"If you understood everything I said, you'd be me" - Miles Davis
"There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge." - Bertrand Russell
"Take away the right to say fuck and you take away the right to say fuck the government." - Lenny Bruce
"Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!" - Homer Simpson

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Dog Story

"We moved to Vancouver in late 1997 and discovered our otherwise macho little alpha dog was afraid of water. I'd jog on the beach with him every morning, and he wouldn't go near the ocean. When my soon-to-be-wife ran a bath (for her, not him), he'd hide under the bed.

That all changed the day we went deep sea fishing off English Bay, and brought the dog along (before kids, you always bring the dog along). He mostly stayed inside the boat, cowering in fear, until we reeled in the first salmon. The moment that fish flew out of the water and flopped back and forth on the floor of the boat, a bell went off in Tanner's head: water equals fish. Fish equals...something I must have in my mouth right now!

He spent virtually every moment of the next decade trying to catch one. The size of the body of water was irrelevant: ocean, lake, river, puddle, bathtub, sink. In Tanner's mind, all water must contain fish. Fish flop. Fish = fun.

No dog obsesses quite like a Jack. Every time I bathed the kids, he would sit on the edge of the tub, waiting for that salmon to leap out of the water and into his jaws. It would eventually happen, he figured. He'd seen it. He had proof.

He would sprint along the shoreline of our cottage lake for 14 hours a day, chasing schools of minnows. In recent years, as my son grew old enough to cast off our dock, Tanner would leap off after every cast, trying to beat the worm to the sunfish.

He never did catch one. But he never stopped trying. Man could learn something about perseverance from a Jack.

Tanner had more success with rocks. Some dogs fetch balls, some fetch sticks. He fetched rocks. Not little rocks. Rocks half his size. Boulders.

One day at The Beaches in Toronto, after we'd moved back east, Tanner drew a crowd of 100, all stopping to watch him "rock-fetch." He'd swim out 20 feet, dive under the water, disappear for 30 seconds, and emerge with a rock twice the size of his jaw. The crowd went nuts. I should have put a hat down and collected tips"

This Dog's Life
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Lost - Ep #509 -"Namaste"

"Bizzang!! Here comes THE SUN! Ow ow!!"

lost namaste lapidus

"Let's go, Frank. The Magical Mystery Tour is waiting to take you away."

lost namaste sun header

("Dad, drop us off at the end of the street. I don't want my friends at the dance to see you.")

lost namaste jackl kate van ride

There was no "Previously on Lost" lead-in this episode.


  • Frank has a bad feeling about this.
  • Illana doesn't look worried at all
  • "You're gonna rip us apart"
  • Now would be a great time for the vehement "nothing that already happened can be changed!" movement to explain why the original Dharma radio transmission is playing on the co-pilot's radio as he attempts his mayday call. Especially since Rousseau had changed the message in the mid-80's and had actually turned the message off about two seasons ago. Following the one time string theory, hearing that message in 2007 would be an impossibility.

    Vozzeck69 - (Were there 68 previous Vozzecks? Ah, nevermind)

    Well, not impossible, just highly improbable. Someone would have had to turn the message back on. And why would they do that?

    Hey, isn't the Looking Glass jamming gone for good? Could the "new" numbers broadcast be reaching the outside world?

  • That sounded like Pierre Chang reciting the numbers to me. This is turning into an internal "guest shot" - first Hurley, now Chang.
  • Lapidus is a damn good pilot, even without a beard.
  • Lost's Emergency Plane Landing Goes off the Runway - Popular Mechanics
  • Damon and Carlton infer that Jacob ordered the runway built. In any event, somebody had foreknowledge of Flight 316's arrival.
  • The Others had 3 years after the Island moved to finish the runway.
  • We've got one dead copilot added to the moral cost of going back to the Island.
  • Does Illana says "Sarah" or "Jarrah" when she wakes up?
  • Caesar and Illana don't seem to know each other from before the flight.
  • Sun not teleported - dead in original timeline, or work to do in 2008?. I vote for "still work to do".
  • Ben not teleported - Still full of deadpan, bugeyed snark.
  • --1977--

  • Sawyer calls him Hugo-graduated from Hurley.
  • Losties think Locke is dead
  • "Dead, how?" - "It doesn't matter" - one thing is certain about the Losties: They never pass up a chance to NOT share information.
  • It's 1977, so much for Jack's "Nothing weird is happening" schtick.
  • Good for you Kate, ask questions.
  • This finally got to bothering me: Sawyer has had 3 years to think about what to do if Locke brings back the 06 - but he doesn't have any plan ready.
  • The long awaited Radzinsky, who is a MAJOR DICKHEAD.
  • He's got some nice paintings though. No landscapes for him.

lost namaste flame station painting ep509

  • Radzinsky is building a model of the Swan.
  • Swan Model and Blueprint Image
  • Radzinsky (he needs a nickname) refers to the Island as "Our Island".
  • Radzinsky started the Blast Door Map in the yet-to-be-built Swan:

    The big question now is "Why", since Radzinsky should have known already known all the info on the map, and wouldn't need it, or need to go exploring to locate stations.

    Maybe the upcoming "Incident" scrambles him, like Faraday, Charlotte, and Minkowski.

  • Jin has no good story ready.
  • If Hugo hadn't told Jin that Sun was on the plane, if Jin hadn't gone running off, if Sun had just asked Radzinsky if anything was up, if Jin hadn't found Sayid-well, I think Sayid would have eaten Radzinsky's lunch, handcuffed or not.
  • --2008--

  • So much for Frank's attempt at leadership. He would have had an interesting time telling the survivors the truth.
  • Time for Ben to make his exit.
  • Freaky deadpan Ben - he's getting creepier.
  • --1977--

  • What book is Amy reading? It looks like a Bible.
  • Juliet is still baby-doctoring. I wonder how they explained that.
  • Dharma used sedatives on immigrants like the Others, or visa versa.
  • Amy and Horace's baby is Ethan Rom, who goes on to join the Others and be their surgeon. Is "Rom" Amy's maiden name? How Ethan becomes an Other sounds like an interesting story.
  • Don't play poker with Juliet - she doesn't blink.
  • Could Amy become the Other Amelia, of bookclub fame?
  • Ethan sure as hell didn't look 27 in 2004.
  • Juliet: "Timings gotta be right" - heh, like not 30 YEARS OFF.
  • Sawyer: "Everyone gets knocked out before the trip, so no one meets each other until we process 'em." -What, EVERYONE on the sub is unconscious? How does that work? Who's driving the bus? How do people really get to the Island?
  • The Looking Glass exists
  • Dharma has motion sensors (1977)
  • Rad leaves his post
  • Jin doesn't know the wink-wink signal.
  • Hurley cuts to the chase - the shit will hit the fan in 1992.
  • Sawyer: "Besides, Faraday's got some interesting theories on what we can and can't do here." - Are there interesting things they can do?
  • Faraday is gone? Where?
  • Blues Image - Ride Captain Ride:

    Ride, captain ride upon your mystery ship
    Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip
    Ride captain ride upon your mystery ship
    On your way to a world that others might have missed

  • Dharma has some interesting haircuts.
  • 14-J at the Flame - Intruder Alert.
  • And there's tonight's "Son of a bitch"
  • --2008--

  • How does Ben know there are 3 outriggers?
  • Ben actually tells the truth, he doesn't know where Jin is. He's gotten to the point that when he doesn't lie it's news.
  • Hi, I'm Ben, and I'll be your tour guide.
  • Ben: "Why are you following me?"
    Sun: "Where are you going?"
    Ben: "Back to our Island. ...You wanna come?"

    Interesting choice of words. Does Ben now consider Sun to be a rightful inhabitant of the Island?

  • Those branches covering the canoes look fresh.
  • Oh, that's why Sun followed Ben-nice move. No more "I'm a scared female" or half measures for her - she's a player now dawg.
  • Ben is injured not by crash, but by oar.
  • Where is Locke on the first day?
  • --1977--

  • Pierre Chang!
    Why is he processing lowly workmen? Doesn't he have some science to do?
    Oh, he's doing Amy's job.
  • Why is Chang wearing a Swan station logo? According to Radzinky they haven't built it yet.
  • Chang thinks the home office in Ann Arbor has their head up their collective behinds.
  • Jack's not a good liar
  • Chang: "You've been assigned to the Shed." - I believe we have another station. One without a cool name.
  • Kate is quietly freaking out.
  • That baby blue color scheme is getting old fast.
  • Juliet to save the day!
  • Will Chef Hurley arrange the Dharma food drops?
    From The Fuselage
  • Did the Losties get shots of Mystery Vaccine?
  • They haven't built the Swan yet.
  • Radzinsky is fraking OBSESSED with the Swan. Hey buddy, if you like it so much, why don't you marry it? It's not like you'll ever become trapped in it until you blow the top of your head off.
  • Sawyer: "The terms of the truce say you gotta identify yourself as a Hostile, or we got the right to shoot you."

    This makes no sense at all. Who the hell else would they be? Is there a third party on the Island they might be confused with?

  • --2008--

  • Oh Oh, Smokey time.
  • Whispers
  • Christian, Mr spooky himself.
  • 5x09: Was Smokey with Christian?
  • What, Christian was just sitting around in the dark? I think he showed up/appeared just before he turned on the light
  • Why is it that Christian Shephard can pluck Dharma photos from a wall, but he couldn't help Locke get to his feet in "This Place is Death"?

    Filmfodder - The Lost Blog
  • 5x09: Dharma Recruit Photo.
    Oh, and there's no "missing person". That guy was REALLY short.
  • 5x09: The Woman With Christian?
  • --1977--

  • Right on! Back at you, Phil.
  • Phil is wound a little too tight. He should try some brownies.
  • Phil is going to get suspicious. Those eyebrows need prey.
  • What is Sawyer reading? The damn cover is blank. Sawyer's Book - Screencaps
  • Sawyer refers to Dharma as "My People".
  • Sawyer references Winston Churchill
  • Sawyer is not going to take any shit from Jack
  • Jeezus, just tell Jack that all this ALREADY HAPPENED, so there are only so many things they can do.
  • I hope Dharma doesn't bug the houses like the Others did.
  • Mustard, what's up with no mustard? Sayid's handcuffed in a cell in 1977; lack of mustard is the least of his problems.
  • Sayid tells young Ben his name. Can you say "foreknowledge"?
  • Either Ben has been on the Island for some time, or he just showed up on the sub. If he's been there, why didn't Sawyer mention that the little fuck was there?

    A friend of mine asked a good question - how is it that a newbie on the island gets to bring a prisoner a sandwich? Ben could not have been there before because Sawyer would have known. And I want to know how Juliet didn't notice Ben's name on the list from the sub.

    Gitsie Girl

    Note: I'll cover this in more detail in the "He's Our You" writeup.

  • Young Ben Meeting Sayid Mirrors Young Ben meeting Richard: Long Hair/Dark Skin

  • Theories/Speculation/Predictions/Gripes

  • Based on his behavior, Ben Linus does not believe that the past can't be changed.

    The Facts:

    1. Young Ben Linus met Losties in the past, so Post-Crash Ben would know that time-travel had occured (1973) and would occur (sometime after the crash).
    2. Ben was leader of the Others for years. It's not an unreasonable assumption that he was aware that John Locke had/would time-travel to 1954.
    3. After Jacob made his existence know to Locke, Ben shoots Locke.
    4. Ben is not someone who takes desperate, futile actions.
    5. Despite knowing that murdering Locke would mean Locke wouldn't time-travel to 1954 (thereby changing the past) Ben tries to kill him.

    Does this mean the past can't be changed? I don't know. But Ben thinks he can change the past, and besides Richard, who else knows more about what is going on?

    P.S. Here's another thought: Did Ben convince Locke that pushing the Swan button was meaningless hoping that Locke would die when the Swan imploded?

    Of course, in doing so Ben screwed himself. Button doesn't get pushed, Swan implodes, Desmond gets flashes/becomes "special", Charlie doesn't die until the Looking Glass, jamming is stopped, freighter can land science team/mercenaries, O6 leaves Island . Ben turns FDW, Ben is exiled.

  • Was the Past Changed?

    It's not clear whether that was the real New Otherton or a place that's as ethereal as Jacob's cabin, but it's definitely not the barracks we're used to seeing. Why does New Otherton look like that? We see the swinging sign of the Processing Centre and the Dharma symbol on all of the buildings. The Dharma symbols were all taken off the doors after the Purge (at least… I've never seen one). Locke blew up the sub, so most of the dock should have been missing, but instead it still looked pretty long. Is it possible Daniel was wrong? Can the past really be changed? Is it possible the Oceanic 4 are back in 1977 to prevent the Purge, they succeed, and what we see in the present is simply the abandonment of the village?

    What Nikki Noticed

    It certainly looks as if things *have* changed. From the moment Sun and Faraday walk past the rusted lamps on the rundown Dharma dock to minute they arrive at the overly ramshackle barracks... something's way, way off. This isn't the way the Others left the barracks not-so-long ago, and it's definitely not the result of a few short years of neglect. Big trees grow way too close to the buildings, and everything looks extremely beat up. As Christian takes them inside the recruitment center, we see printed signs hanging at odd angles and the dust-covered photographs and recruitment materials used by the Dharma Initiative. We saw this place 10 minutes ago in 1977, and now we see it 30 years later... only it can't look this way because after the purge we know the Others lived here for a good decade or more. And when they did live here they kept shit neat and tidy - they kept the bushes groomed, the grass watered, and Ethan was pretty handy with a hammer and nails. It's not possible that the Others would live here without de-Dharmatizing the barracks, especially considering It would get a little creepy living somewhere surrounded by photos of people you mass murdered with poison gas. So what does it all mean?


    I've poked this question with a sharp stick at length, and in my considered opinion the buildings Sun and Frank see are NOT part of Greater Dharmaville/New Otherton/The Barracks, and are NOT evidence of a new timeline.

    They are at the "Greeting Hall" on the coast, while the Barracks are some distance inland. One source of confusion about this is the fact that there is also a dock for the submarine near the Barracks. This dock is where Locke blew up the sub and where Sawyer convinced Juliet to stay. How the hell the sub gets into that little lake is a mystery. The dock where new recruits get off the sub and Sun and Frank meet Christian is far enough from the Barracks to require a "shuttle driver".

    No Evidence For Alternate Timeline

    And just to reference one of my favorite Lost loose ends, there is the Trawler, , a large ship of the Others, which is apparently NOT docked where Sun and Frank landed. The Trawler looked plenty big enough to use to get off the Island. It's still out there somewhere.

    On the other hand:

    So the ongoing war between "whatever happened, happened" and "timeline changed" is picking up steam this week. I LOVE IT. Nothing like a good internet debate to get the blood going. I do so love how the "whatever happened, happened" believers so adamantly ridicule the "timeline changed" believers as though it were OBVIOUS that "whatever happened, happened" is true. Somehow, after 4 1/2 seasons, I don't think ANYTHING is all that obvious. Still, I do think the timeline has changed HOWEVER, does that necessarily imply that the outcome has changed as well?? I don't think so. There are many ways to travel from one point to the next and just because the elements along the way are different doesn't make the voyage less intriguing nor does the final outcome radically change...

    1. The Frenchies:

    Everything Danielle told the 815ers in the early part of the series is basically getting proved incorrect this season. From how Mortrand lost his arm, to the numbers being played at the 316 landing, we pretty much have seen that what Danielle said in the past is NOT how things are playing out this season. I know, I know, "Danielle is crazy and we can't believe her". SERIOUSLY, is that REALLY a plausible argument to defend the "whatever happened, happened" theory. I think not. BECAUSE..... to say that Faraday is dealing with a full deck is ALSO a bit of a stretch. The man is eratic, often talks to himself, and generally displays some fairly contradictory behaviour that, while not full blown crazy, is still pretty unerving. Danielle spent most of her time on the Island alone and scared, and yet managed to A) stay alive B) not become Smoke Monster food C) build a network of traps all over the Island D) build herself a nice little underground fortress. I could go on, but suffice! to say, I don't think we can simply say "oh she's crazy so forget EVERYTHING she has told us". Absurd reduction if so.
    Due to Jin's presence in the past, the Frenchies found the Temple and Rousseau never got to the radio tower to change the numbers message. All this means timeline change to me. Does this imply that the purge never happened, or that Sawyer will have black hair instead of blond... NO. It just means that the elements from the "original timeline" have been altered. Mortrand still loses his arm, Rousseau still loses Alex but the CIRCUMSTANCES are different.


    4. Ben and Widmore:

    To me the biggest proof that the past can be altered lies in how desperate Ben and Charles are to regain control of the Island. Both men have manipulated, conned and killed several individuals in order to get people where they BELIEVE they need to be. I doubt very much they are motivated to do so to maintain the "original" timeline because they shouldn't have to.... if "whatever happened, happened" than the "original" timeline will always remain intact. By virtue of their actions, I believe each man is TRYING to change elements of the past in order to alter the overall picture.

    Timeline changed but the outcome remains the same? by John Doe
  • Other Moles

    I've read theories that Amy is a mole for the Others. A lot of her behavior supports this, with the glaring exception of her being hooded by the 2 Others and her unfeigned reaction to Paul's death and her abduction.

    But it got me thinking. The Others have shown a strong habit of infiltrating groups that show up on "their" Island: Goodwin/Tailies, Ethan/Losties, Ben/Henry Gale. It's not a big leap to imagine them putting some of their own into the Dharma Initiative ,they certainly have the motive.. And as evidenced by Jack, Kate, and Hugo, it doesn't take much to fool the DI.

  • The Foreknowledge Season

    So, much like Richard Alpert knew about John Locke and Eloise Hawking knew about Daniel Faraday for a good half a century, Ben Linus has known about several figures he would "meet" decades later since childhood.

    Suddenly, the "her" to whom Juliet bears the striking resemblance commented upon by Harper Stanhope in "The Other Woman" might not be Annie or Ben's mother after all, but rather Juliet herself. Suddenly, the selection of Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer as the group to be rounded up by Michael for the Others in trade for Walt in "Three Minutes" makes a lot more sense.

    And over the rest of Season 5, we're only going to see more and more examples of foreknowledge being given to Ben and to any other DI Purge-survivors who later become Others. I'm totally on board with the theory that elderly Other Amelia is Amy 30 years later now that we know her son—quite possible the last human actually conceived and born on the Island—would grow up to be none other than Ethan Rom.

    Looking at the Little Things
  • The Dharma/Other truce was in effect in 1973. But soon after Ben arrives on the Island their's an attack on the Barracks, an explosion, and his father drives into "a firefight". Did Ben arrive before the truce?
  • Houston, We Have Overlap

    If the Purge happened, as has been calculated, in 1992, does that mean Ben already had four year old Alex in his care on the day he killed his father? Speaking of which, why didn't Rousseau ever get run over by any of the cheery blue VW busses and jeeps rumbling all over the Island? And why didn't she ever mention any such weird occurrences when she was freaking out the Season One Losties?


    Alex, born January 1989.

    The Purge, December 19, 1992.

  • Info Drop

  • Remaining Season 5 Episode Airings:

    March 18 - Episode 5.09
    March 25 - Episode 5.10
    April 1 - Episode 5.11
    April 8 - Episode 5.12
    April 15 - Episode 5.13
    April 22 - Clip Show - Working Title
    April 29 - Episode 5.14
    May 6 - Episode 5.15
    May 13 (9:00 PM-11:00 PM) - Episode 5.16 & Episode 5.17 (Two-Hour Season Finale)
  • LOST Episode 5x09 "Namaste" - Screencaps, Easter Eggs, Audio, & Analysis
  • 5x09 "Namaste" Investigations
  • Make your own Dharma Jumpsuit
  • Jacob's Well

  • Recaps

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Lost - Fan-made Dharma Ads
lost fake dharma cigarette ad
Vintage DHARMA ads.
Via io9

Most Excellent Time Waster
Explain This Image -Random Pictures That Make No Sense
Via J-Walk Blog

Angry Sun God = Mad Max

"Over the last few decades, western civilisations have busily sown the seeds of their own destruction. Our modern way of life, with its reliance on technology, has unwittingly exposed us to an extraordinary danger: plasma balls spewed from the surface of the sun could wipe out our power grids, with catastrophic consequences.

The projections of just how catastrophic make chilling reading. "We're moving closer and closer to the edge of a possible disaster," says Daniel Baker, a space weather expert based at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and chair of the NAS committee responsible for the report.

It is hard to conceive of the sun wiping out a large amount of our hard-earned progress. Nevertheless, it is possible. The surface of the sun is a roiling mass of plasma - charged high-energy particles - some of which escape the surface and travel through space as the solar wind. From time to time, that wind carries a billion-tonne glob of plasma, a fireball known as a coronal mass ejection (see "When hell comes to Earth"). If one should hit the Earth's magnetic shield, the result could be truly devastating.

The incursion of the plasma into our atmosphere causes rapid changes in the configuration of Earth's magnetic field which, in turn, induce currents in the long wires of the power grids. The grids were not built to handle this sort of direct current electricity. The greatest danger is at the step-up and step-down transformers used to convert power from its transport voltage to domestically useful voltage. The increased DC current creates strong magnetic fields that saturate a transformer's magnetic core. The result is runaway current in the transformer's copper wiring, which rapidly heats up and melts. This is exactly what happened in the Canadian province of Quebec in March 1989, and six million people spent 9 hours without electricity. But things could get much, much worse than that."

Space storm alert: 90 seconds from catastrophe
Via jwz

On the Beach
10 Dry Land Submarines

Bring It
batman shark nunchucks fuck yea

Batman With Sharks For Nun-Chucks

Lost - Ep #510 - "He's Our You" - Easter Egg
Has anybody else noticed some of the giant hair wandering around 1977 Craphole Island?

And there's a Geronimo Jackson poster in the cafeteria:

lost dharma geronimo jackson

P.S. How about young Ben catching a 9mm to the chest? This is going to whip the forums into a frenzy.

Lost - Amy Abduction Theory

In 1973 the Dharma Initiative and the Others/Hostiles have a truce. Dharma probably agreed to the truce because they just want to do their secret research projects in peace. But why would the Others agree to a truce?

I think Dharma must have something that threatens the Others enough to scare them into peace. The Others have been on the Island for possible centuries and think nothing of kidnapping, mass murder, and taking on the U.S. military with bows and arrows - they are serious mofos and wouldn't agree to a truce without a serious reason.

So, Dharma and Others both want to abide by the truce. So what were those 2 lost boys doing killing Paul and bagging Amy in preparation for a forced march back to Other central? What could have been so important that they would risk Dharma using whatever they used to force a truce?

I wonder if the 1973 Others were already having a problem with pregnant women dying and were in desperate need of women.

Lost Tunnels of Brooklyn

"Every ten years or so an article would be written in a local paper about the tunnel, musing that it might still exist. River pirates, bootleggers, mountains of treasure, Jon Wilkes Booth's lost diary, and even "Persian Vampires" (in H.P. Lovecraft's "Horror At Red Hook") were said to live within the mythical tunnel. While Diamond found no pirates or vampires in the tunnel (yet), the mystery is not over. The tunnel is blocked in the middle by a large wall, leaving roughly six blocks of the tunnel, as of yet, unexplored. Diamond believes there is a good chance that a locomotive originally built by British locomotive pioneer Robert Stephenson may lay in that section of tunnel. Booth's diary may be there after all. Diamond hopes to gain access to the final section of the tunnel sometime in 2009, and "What's behind the Wall" a documentary about Diamond's quest, is currently in production."

A Diamond Below

Lost - Ep #508 - "LaFleur"

lost lafleur sawyer

"Look, Richard. Spoiler alert. That bomb you buried is named Jughead. A bald guy named John walked into your camp, claiming to be your leader. You apparently never age. Vader is Luke's father. Rosebud was a sled. Bruce Willis was a dead guy. Kristin Shephard shot J.R. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are the same dude."

The Ack Attack

Note: The only thing that pins down the year is Sawyer stating to Juliet that it's 1974. I don't know how he came to that conclusion.

    Island - The Well

  • Rope into ground mirrors Swan hatch door-mystery to be unearthed?
  • Woohoo, ass-end of the statue!
  • Is the statue Anubis?

    5x08: The Egyptian God Anubis

    Or Tarewet?

    - "Taweret became seen, very early in Egyptian history, as a deity of protection in pregnancy and childbirth."
    The island seems to have a pregnancy problem of some sort... HM...

    - "The counterpart of Apep... Taweret was seen as being the northern sky, the constellation roughly covering the area of present-day Draco, which always lies above the horizon."
    Certainly seems to fit the location of the statue on the show; overlooking the horizon from the beach.

    - "Taweret was depicted as a hippopotamus, since this is what the constellation most resembled, with the arms and legs of a lioness... with features of a pregnant woman. She was also seen with pendulous breasts, a full pregnant abdomen, and long, straight human hair on her head... On occasion she carried an ankh, the symbol of life."
    Hippo ears? Check. Long, straight human hair? Check. Ankh in her hand? Check.

  • Statue built before the Well was dug.
  • Locke's FDW turning sent Losties back to 1973
  • Time skip is different - feels like earthquake, time-sickness gone. Toppled statue.
  • Sawyer will wait
  • It's interesting that the Losties just assume that Locke has gotten off the Island.
  • Dharma Station - 1977

  • Is this the Arrow or a another station?
  • Phil and Jerry, brownie eating 1970s hippies,
  • 5 pointed star Dharma logo.
  • Tony Orlando and Dawn - "Candida" - 1970
  • Rosie brought brownies, are they special ~*brownies*~ ?.
  • Rosie is wearing a Geronimo Jackson t-shirt.
  • I thought for a second that Horace was lighting up a stogie/doobie the size of dachsund. Silly me, everybody knows that booze and explosives go great together.
  • Why can't they use a phone to call LaFleur?
  • In ep #213, "The Long Con", Sawyer proclaimed that he was the "new sheriff on town". Now he really is.
  • Sawyer and Miles: "Boss" and "Enos" - Dukes of Hazzard reference.
  • Dharma security carries "zappers".
  • Horace's drinking is the big secret, not dynamiting trees?
  • Sawyer is going by "Jim LaFleur".
  • Jungle - 1974

  • Faraday is fixated on not telling child Charlotte not to come back to the Island.
  • Did Charlotte's body get time-skipped or left behind in the deep past?
  • Juliet backs Sawyer as leader.
  • Juliet: "You should thank me, it was a stupid idea" - I really like Juliet - she's smart and she speaks her mind.
  • 2 gunshots
  • Faraday is so out of it he doesn't register gunfire as a threat.
  • What's with the bag? Were the Other's abducting her?
  • That looks like a bad place for a picnic.

    "Lost note: So what do the writers have against picnics? No, seriously? Sayid and Shannon have a picnic and when they get back, that's when she learns that Boone died. And when Hurley and Libby try to have a picnic, she ends up shot to death by Michael. You know, there's a great quote by Christopher Hitchens r egarding picnics, but this being a family site, I won't repeat it. (Those of you who are adults in the room, feel free to do a little Googling.)"

    From Tubular

    "The four most over-rated things in life are champagne, lobster, anal sex and picnics." - Christopher Hitchens

  • Another reason to like Juliet-when she says she has your back, she has your back, and she's a crack shot.
  • Bury them how? 2 shallow graves are still a lot of digging, and they don't have shovels.
  • Faraday is still oblivious.
  • Nice job of not noticing Amy putting earplugs on.
  • Lost Fact vs Fiction: Is the Sonic Fence on Lost Possible? - Popular Mechanics
  • Infirmary - 1977

  • Dharma women deliver babies in the outside world. Do they have the same problem the Others will in the future?
  • If Amy's baby was conceived on the Island, then it is the first all-Island conception, pregnancy, and birth we've seen.
  • Amy's baby, Ben, and Locke were all born premature.
  • "Lost note: Sawyer says that he's "speaking for" Horace which mirrors Christian telling Locke that he's not Jacob, but he "can speak on his behalf.""

    From Tubular
  • Juliet and Sawyer had an agreement, probably that she not be a baby doctor.
  • Jin has improved his English in the 3 years since Locke left.
  • Jin is methodically searching the Island for Locke and the O6.
  • Now we get to wonder if Amy and Horace's son is someone we know
  • Rec Room - 1973

  • Horace is wearing an Arrow station logo on his jumpsuit. How did a mathematician get involved with the "development of defensive strategies against the Hostiles"? Heck, why is a mathematician leading the DI on the Island? Is Horace in charge, or is Pierre Chang his superior?
  • Sawyer blends fact and fiction to con Horace.
  • Horace: "What kind of ship" - "Salvage vessel": The lack of detail would ring false to me.
  • But Skaters take heart! Sawyer's choice of alias -- i.e., La Fleur, which is French for "the flower" -- may be a clue that his relationship with Juliet is merely a dalliance. I suspect it refers to the alias (i.e., Flower) chosen by Leopold Bloom to correspond with his mistress in Ulysses, the novel Ben was reading on Ajira 316. That episode of Ulysses parallels the Land of the Lotus Eaters in the Odyssey, where Odysseus and Co. meet a people who feed them soporific lotus flowers that cause the Greeks to lose their desire to return home.

    The implication may be that Sawyer and Juliet's relationship and the last three years generally have been a kind of fantasy for the Lefties. Like the phone jarring Sawyer and Juliet from their sleep, the Lefties' dream existence as members of Dharma is about to end with the return of Kate and the rest of the Oceanic 6...

    From Eye M Sick
  • Juliet: "The Others took over these Barracks and wiped out most of the people living in them.". Were there other survivors/defectors besides Ben?
  • The little red-headed girl is Charlotte, despite the fact that she shouldn't be born for 5 years.

    The writer's screwed up: ABC Podcast (Spoilers)

    Or Rebecca Mader didn't want to be 39.

  • Daniel doesn't go with the Losties into the house and we don't see evidence of him in 1977. Where did he go, and how did he end up in the Orchid?
  • Why isn't Richard in scruffy-pirate clothes like his two dead minions? Isn't he giving away the masquerade?
  • We don't hear all of Horace and Richard's conversation
  • The Arrow station has "heavy ordinance".
  • Sawyer takes leadership and responsibility, and he tells Richard the truth.
  • Locke uses Jacob's name with Alpert, Sawyer uses Locke's.
  • Never play poker with Richard, he barely blinks when Sawyer drops the bomb on him. And the appearance of a time-traveller doesn't distract him from the problem of 2 dead Others.
  • What the hell does Richard want Paul's body for?
  • Paul was wearing an ankh:

    The ankh was the Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read "eternal life". Egyptian gods are often portrayed carrying it by its loop, or bearing one in each hand, arms crossed over their chest. It is also known as the key of life, the key of the Nile, or as crux ansata, Latin for "cross with a handle".

    The giant 4-toed statue was probably carrying ankhs in both hands.

  • 1977

  • Where is the White King?.
  • Mister LaFleur picks a flower.
  • Juliet isn't crying over burned brownies anymore.
  • Juliet is a sucker for big roguish blondes.
  • Well, they're happy, so things are going to have to go to hell soon.
  • Sawyer's book has no title on the cover. What does an anonymous book mean?
  • Sawyer tells Jin that they'll wait as long as it takes, but he tells Horace that Kate's never coming back.
  • Jin can call Sawyer's phone from out on patrol but Phil and Jerry have to deliver vital news on foot from security central?
  • Cue the love Rhombus.

  • Theories/Observations

  • lost LaFleur sawyers beard

    Sawyer's fluctuating beard is probably evidence of a FDW-related reality flux

  • Olivia Goodspeed might not have been Horace's wife, she could have been his sister.
  • What kind of truce lets the Others kill and abduct picnickers?
  • The Others have always seemed highly motivated - why would they agree to a truce?
  • How did Dharma build their infrastructure with the Other's opposing them?
  • I'll be real interested to see if Sawyer's bunch has learned anything during their 3 year tenure as Dharma Initiates, like:

    1. How did Dharma learn about the Island?
    2. What the hell is Smokey? Did they know it was here before they came?
    3. Is there a sickness? What is the Vaccine?
    4. What does Dharma know about the Others?
    5. What is Dharma doing on the Island? No, Really, what?.
    6. Why are people sedated and moved on/off the Island via submarine?
    7. Why are the stations named the way they are?
    8. What's up with the polar bears?
    9. Why does Pierre Chang use so many different names when he makes orientation films?
    10. Is there a secret door to "Smokey Control" in 197x?
    11. Who knows about the FDW under the Orchid station?
    12. Do Dharma members get the Island's health benefits?
    13. Who was head of security before Sawyer and what happened to them?
  • Widmore told Locke in 2007 that he had been the leader of the Others for 30 years. Since Widmore was an Other in 1954 the earliest he could have been deposed by Ben is 1984.

    The Purge happened on Dec 19, 1992.

    Was Widmore deposed and did Ben become leader before/after/or simultaneous with the Purge? The Purge could be more than the gassing of Dharma. It could also be the expulsion of Widmore and any of his loyalists.

  • Sawyer and the Losties lie to Dharma mirrors the O6 lie.
  • "You look just like her" - now Juliet could be her!
  • Faraday ran the other way when Richard showed up. There's no sign of him in 1977. Where did he go? Could he talk his way into the Others?
  • How might all of these bits add up? Like this: John Locke is no longer alive - not in the traditional, off-Island sense of being ''alive.'' The new Locke who washed up in last week's episode is an Island creation imprinted with the old Locke's consciousness. This is not the same thing as reincarnation, which is an eternal soul that puts on new flesh. New Locke can thrive only on the Island; if he strays from its life-giving power, he will gradually wilt like a flower denied sunlight. Similarly, as long as New Locke continues to think of himself as Old Locke — as long as he allows himself to fall prey to old weaknesses or return to old habits — he will not experience the fullness of strength that the Island provides its new creations. (And yes, I say ''new creations,'' as in plural. My hunch is that some or all of the other castaways currently experience life in this fashion. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that the Oceanic 815 castaways are actually divided between people who really did miraculously survive the crash and ''reasonable facsimiles'' of Oceanic passengers created by the Island.) And if all of this sounds vaguely reminiscent of a certain superhero comic book — you're right! This week's Doc Jensen No Prize goes to whoever can figure out the reference. Send your best guesses to JeffJensenEW@aol.com.

    But here's the thing about New Locke: He has no soul. And herein lies the secret to the great saga of Lost. You see, John Locke's body, in any form, has NEVER had a soul. His life is the story of adulterated destiny - and radical course correction. Remember: Locke was born three months prematurely after a car struck his pregnant teenage mother. We never saw the driver. Locke grew up nagged by a feeling that he was meant for a different kind of life. And he was: We now know that the Island has been trying to bring him to its shores since he was a wee lad. My theory is this: Somebody went back in time to kill Locke's mom in order to prevent Locke's birth. It didn't work - but the would-be murderer (Ben? Widmore? Ms. Hawking?) did succeed in making a mess of Locke's predestined life. Locke's eternal soul was displaced from its body - and it went to the Island, where it's been waiting for reunification. And my guess is that this great, redemptive moment will occur...in the final five minutes of the last episode of Lost.

    Jeff Jensen
  • Where's young Ben?
  • Where are the DeGroots? Have we ever seen any evidence of them being on the Island?
  • Aside from the "pirate-garb" we saw Alpert wearing once, and the suit we saw him in off-Island when recruiting Juliet, it seems apparent to me that not only does Richard not age, he also has only one outfit -- that pair of slacks and blue dress shirt. Speaking of which, there must be something VERY important about Juliet, that Richard Alpert HIMSELF left the Island to bring her to it, other than the whole fertility thing (which Richard told Locke that Ben was wasting their time with)...

    The Lost Blog
  • It's my theory that the Losties are being skipped through time in a directed fashion to accomplish necessary tasks. If so, it would follow that there's some thing or things that need doing.

    1. Rescue Amy
    2. Save Amy's baby
    3. Give Richard another experience with time-travellers.
    Big Question: Will the Losties have to do something new, something to create a radically different timeline?
  • Whatever the Losties do this season, they won't have to worry about the Purge, that won't happen for 15 years, so barring another time-skip, they're safe. Even the Incident doesn't happen until 1985, 7-8 years from 1977. So what big crisis will take up the rest of Season 5?
  • Faraday:

    I think, seeing the way he was when the others came upon him in the jungle, I know now why he was crying at the beginning of "Confirmed Dead" when he first saw an image of the underwater plane. It was all Charlotte.

    What Nikki Noticed
  • Island Burials:

    "There are Two Types of People in this World: Those Who Have Guns... and Those who Dig

    A seemingly normal practice has started to intrigue me, very subtly, when it comes to LOST. To put it out there, I'm amazed at how almost everyone who seems to die on the island ends up in pretty much in the same place - and that place is buried.

    Now I know Amy's insistence on burying the dead Others had good reasoning behind it, but I'd imagine burying a full grown man (much less two) without a shovel would be pretty time-consuming. And considering the Others' ridiculously TV-esque jungle tracking abilities, I'd also imagine they'd find evidence of such a burial. If you can pick out a broken leaf in an overgrown forest, you can definitely pick out the disturbed soil of a recently-dug shallow grave. Just saying.

    And the way that Danielle and Karl got buried has always bugged me. I couldn't imagine Keamy's freighter jocks taking time out of their busy mission of tracking down Ben Linus in order to bury two people they just killed - especially when they could just as easily be pushed into some thick undergrowth and covered with those giant jungle leaves. That, coupled with the eerie way they looked when their bodies were found, led me to believe less and less that they were buried and more and more that the island 're-claimed' them.

    The Marshal, Boone, Shannon, Ana Lucia, Libby... all buried. Ethan got buried. The tail-enders buried their own dead. Locke buried Eko. Nikki and Paulo even got buried alive, and all the Dharma purge-victims ended up in a giant open grave. The American soldiers got buried. Someone even buried poor Henry Gale - he got a makeshift tombstone and everything. In fact, the only person I can think of who never got buried (besides Arzt, who got evaporated) would be the one and only Christian Shephard. And he's still walking around.

    What does this mean? Probably nothing. Especially since I just thought of 4 more people who never got buried (Ben's dad, Adam, Eve, the skeleton in the bear cave). But on the island, one way or the other, almost everything seems to return to the ground."

    From Vozzek69

    The Others didn't bury Colleen, they floated her out to sea in a "Viking" funeral.

    "In other words, I believe that not burying a body means that person or spirit will not be at rest, and therefore, has the potential to become a "ghost", for lack of a better word. "

    Burying the Dead by Scott E

  • Thanks to reader Bobby for pointing this out. As far as I know, no-one else has made this connection. At the very end of the comic con ‘08 Pierre Chang film, when Chang is struggling with who we assume to be Faraday, the final thing he says is "LaFleur, what are you doing?"

    From DocArzt

  • Articles/Screencaps/Easter Eggs

  • Episode 5x08 LaFleur - DHARMA Security HQ
  • LOST Episode 5x08 "LaFleur" - Screencaps, Easter Eggs, Audio, & Analysis
  • I am A Furker!!
  • Synchromystic Librarian's Lost Links/Blogs
  • The Still Point , by Tsar Bomba. This is a great theory/analysis. I wish I'd thought of it.
  • What Happened Didn't Happen by Faithful Scientist. In short, the notion that the past can't be changed is a long con.
  • That Damn Statue again...and an afterthought, by Mr Cat.

  • Recaps

  • Flower Power , by Fishbiscuitland
  • Lost Episode 5.08: Nothing Stays Buried , by Luhks
  • Things I Noticed - "LaFleur" , by Vozzek69
  • Lost Recap 5x08: LaFleur , by The Ack Attack
  • Thoughts on LaFleur... , by Eye M Sick
  • 'Lost': 'LaFleur' Plan? , by Jeff Jensen
  • My ReVIews!! Episode 5x08 - The FLOoor!! , by ThEmIsFiTiShErE
  • Lost: This Charming Man , by Tubular
  • 'Lost' Dueling Analyses: 'LaFleur' , by Celebritology
  • Lost 5.08: LaFleur , by Nik at Nite
  • Looking at the Little Things: 5.08 "LaFleur" , by SonyaLynn
  • S5Ep8 - LaFleur , by Long Live Locke
  • 5 X 08: LaFleur , by Gitsie Girl
  • Episode Review - 5x08 "LaFleur" , by Nickb123 - Lostpedia Blog
  • Key Points from "LaFleur" , by The Lost Blog

Puppets Make Me Laugh...IN TERROR!

Spookhousedave at DailyMotion

Via Secret Fun Blog

Oh, Really?

"Otherkin are a subculture of people, primarily Internet-based, who identify in some way as other than human. Otherkin often believe themselves to be mythological or legendary creatures, explaining their beliefs through reincarnation, having a nonhuman soul, ancestry, or symbolic metaphor.

Common creatures otherkin identify as include angels, demons, dragons, elves, extra-terrestrials, fairies, kitsunes, lycanthropes, and vampires, among others.

Outside of their own subculture, otherkin beliefs are usually met with disbelief."

So Much for Transparency

Obama Administration Declares Proposed IP Treaty a 'National Security' Secret

Insert Blue Oyster Cult - "Secret Treaties" reference here

Via Boing Boing

Reality is Messed Up

"What the several researchers found was that there were more photons in some places than there should have been and fewer in others. The stunning result, though, was that in some places the number of photons was actually less than zero. Fewer than zero particles being present usually means that you have antiparticles instead. But there is no such thing as an antiphoton (photons are their own antiparticles, and are pure energy in any case), so that cannot apply here.

The only mathematically consistent explanation known for this result is therefore Hardy's. The weird things he predicted are real and they can, indeed, only be seen by people who are not looking. Dr Yokota and his colleagues went so far as to call their results "preposterous". Niels Bohr, no doubt, would have been delighted. "

I'm not looking, honest!
Via kottke.org

One of Things is not like the Other

"Binyam Mohamed is the British resident who, two weeks ago, was released from Guantanamo and returned to Britain after seven years of detention, often in brutal conditions.  Since his return, compelling evidence has been steadily emerging that British agents were knowingly complicit in Mohamed's torture while in U.S. custody -- including the discovery of telegrams sent by British intelligence officers to the CIA asking the CIA to extract information from him.  How does a country with a minimally healthy political class and a pretense to the rule of law react to such allegations of criminality?  From the BBC:

MPs have demanded a judicial inquiry into a Guantanamo Bay prisoner's claims that MI5 was complicit in his torture. . . .

[Mohamed's] allegations are being investigated by the government, but the Foreign Office said it did not condone torture.

Shadow justice secretary Dominic Grieve said the "extremely serious" claims should also be referred to the police. . . .

Daniel Sandford, BBC Home Affairs correspondent, said Mr Mohamed's claims would be relatively simple to substantiate.

"As time progresses it will probably become quite apparent whether indeed these are true telegrams and I think it's unlikely they'd be put into the public domain if they couldn't eventually be checked back."

The Conservatives have called for a police inquiry into his allegations of British collusion.

Mr Grieve called for a judicial inquiry into the allegations.

"And if the evidence is sufficient to bring a prosecution then the police ought to investigate it," he added.

Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman Ed Davey said there was a "rock solid" case for an independent judicial inquiry. . . .

Shami Chakrabati, director of campaign group Liberty said: "These are more than allegations - these are pieces of a puzzle that are being put together.

"It makes an immediate criminal investigation absolutely inescapable."

The Guardian adds:

New revelations by Guantanamo Bay detainee Binyam Mohamed, claiming that British intelligence played a central role in his torture and interrogation, must be answered by the government, the former shadow home secretary David Davis said last night. . . . [Mohamed's] allegations appear to contradict assertions by foreign secretary David Miliband and home secretary Jacqui Smith that the British government would never "authorise or condone" torture. Davis said Mohamed's testimony demanded a response from these ministers. "His revelations show that the government's claims about its involvement in the interrogation of Mohamed are completely untenable," Davis said. "Either Miliband or Smith should come to the House of Commons and reveal exactly what the government knew." Last night other public figures said there should be wider efforts to look into the allegations that the British government had colluded in Mohamed's torture.

Notice what is missing from these accounts.  There is nobody arguing that the dreary past should simply be forgotten in order to focus on the important and challenging future.  There's no snide suggestion that demands to investigate serious allegations of criminality are driven by petty vengeance or partisan score-settling.  Nobody suggests that it's perfectly permissible for government officials to commit serious crimes -- including war crimes -- as long as they had nice motives or were told that it was OK to do these things by their underlings, or that the financial crisis (which Britain has, too) precludes any investigations, or that whether to torture is a mere "policy dispute."  Also missing is any claim that these crimes are State Secrets that must be kept concealed in order to protect British national security.

Instead, the tacit premise of the discussion is that credible allegations of criminality -- even if committed by high government officials, perhaps especially then -- compel serious criminal investigations.  Imagine that.  How shrill and radical."

Britain's bizarre reaction to war crimes allegations: investigations needed

Asteroidal Exobiology
Could Life on Earth Have Come From Ceres?
Via Earth and Other Unlikely Worlds

Lost - Ep #507 - Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
" lost widmore jeremy bentham hospital
Widmore: Come to the Dark Side! We have cookies!
Locke: Ben said to not trust you!
Widmore: BENJAMIN?? If Benjamin were an ice cream flavor, he'd be Pralines and Dick!
Locke: ...
Widmore: Come onnnn, want to be my new BFF?

from The Ack Attack!

" lost locke jeremy bentham hospital


From C.D.P.

    Hydra Station / 316 Crash Site

  • Caesar is in Ben's office in the Hydra Station
  • Life Magazine - dated April 15, 1954

    Cover story: "Color Pictures of Hydrogen Test" - Jughead reference

  • Skull on desk
  • Daniels notes/ Maps:
  • Ben has shotguns everywhere, piano benches, under desks.
  • Caesar seems to have a Hispanic accent, not bad for French actor.
  • Obi Wan Kenobi
  • Lapidus left with a woman, Sun or Flight Attendant
  • Mango mirrors Orange from pilot episode
  • "I remember dying" - Does Locke only tell the truth this episode? He lies to Walt by omission about Michael.
  • When and Where Are the 316r's?
  • Tunisia

  • Teleporting makes you puke.
  • Widmore doesn't send the A-Team, the chuckleheads almost run over Locke.
  • Has Widmore always known about Tunisia being an exit point? Were the two guys who greeted Ben Widmore minions?
  • Don't get sick in rural Tunisia.
  • Abaddon got there quick. Locke's been off-Island for less than 24 hours/
  • Widmore and Locke:

    "Widmore: "They're not the "Others" to me. They're my people. We protected the Island peacefully for more than three decades. But then I was exiled... by him... just as you were. "

    Widmore: [Leaning in] "Because there's a war coming, John. And if you're not back on the Island when that happens, the wrong side is going to win."

    Widmore: "I'm deeply invested in the future of the Island, John. So, yes, I've been watching them. I wouldn't mention I'm involved in this. I can't imagine what they think of me, having listened to Benjamin's lies."

    Locke: "How do I know that you're not the one who's lying?"

    Widmore: "I haven't tried to kill you. Would you say the same for him?"

    Widmore: [Chuckles] "You still don't trust me."

    Locke: "You sent a team of killers and a boatload of C-4 to the Island. That... doesn't exactly scream "trust.""

    Widmore: "I needed Linus removed... so it could be your time."

    Locke: "Right."

    Widmore: "The Island needs you, John. It has for a long time."

    Locke: "What makes you think I'm so special?"

    Widmore: "Because you are."

    The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham - Lostpedia Transcript
  • If Widmore is telling the truth and was 17 in 1954 and was exiled 30 years later, that would be in 1984.
  • Penny is older than 24, so she was born while Widmore was leader of the Others and presumably on the Island. Was Penny born on the Island, or adopted?
  • John actually has the sense not to tell Widmore everything.
  • Locke told the 06 to lie.
  • Someone on the island must be reporting back to Widmore. How else would he know that Ben tried to kill Locke?
    From Gitsie Girl
  • Widmore gave Locke the name Jeremy Bentham. This is the first sign he has any sense of humor.
  • Locke's Passport
  • Shepherds crossing the road - symbolic of Locke shepharding the O6.
  • Wheelchair - not a good omen
  • They screwed up the continuity on the sheep. They were crossing from right to left, but when the Range Rover drove away they were back on the right side heading away. Or this is evidence of skipping between mirror universes.
  • Santo Domingo

  • Widmore's surveillance photo of Sayid shows Sayid working on the exact same house in the exact same spot he is still working on when Locke comes to see him. Considering the time it takes Locke to travel from Tunisia to Santo Domingo, Sayid should have at least made some progress.

    Continuity Errors
  • Sayid has picked up Spanish.
  • Sayid is hammer slinging for "Build Our World".
  • Why did Sayid stop working for Ben?
  • Locke has no good argument for returning. Does he just assume that everyone else shares his belief?
  • NYC

  • Abaddon: "I'll give you two some privacy" - mirrors Ben on flight 316
  • In "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3" Walt tells Hurley that he was visited by Jeremy Bentham. However, when Locke meets Walt in New York City, he never mentions that he is travelling under the name Jeremy Bentham. Unless there was another off-Island meeting between Walt and Locke, this is a continuity error. Jack and Kate also refer to Bentham, despite the fact that we never see Locke introduce himself this way, nor would he need to.

    Continuity Errors
  • Santa Rosa

  • Hugo's making a painting of the Great Sphinx of Giza.

    The word sphinx comes from the Greek Σφίγξ, apparently from the verb σφίγγω (sphíng), meaning "to strangle". This name may be derived from the fact that the hunters for a pride of lions are the lionesses, and kill their prey by strangulation, biting the throat of prey and holding them down until they die. The word sphincter derives from the same root.

    Greek traditions about sphinxes

    Yea, the greek characters are screwed up. Go to Wikipedia, they're fine there
  • Hugo thinks Locke is another dead visitor.
  • Hugo: "Wait, What?" - My favorite phrase this month.
  • Hugo thinks about why the other O6 won't return before he thinks of himself.
  • Abaddon: "We're all in serious trouble" - Go ahead John, ASK HIM - what kind of trouble?
  • Abaddon: "I get people to where they need to get to"
  • L.A.

  • Kate: "Everyone on the Island is going to die if I don't go back" - Locke is coming up with slightly better arguments.
  • Kate thinks he's obsessed. It doesn't help that he is.
  • Santa Monica

  • Is Helen really dead or is her tombstone a con?
  • Abaddon: "Is it inevitable or is it a choice?"
  • Why did Widmore have only one man watching out for Locke? He can certainly afford better.
  • Locke's car was hit on both sides - Ben vs Widmore symbolism?
  • 3 Santas/Santos: Santo Domingo, Santa Rosa, Santa Monica
  • Hospital

  • Jack is so stoned. I think he's already been getting visits from Christian.
  • Locke actually offers proof - Christian's name. I don't think Jack ever mentioned seeing his father alive on the Island or his name. In "White Rabbit" he told Locke he had seen someone who couldn't be on the Island, but not who - or his name.
  • Jack: "We were never important"
  • In "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3", Jack stated that Locke had
    a) told him Ben was off the island,
    b) that "some very bad things happened" after Jack left the island,
    c) that those bad things were Jack's fault because he left,
    d) that the only way he could protect Kate and Aaron was by returning to the island, and
    e) that if Jack and the rest of the Oceanic Six didn't return to the island, the people they left behind would die.

    Locke said none of those things. Unless there was another off-island meeting between Jack and Locke, this is a continuity error.

    Continuity Errors
  • Locke's Hotel Room

  • We still don't know how Hawking got Locke's note.
  • Stain on ceiling mirrors Swan ceiling stain (Radinsky's suicide by shotgun - If Inman was telling the truth)
  • Suicide gear provided by Angel Hardware.
  • Locke has 5 toes
  • Isn't it nice that everyone is keeping everyone safe.
  • Here we go again with the "special/important" line.
  • Ben's set dressing of a suicide is implausible. You try standing a limp, dead person straight up on a shaky table and slipping a noose around his neck. And the ligature mark on Locke's neck won't match a hanging, the angle will be wrong and there won't be any mark on the back of his neck. Locke's body will also be missing the likely marks left by frantically clawing at the noose. And Ben's cleanup will have removed a lot of fingerprints that are supposed to be there. Can Ben be certain that Locke has never been fingerprinted? What will the Canadian consulate say when they're informed their citizen Jeremy Bentham is dead? Did Ben take the cell phone that has Widmore on speed dial?
  • Locke's death by strangulation mirrors his father being killed by Sawyer.
  • Ben: "I'll miss you john, I really will" - Indicates Ben is unaware that Locke will be resurrected.
  • Referenced by Tubular for "316", but resonates stronger for this episode:

    Oh hello
    I am the ghost of troubled joe
    Hung by his pretty white neck
    Some eighteen months ago
    I travelled to a mystical time zone
    And I missed my bed
    And I soon came home

    They said :
    There's too much caffeine
    In your bloodstream
    And a lack of real spice
    In your life

    I said :
    Leave me alone
    Because Im alright, dad
    Surprised to still
    Be on my own...

    Oh, but dont mention love
    I'd hate the strain of the pain again
    A rush and a push and the land that
    We stand on is ours
    It has been before
    So it shall be again
    And people who are uglier than you and i
    They take what they need, and just leave

    Smiths - A Rush & A Push & The Land Is Ours
  • Hydra Station Office

  • I love Locke and Caesars's exchange - Locke volunteers information, Caesar actually cares about what's going on, and asks direct questions - it's the all new resurrected Lost.
  • Caesar: "And this really big guy with curly hair... was gone, man. I mean, literally gone." - I bet Locke has a inkling that Hugo was on flight 316.
  • If Locke becomes leader of the Others, how will he deal with the survivors of flight 316?

  • Theories / Predictions

  • I think Widmore was working against Locke.

      Widmore's statements at the Tunisian hospital:

    • "We protected the Island peacefully for more than three decades."

      This from a man who considered cutting Juliet's hand off the proper way to begin a conversation. Widmore was also in charge of the flaming arrow attack on the obviously non-Army 1954 Losties. And while we're learning that Other internal politics are complicated, as far as we know Widmore was the leader of the Others when they slaughtered the Dharma Initiative.

    • "I haven't tried to kill you"

      Widmore is lying. He has tried to kill Locke, and everyone else on the Island:

      Keamy: "'Cause he's a very smart man, and if Linus knows that we're gonna torch the Island, there's only one place that he can go." - "Cabin Fever"

      This is Martin Keamy
      the leader of the mercenary team.
      He was hired by Charles Widmore
      to capture Ben and kill everyone on the island.
      There's No Place Like Home, Part 1-Enhanced transcript

    • Widmore: "I needed Linus removed... so it could be your time."

      Widmore: "That island's mine, Benjamin. It always was. It will be again."

      Charles Widmore is not about to relinquish his claim to the Island to a former Regional Collections Supervisor for a box company.

    • The name Widmore gives Locke:


      Jeremy Bentham was a 18th century English ethicist and founding father of legal positivism, which stands in opposition to natural law, which was promoted by...17th century English philosopher John Locke, one of the founding fathers of the so-called Age of Reason. Locke was a deist (i.e., a creator God) who believed that man had certain intrinsic, unalienable rights; his philosophy was capable of integrating science and faith. Bentham said: BWA-HAHAAH! He thought natural law was ''nonsense on stilts.'' Bentham is a very post-God thinker: He believed the only rights a man had were the rights society gave him.

      Bentham was the opposite of Locke, his philosophical enemy.

      'Lost': The Keys to Locke

    • Abaddon plays Locke:

    • Putting Locke in a wheelchair is a good way to make him feel like shit.
    • Abaddon: "Anything you need, Mr. Locke, you just let me know. Anything. Anybody from your past you want me to look up for you? The whole world thinks you're dead, Mr. Locke. There must be somebody who'd be happy to see you."

      Abaddon plants the idea of looking up Helen. And isn't it cheering to be told you're dead to the world? And there is no one who is happy to see him.

    • Abaddon: "I take it you didn't invite him along. That's 0-for-2, Mr. Locke. Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought you had to bring everyone back."

      Subtext: "You're fucking up, you're a loser".

    • Abaddon: "You may wanna step up your game, Mr. Locke, or we're all in serious trouble."

      More "You're a loser", with added guilt. Plus Abaddon makes sure that Hugo can see him and get freaked out. Hugo is the only O6 member to meet with Abaddon.

    • Abaddon: "No, I didn't. I'm sorry. [Sighs] Three years is a long time. It's possible she got married, changed her name. Maybe she moved out of state."

      Abaddon is waiting till the end to play the Helen card

    • And Helen is dead, or at least has a tombstone. The one person that might be happy to see Locke, who might give him some support and not run a con on him is forever out of reach.
    • Abaddon: "Mr. Widmore told me Richard Alpert said that you were going to die. So you tell me, John. Is that inevitable, or is it a choice?"

      You know, I don't know what the hell this means. I do know that the subject is certain death or suicide, which is just plain depressing.

    • Ben The Good vs Charles The Not-So-Good by Roland
  • What was Ben's motive for killing Locke? Whatever it is, the fact that Locke was supposed to get help from Mrs. Hawking was the crucial factor in Ben's decision.

    I have a real hard time coming up with a "good " reason for Ben strangling Locke. Ben would have to know about Richard or Christian telling Locke that he has to die or deduce from the mention of Hawking that a proxy for dead-body-Christian would be required. Then he might decide that since Locke was required to die, he might as well get it over with. Ben might also believe that a suicided Locke would be displeasing to the Island.

    But there were no witnesses to Locke's conversations with Christian and Richard, and I don't even think Ben knows that Christian is anything but a corpse, so I think Ben lacked the knowledge to make an arguably ethical decision to kill Locke. But then why does Ben keep Locke's corpse around? Did Hawking tell him it was a necesary prop?

    But evil Ben, that totally works. Once Ben knows that Locke was supposed to go to Hawking, he can infer that Locke must have been told by someone reliable, and that Hawking can get them back to Island. And if Locke is out of the picture, Ben becomes the new returner of the O6. Locke even gave Ben the leverage he needs to bring Sun back. If the O6 can return, then Ben will hitch a ride back with them.

    Ben: "I'll miss you, John. I really will.": This suggests that Ben did not expect Locke to come back to life.

    If Locke confronts Ben about his murder I know exactly what Ben will say: "But John, I was only helping you do what the Island wanted. I knew you'd come back, because your so fucking SPECIAL". What would be great is if Locke undercuts Ben by just acting saintly and accepting of Ben killing him, even thanking him. Just don't trust the little bastard.

  • Did resurrected Locke create a time-loop by getting the information that he had to die to Richard in the past?

    So Locke HAD TO die because he ALREADY died?

  • Locke's resurrection - wow. Because Locke wasn't pseudo-dead from a medusa spider bite, or just mostly dead - he was all the way, completely dead. Bringing his corpse back to life without extreme nanotechnology would be a miracle - which makes me wonder if the new Locke shares something with some of the other walking dead that have appeared, like Yemi, Christian, or even Montand.
  • Is Locke resurrected or reincarnated?

  • Articles

  • Screencaps and Easter Eggs
  • LOST Does the Metafiction Mambo
  • Is Lost's Wormhole Linking the Island to Tunisia Possible?
  • Episode 5.07 - The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham - Continuity Errors
  • The hidden evil by creepyricky

  • Recaps

  • The Last Temptation Of Locke , by Fishbiscuitland
  • MY REVIews!! Episode 5x07 - The LIFE and debts OF Gerald Benthams!! , by ThEmIsFiTiShErE
  • Things I Noticed - "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" , by Vozzek69
  • Lost Episode 5.06 Another Life, Part One , by Luhks - ("316" recap)

    "I am not a neuroscientist, but I am fairly certain that whenever Evangeline Lily jumps a guy and starts making out with him, the portion of his brain required for forming questions shuts down entirely."

  • Lost Episode 5.06 Another Life, Part Two , by Luhks - ("Bentham" recap)
  • Key Points from "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" , by The Lost Blog
  • Initial Thoughts: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham , by Gitsie Girl
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  • 'Lost': Driving Mr. Bentham , by Patrick Kevin Day (Los Angeles Times)
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  • 'Lost': The Keys to Locke (Precap) , by Jeff Jensen

6 minutes and 13 seconds of being 18 again

Yea, he wasn't always a butter salesman

Phil Hartman was a Very Funny Fellow

Damn good memory, too

Phil Hartman audition
via Laughing Squid

Lost - Ep #506 - "316"
lost desmond stink eye 316

As a last resort, Desmond gives Jack the notorious "Glaswegian Stink Eye"

  • This episode was originally scheduled to be #507, but was switched with "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

  • Island - Dharma Era

  • Rerun/Mirror/Proxy for the Pilot opening-minus Vincent and plus note fragment.
  • Watch the spinal surgeon dive headfirst into shallow water. Hey! Maybe that was "a leap of faith". Thanks, I'll be here all week.
  • You cannot tell me that Hugo doesn't float. When did he forget how to swim? He used to do cannonballs into the ocean.
  • Kate: "What Happened?" - That would be the question.
  • L.A. - 46 hours before

  • That would be 46 hours in perceived time.
  • Hawking and Ben don't seem too disturbed by the lack of Kate, Hugo, and Sayid.
  • Under the church is the Lamp Post Dharma Station
    • The name of the station is in reference to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the second book of The Chronicles of Narnia. In the book, a lamp post marks the passage between Narnia and our world. The Lamp Post serves a similar function with regard to the Island.
    • The lamp post in Narnia was explained in Book One of the The Chronicles of Narnia, "The Magician's Nephew". In that story, which is a prequel to "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and features the creation of Narnia, a young boy named Digory discovers a "place between worlds" that allows him to visit other versions of reality by jumping through pools. He awakens Jadis, who then comes back to London and wreaks havoc, eventually tearing a bar off a lamp post before she's sent back to Narnia. When she gets there, children in tow, Narnia has yet to be made; Aslan is in the process of doing so, and she attacks him with the bar. He ignores the attack, and she throws the bar away, where it plants itself in the ground and begins "growing" into a second lamp post. Both the "jumping into pools" and using the lamp post as the lone connection to the outside world seem related to Narnia.
    • Also in that story, Digory's Uncle Andrew tricks Digory's friend Polly into traveling to the place between worlds by having her touch a yellow ring; this is similar to how Ben got Sun to come on the trip.
  • The Swan station had one counter, the Lamp Post has a bunch. Too bad they Longitude and Latitude columns are mislabeled.
  • Eloise: "The Dharma Initiative called it the Lamp Post. This is how they found the island."

    By her phrasing, Hawking indicates that she wasn't/isn't part of Dharma. Yes, I know she was an Other, but one doesn't preclude the other.

  • There's a photo of the Island, labeled "9/23/54 - U.S. Army - OP 264- Top Secret - Eyes Only". No reason to believe it's not part of a con. The date is one day short of 50 years from the date Flight 815 crashed - September 22, 2004.
  • "A very clever fellow built this pendulum" - But I won't say his name.
  • I don't buy Hawking's explanation - she's either outright lying (no!, that couldn't be) or leaving out crucial aspects. What I think she glossed over is exactly where (or when) the Island is between the predictable "windows". It's got to be somewhere.

    Eloise: "Well, this fellow presumed, and correctly, as it turned out, that the Island was always moving. Why do you think you were never rescued? Now while the movements of the Island seem random, this man and his team created a series of equations which tell us, with a high degree of probability, where it is going to be at a certain point... in time" - but not in Space? Is that why they got time skipped out of Flight 316?

    The island seems to be behaving like a quantum mechanical particle - Fuselage Forum

  • Why can't the Island tell Desmond directly that it's not done with him? It told Hawking.
  • Desmond remembers Hawking.
  • In another case of classic Lost apathy, no one cares that Desmond has met Hawking before and that she sent him back from his mental time travel.
  • If I were Desmond, I would stop sailing around in Penny's bloody boat and relocate somewhere far inland, like Nebraska.
  • Desmond's warning to Jack mirrors Sayid's to Hugo.
  • I'm with Desmond - If I were the O6 I would be wondering why I should trust Locke, Ben, or Hawking as far as I could spit. For all they know they're needed back on the Island to be used for human sacrifice. You want me back on the Island, sure, I want explanations. Long, detailed, footnoted explanations. Faith my ass - Locke had faith and he ended up in a pine box.
  • Hawking's office is a couple of stories underground - why does it have windows?
  • How did Hawking get hold of Locke's note?
  • Per Hawking, it's belief that powers the mojo.
  • proxy (plural proxies)
    1. : An agent or substitute authorized to act for another person.
    2. : The authority to act for another, especially when written.
    3. : (software) An interface for a service, especially for one that is remote, resource-intensive, or otherwise difficult to use directly.
    4. : (sciences) A measurement of one physical quantity that is used as an indicator of the value of another
  • What?! Direct questions? Stop it Jack, you're ruining the magic show.
  • Ben: "Of course he was. We're all convinced sooner or later, Jack." - Convinced of WHAT? I'm till waiting to hear what everybody is supposed to believe. Is it that the Island is a place where miracles happen, a land of milk and honey? Wasn't the last episode titled "This Place is Death"? There's a mass grave, a slave ship, and a nuclear bomb on the Island - not good signs of paradise.
  • Ben: "I made a promise to an old friend of mine. Just a loose end that needs tieing up." - Sounds like Ben is going to go kill Penny. In the captioned rerun it's revealed that the promise was to kill Penny.

    How does Ben know how to find her? He looked damned surprised to see Desmond.

  • Nursing Home

  • Another white rabbit.
  • The first (and only previous mention) of Grandpa Ray: The Mobisode Lost : Missing Pieces Episode 1 - The Watch (YouTube)
  • Jack's grandfather Ray looks suspiciously well preserved, and he really wants to go someplace, maybe someplace warm with nice beaches - and polar bears.
  • Ray has a pair of Christian's shoes, the first in a long line of "coincidences" in this episode
  • Jack's House

  • Don't worry about that strange noise Jack, it's not like there are guys running around with dart guns or anything.
  • Big Apparent Mystery: What the fuck happened to Aaron?
  • Jack wants to go back to the Island so bad he'll just write off Aaron so that Kate will come.
  • There's an theory that Kate "has to" sleep with Jack in order to become pregnant so as to better "proxy" Claire.
  • Jack's all chipper, Kate is a little preoccupied.
  • Kate: "So why don't you get rid of 'em? Why hold on to something that makes you feel sad?" - This is strange coming from a woman who engineered a bank robbery to recover a toy airplane that would always remind her that she got her high school boyfriend killed.
  • Why is Ben calling Jack's home phone?
  • Ben looks like he fell into the marina.
  • Putting shoes on Locke - "tying up loose ends"?
  • Airport

  • "You want to take your friend's corpse to Guam, sure thing, no problem" - The airport/plane scenes have a strong air of unreality to them. Yesterday they were all famous, now they can all hop on a plane to Guam (and who the hell goes to Guam, really? Nothing against Guam, but it's not a famed destination, unless you're Japanese).
  • Kate is not a happy camper.
  • Here is where the west coast feed started losing the dialogue , but not the music, which really freaked me out. I thought it was a deliberate part of the show, and that I was supposed to start lip-reading.
  • More Weirdness: Why would the Federal Marshals be escorting Sayid to Guam? Did he kill one of Widmore's associates there?
  • Even More Weirdness: No one questions why Hugo, famous O6 survivor and recent triple murder suspect, has bought every available ticket.
  • Hugo is the only character who's first impulse is to worry about the welfare of others. I'll repeat my long standing prediction that Hugo Reyes (King) will end up the ruler of the Island. Don't forget he can see Jacob, just like Locke and Ben.

    A different take on "Good vs Evil" - Fuselage Forum

  • Just like on flight 815, Hugo is reading a Spanish-language comic book - "Y: The Last Man", by Lost writer Brian K. Vaughan.
  • Ben looks like he has kick marks on his head, or at least something rectangular about the size of a shoe heel.
  • Why would Homeland Security care about Locke's note?
  • Jack: "And the other people on this plane--what's gonna happen to them?"

    Ben: "Who cares?"

    Maybe people who aren't psychopaths? This is more evidence that Ben is not one of the good guys. Though the rest of the O6 (minus Hugo) are quite willing to sacrifice innocent passengers too if it means getting back to the Island.

  • Lapidus: "We're not going to Guam, are we?" - Couldn't Frank come up with a plausible excuse to turn the plane around?
  • Ben is reading James Joyce's Ulysses - I thing he's either secretly freaked out (He's not supposed to return), or he wants to show off how smart he is.
  • Ben's mother didn't teach him to read, she died in childbirth. And ghost mom showed up when Ben should have already been reading.
  • Ben is lying - he knew that Locke hanged himself.
  • Ben knows that Jack has to read Locke's note, that's why he leaves Jack alone.
  • Gee, I guess Locke does blame you, Jack. If you had believed him he wouldn't have had to die.
  • We don't know what happened to the O6/Ben/Lapidus/passengers. Did we get "unpredictable" results?
  • Jin could have been rocking out to Geronimo Jackson.

    The actual song used is "Excelsior Lady" by The Donkeys

  • Spoilerish: New Dharma Logo on Jin's Jumpsuit

  • Theories and Broad Observations

  • This was a strange episode, even for Lost. What seemed to be a big, complicated problem - returning the O6 to the Island - got wrapped up in record time. A lot of story happened off-camera and a lot of necessary details seemed to just drop out of the sky.

    This episode sets up a lot of flashbacks to fill in the gaps:

    • What happened to Kate and Aaron.
    • How Ben got beaten and soaked.
    • What happened to Desmond and Penny.
    • What changed Hurley's mind.
    • How Sayid ends up in custody.
    • Who is Caesar and who is he working for.
    • Is Illana just a Federal Marshal.

    The "coincidence machine" was working overtime. Jack needs something of his father's - Grandpa Ray has his shoes, improbably packed in his getaway bag. Jack has no problems flying Locke's body to Guam. Hawking only explains to Jack about Locke being Christian's proxy (that we know of), yet all the O6 and some of the passengers and crew find themselves unconsciously playing roles from Flight 815. Locke's suicide note keeps finding it's way into Jack's hands. The marina where Ben has the O6 meet is probably the same one Desmond and Penny are at. I have to wonder if this phenomena is related to Ben's metaphor of the "magic box" or is it "course correction? I'm really looking forward to how TPTB explain this, assuming they do.

    It it just me, or did the O6 seem strangely passive?

  • "For all that faith often seems to get the upper hand on science in that particular great debate on the show, it sure does seem to be for suckers, doesn't it? People making appeals to faith on Lost all seem to be manipulating others or are being manipulated by others (and sometimes Others). Ben and Hawking trying to buck up Jack's courage to get him back to the Island, Locke trying to convince Jack of his "destiny" of staying on the Island, Locke seeming more and more like the Island's dupe as time goes on, and so forth.

    Most of the people who keep asking for faith from others - Ben, Hawking, the Island via Christian - seem to have empirical data to work from and don't exactly need faith. The faith is for those who don't have "need to know." The fate of the faithful on this show is certainly looking like it's to be used and then discarded...usually involving death. We the audience don't need any convincing that there are miracles to be had on the Island. We've seen them. Actual gnosis kind of eliminates the need for faith, don't you think? If you have direct knowledge of the supernatural, you don't need to have faith that it exists.

    Looking at the Little Things

  • 2 Big questions:
    • Did Widmore use the Lamp Post to locate the Island?

      We don't know how Widmore got the general location to send the freighter.

      Why can't Widmore find the island? - Fuselage Forum
    • What is the "regular" means of getting on and off the Island? Is it just knowing where it is and sailing/flying in or out on the correct bearing? And why couldn't the O6 go back that way?
  • Why does Ben have the O6 meet at the Long Beach Marina, slip 23?
  • Hawking knew that the "coincidence machine" would deliver the rest of the 06, that's why she didn't raise much of a fuss at Ben showing up with only Jack and Sun.
  • I hope that Desmond and Penny's sailboat isn't at the marina ,because it doesn't make sense for Penny/Dez to sail all the friggin way to L.A. from England - it's around 8000 miles (through the Panama Canal).

  • "The question is: WHEN, in island time, did 815 crash? What year was it, on-island, that first day? Furthermore, WHEN have they been during seasons 1-4? Did any of the flashes that happened during those first 4 seasons (like the purple flash from the failsafe key turn) involve a time jump? Elloise stated the island moves. Does it also move in time when it moves?

    The "when's" in the Lost storyline may be critical to understanding the show better as we head forward. It's now a given that time travel is a part of the whole. But how big a part?

    When is When by When is When

  • Who Proxies Who
    • Hurley - Jack: Comforts passenger next to him

      Charlie: Guitar case (What's in it and can he play?)

    • Sayid - Kate: In custody of marshal
    • Sun - Sayid: "he sat with his hands in his lap the whole flight, never said a word", travelling to reunite with a loved one
    • Kate - Sun: Reluctant traveler

      Claire: Possibly pregnant

    • Lapidus - Jin: Flying on business?
    • Ben - Hugo: Almost misses flight

      Sawyer: In a recent fight, con man, murderer

      Locke: Injured limb

      Bernard: Gets up and walks around on flight, not in seat for the big finale

    • Caesar - Rose: Comforted by the person seated next to them
  • Subtitles for "This Place is Death" tell us that Ben believes he protected the O6 by using Sayid to kill Widmore's associates.
  • The FDW and it's chamber predate the Well

  • Articles

  • "Sources confirm that Team Darlton is looking to introduce two new characters this season - and they're both as mysterious as they are lethal. They're also coming in as recurring players with an option to become series regulars in season 6.

    First up is Caesar, a dangerous, physical and extremely intelligent male between the ages of 35 and 45. Although his intentions are unclear, this much is certain: He's as skillful at charming people as he is at killing them. He also has a dark past, but, c'mon, that much was a given. (Utility Fog: He also seems very polite, which is nice.)

    The other newbie is Ilanna , a European female in her late 20s to early 30s who possesses great intelligence, but who's also dangerous as all get out. She's alluring and apparently used to getting her own way."

    Scoop: 'Lost' Finds New Season 5 Blood!
  • Thoughts on last night's episode (316) - Gnosticism crops up again
  • Time loops: Every time Ben is surprised, its because of Desmond ,by ivey_driveshaft

  • Recaps

  • 'Lost': 'Caspian,' See? - (Precap), by Jeff Jensen - Lots on the connection between Lost and Narnia
  • 'Lost' Recap: Keeping the Faith , by Jeff Jensen
  • Initial Thoughts: 316, by Gitsie Girl
  • 5 X 06: 316, by Gitsie Girl
  • Lost 5.06: 316, by Nik at Night
  • Proxies are the new Constants, by Lost in Thought... in Alabama
  • Things I Noticed - "316" , by Vozzek69

    "It's not enough to just want to go back to the island - I think the island has to want you back as well. Jack's trans-Pacific flights always failed because he never had faith that they'd work in the first place. Hawking asks him to take this leap of faith, and for Jack that leap is to put his father's shoes on Locke's feet. For Hurley it was listening to those inner voices/visions, realizing that he's NOT crazy, and denying the big lie. For Sun it was believing that Jin is alive. For Kate it was giving up Aaron. And maybe for Ben, it's *not* knowing everything and letting someone else take the reins for once. He all but asks Jack what Eloise said to him in the church, but later on he leaves Jack in peace to read Locke's suicide note. Ben's always been omniscient, manipulative, controlling... but now he must let go and let things play out the way they're supposed to. That's his penance for returning to the island.

    Hawking tells Jack they must recreate as many 'circumstances' as possible in parallel with the original flight. But in essence, it's not so much a physical scavenger hunt to scare up random objects that the island needs to get them back. Bringing these items is no more than a demonstration of faith; much the same way Locke had to show the island that he believed way, way back in S1. Remember when he didn't believe? The island took his legs. Yet every time he restored that faith Locke came back stronger and better than ever. Belief is everything in LOST. And belief seems to manifest itself into reality, time and time again, all throughout the show.

    And speaking of Locke, his own act of faith was dying so that he could return to the island. Back in S2, Locke explains to Eko that Boone was "the sacrifice that the island demanded". Now he himself is this very sacrifice, acting as "proxy" (Hawking's word) in parallel to Christian Shephard's corpse from flight 815. What happens when Locke returns to the island is going to be very big and probably just as weird."

  • The Return of the Natives, by Fishbiscuitland

    "And in much the same vein, the lesson of this episode was that those who believe, those who have faith, are the heroes we should admire. The story seems to have taken a firm stand against the concept of rational scientific analysis and logic, which I do believe is a first for a story that has been aggressively hyped as a Science Fiction genre show. Instead, it seems that we in the audience are being admonished, much like Thomas was, to "Stop thinking how ridiculous it is". In other words, sit down, shut up and just enjoy the ride.

    And I think this is good advice. The story probably will never make sense, but it doesn't have to make sense any more than Alice in Wonderland made sense or The Wizard of Oz made sense. It's a fantasy, a fun one, with clues and puzzles and anagrams and self referential jabberwocky galore. The fun of it is surfing through all the cultural bric-a-brac and watching the loose ends of past seasons resurface as threads of a crazy quilt that's constantly darting off into new patterns. It wasn't an accident that our ubiquitous White Rabbit showed up this episode to remind us that white rabbits don't just run down holes into Wonderland, they also serve the strictly utilitarian purpose of disappearing at rec center magic shows."

  • Lost Dueling Analyses: '316', by Celebritology
  • My ReVIews!! Episode 5x06 - FLIGHT 812!! , by ThEmIsFiTiShErE
  • Lost Friday - "316.", by CommunistDanceParty
  • Lost Recap 5x06: 316, by The Ack Attack!
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  • Lost: A Rush and a Push and the Land is Ours, by Therese Odell (Tubular)
  • Key Points from "316", by The Lost Blog