, this puts the kibosh on my theory that Charlotte is Ben's mole, unless he has more than one.
  • Who unlocked the door, the mole or Frank?


  • The Black Rock set sail from England in 1845 enroute to Thailand.
  • The first mate's journal was found on the island of Île Sainte-Marie, a former pirate haven off of Madagasgar. The main town on the island is named "Ambodifotatra", which is like the best name ever.
  • We can assume the seller, Tovard Hanso, is related to Alvar Hanso, but why would he sell the journal?
  • How did Desmond know where to find Widmore?
  • The item after the journal is something of Charles Dickens-Desmond's favorite author.
  • Widmore is jerk, isn't he? But his sadism leads to him telling Desmond Penny's address so that she can hurt Dez more.
  • I've noticed that all of Desmond's meetings with Widmore have involved liquids:
    • Whiskey that Widmore thinks Desmond isn't good enough to drink
    • The torrential downpour when Desmond is released from prison
    • Widmore taking a leak / Leaving the sink running
    In fact, water shows up a lot in this episode:

    • Constant rain at the army base
    • The painting of the Black Rock on the ocean
    • The running sink
    • The water pipes in the stairwell Desmond collapses in


  • The freighter was waiting for orders for some time.
  • Minkowski:"When the Captain finds out I feel sorry...". The Captain doesn't know that the radio was trashed 2 days ago? Why hasn't anyone told him?
  • Sayid:"After your call someone has to tell me precisely what is going on". This is why I love Sayid: He not only wants to know WTF is going on, but he tries to find out.
  • Of course Sayid can fix the radio. By season 5 he'll be able to raise the dead with nothing but a toilet-paper tube and wad of gum.
  • I think the flight out threw the copter a day and half, 2 days into the future. In any case, there isn't a huge difference between on and off-island time. Unless the calendar is a plant.
  • Is there any significance to the different colored x's on the calendar?

Penny's/Radio room

  • Desmond:"I know it's too late to change things".
  • As the phone rings both Desmonds are awake and in their rightful times.
  • Penny thought she might be going crazy.
  • When Penny picks up the phone I just lose it. I think even Sayid got a little sniffly.
  • Xmas eve (freighter)=Xmas eve (London)=Same Day
  • I wonder if you could make your constant someone you hate?

Daniel on the beach

  • Why would Daniel care enough about Desmond to make him his constant?

Final Thoughts

  • Rose had radiation therapy for her cancer. Has she travelled in time?
  • Who Flew Naomi? What heading did they use?
  • I guess Frank didn't want Faraday talking to Minkowski because Minkowski was suffering from time-shifts.
  • Let's say your future body dies while your future self is in your past body; can your future self stay alive in your past body?
  • We've established that your mind can go forward or back in time and inhabit your body. Is it possible for your mind to inhabit someone else's body?
  • How did Dharma avoid this? They must have had scientists who had been exposed to electromagnetism or radiation. How would Dharma know the correct bearing?


  • Lost: The Constant & Non-Local Brain Games , by J. Wood (essential/crucial/must-read/good stuff)

    "Let's bring back Robert Anton Wilson: In Prometheus Rising, RAW breaks down Timothy Leary's Eight-Circuit Model of Consciousness (and remember, Leary got his start with Richard Alpert, the namesake of the ageless Other who brings Ben into the fold). Unlike the eight-fold path, the path to righteousness through the eight beatitudes, and the eighth sefira on the Tree of Life, Leary's model isn't so much a yellow brick road to transcendence or a promised land, but rather a map of what's already there, either experienced or uncharted by the individual. And as RAW points out, the eight circuits are only a convenient way of mapping consciousness — and the map is not the territory.

    The eighth circuit in Leary's model is the Non-Local Quantum Circuit, which is imprinted on the consciousness "by Shock, by 'near-death' or 'clinical death' experience, by OOBEs (out-of-body-experiences), by trans-time perceptions ("precognition"), by trans-space visions (ESP), etc. It tunes the brain into the non-local quantum communication system suggested by physicists such as Bohm, Walker, Sarfatti, Bell, etc." Recall that the non-local refers to the software, or consciousness itself. Not to discount the Buddhist, Christian or Jewish models, but of all the eights, this one seems to map onto Lost more accurately than the rest. Just take Desmond as our test rabbit: He had a near-death experience in the Swan Station; his software was shaken loose from its hardware and is free-roaming across time, creating out-of-body-type experiences; he's certainly had precognitive moments (like every time he saved Charlie); and what were his flashes in "Flashes Before Your Eyes" and "The Constant" if not trans-space (and trans-time) visions? But again, as RAW is quick to point out, the model hardly represents the whole system. "

  • Des and Dan's Excellent Adventure , by Fish Biscuit
  • 'Lost': Checking the Time , by Jeff Jensen (Pre-cap/cheatsheet)
  • "Lost": '96 Tears, by Jeff Jensen
  • "The Constant" , by The Lost Elders

    "The tone of the show is now more along the lines of "Ah, screw it! Yeah, the guy really talks to ghosts. And there's a polar bear in Tunisia, plus Jacob's cabin can magically teleport. Oh yeah, and Jack's dad is inside and talks to Vincent when he wants to. And let's not forget about the DHARMA station with instantly duplicating bunnies. Time on the island is out of sync with the outside world, someone filled a Boeing 777 with 300 dead bodies and pretended it was Oceanic 815, Ben has billions of identities and Sayid works for him in the future, Kate is raising Claire's baby, Charlie still exists in some fashion, and we'll toss in some more time travel just because we can! Woo-hoo! THIS IS FUN!!!"

    I for one am happy the bottom has dropped out and the series has become a free-for-all of sci-fi and supernatural shenanigans, plus the entirely new storyline introduced in the flashforwards. This isn't to say there is not some internal logic at work. I am sure there is. I'm just happy that we are finally, finally, finally getting to the meat and bones of this story. After three seasons of introduction, the final three seasons act as the story's end game."

  • Episode 4.05 - The Constant - Video Podcast

  • Episode Analysis 4.5 The Constant , by DarkUFO

    "The real Minkowski of this episode, though, is Hermann Minkowski; the scientist who theorised about the oneness of space and time. Fret not, I'll be keeping this simple. Before this brief explanation is done you'll probably realise how it equates to Desmond. See, what Hermann Minkowksi figured out was that there wasn't really such a thing as time. Rather the whole universe is like a photograph, just in 4-D. Everything happens/is happening/happened at once, in an instant.

    That's hard to imagine, right? Which is why we require a sense of time. Of one thing following another. We experience event after event in a linear fashion. Our brains can't cope with the 'everything happening at once' concept. But working on the principle that everything is all happening at once, then Desmond's experiences (in Flashes Before Your Eyes and The Constant) are that of a consciousness breaking loose of the linear rationalisation of time and gaining awareness of the oneness of space and time.

    "Your perception of how long your friends have been gone is not necessarily how long they've actually been gone." - Daniel Faraday

    Unfortunately, as George Minkowski and a white rat can attest, cramming that level of awareness into a human brain is like trying to pour an ocean into a thimble - it doesn't fit. And so what we saw here was Desmond trying to re-connect with a linear view of time by completing the mental circuit of his 'past' and his 'present' by the one constant, Penny, before his brain overloaded. Thankfully Desmond succeeded, but it wouldn't have been the case were it not for one man: Daniel Faraday. More specifically a younger, less of a "head case" Daniel Faraday."

  • The Heart and The Head , by Luhks

    "Most episodes of Lost explore the conflicts that speak to the very core issues of the human experience: good and evil, past and present, present and future, science and faith, fate and free will, life and death. Lost has the audacity to suggest that every one of these dichotomies might be a false one, and instead only a matter of perspective. Consider the title of the most recent episode. Daniel Faraday borrows the term 'constant' from the language of the mathematics: "All this ... this is all variables. It's a random scale. Every equation needs stability, something known." As Daniel explains this concept to Desmond, he instantly interprets it on his own terms, in the language of the love: "This constant ... can it be a person?" Only the combined efforts of Daniel's head and Desmond's heart (as well as Daniel's heart and Desmond's mind) could find salvation from this predicament. The unlucky lab rat Eloise lacked either one of these human characteristics, so she could not survive the journey. Our short-lived newcomer George Minkowski seemed to possess enough mental faculties to understand what was happening to him, but he could not find the emotional grounding necessary to get back to reality. The Constant not only appeals equally to the hearts and minds of its audience, but the story also suggests that those two forces (much like space and time) cannot exist independently from each other."

  • Lost: A Man of Constant Sorrow , by Therese Odell @ Tubular/Houston Chronicle

    Scottish accents, hilarious links, the ouroborus, hermeticism, and the tarot-funny and deep

  • Episode 4x05 - The Constant (or Once in a Lifetime) , by Anna Naranja @ The ODI

    Great use of Talking Heads for paragraph headings:
    The Same as it Ever Was
    And You May Find Yourself in Another Part of the World
    And You May Ask Yourself - Well, How Did I Get Here?
    This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife.
    Letting the Days Go By
    And You May Ask Yourself, Am I Right...Am I Wrong?

  • Lost Redux: Have You Hugged Your Constant Today? , by Kristin
  • Lost Episode 4.05 - The Constant Screencap Recap , by The Get Lost Podcast
  • 'Lost' Dueling Analyses: The Constant @ Celebritology
  • Key Points from "The Constant" , by the Filmfodder Lost Blog
  • 4 X 05: The Constant , by Gitsie Girl
  • Lost Monday - "The Constant." , by CommunistDanceParty
  • "The Constant": Subtraction of Years From My Life , by Long Live Locke

Lost - Funniest Photo Recap

"Okay listen...to quote Steve Miller, Time keeps slippin...slippin...slippin...into the future..."

lost ep405 daniel

Lost Recap: The Constant, by Please don't confront me with my failures

Lost - Symbolism
Get 'Lost' in the seven deadly sins , The popular primetime show's characters each possess a dark side

Get Your LostLOL On
lost jack running from hurley gif
Via Please don't confront me with my failures

I Think the Headline Says It All
GOP Senate hopeful got rich diverting corpsemeat from burn victims to enlarge penises

Your Kung Fu Smells of Elderberries

Lost - 3 Random Thoughts
  • Tom (in Ep# 211, "The Hunting Party"):

    "Tell me, you go over a man's house for the first time, do you take off your shoes? Do you put your feet up on his coffee table? Do you walk in the kitchen, eat food that doesn't belong to you? Open the door to rooms you got no business opening?"

    Doesn't this sound like what Locke and his group are doing?
  • The trawler-like ship that the Others used to leave Hydra Island is still out there somewhere.
  • "The Constant" rocked, and more than made up the lackluster "Eggtown".