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Life is good, because right after Craig Ferguson are the "Kim Possible" reruns. And the horrifying Disney Channel commercials.

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Lost Ep #610 - The Package - Quick and Dirty
  • All the Candidates have to go together-or die/get crossed off Wall
  • Jin in the dark
  • Jin/Sun not married-Why travelling together?
  • Sayid is emotionless-but knows it's not right
  • Why is Widmore interested in Jin?
  • Why wasn't Flocke aware of Widmorians?
  • Sun: Leave me alone (Togetherness and Aloneness)
  • Sun sent to deliver watch (what he was told)
  • Jin's here to shop? And her Father sent her alone with Sun even though neither speak English? Really?
  • Did Flocke promise Jin he would reunite Sun and Jin? Flocke still doesn't give a good reason for Temple massacre
  • FLOCKE: "Stay here. We'll be back in a couple of hours. I'll see what I can find out. But whatever happens, Sun, you have my word--if there's a way for you and Jin to be together again, if there's a way to save our people... I'll find it."
    Source: Follow the Leader
  • Of course, that "if there's a way" gives him an out on the promise.
  • Sun2 / Sun both planned run away
  • Mirror in Sun's room
  • Why didn't Flocke pursue Sun?
  • Sun wakes up speaking Korean/Link to Sun2
  • Flocke must not be in constant contact with his "claimed"
  • Where were the grid-maps? On Hydra-why would they be there? Did Widmore take the maps when he was exiled?
    If neither, how did Widmore get the maps?
    How did Widmore know about the maps?
  • Kate's name is crossed off on wall
    Source: Cliffside Caves
    Why is she no longer a Candidate? She's not dead, or "claimed".
  • Flocke betraying Kate? He never promised her anything, even indirectly.
  • If Flocke can't Smokey to Hydra, WHO KILLED AJIRA?
    They didn't look shot, means nothing - Darts, Plot Holes
  • Mikhail Bakhunin - Both eyes, not Dharma, Not Other
  • Sun lost her ability to speak English
  • "Easy Friend, I come in Peace" - Flocke likes the word friend
  • Still no name for Flocke
  • Widmore lies to Flocke about Jin
  • Richard believes Flockes story about airplane
  • Richard destroying airplane contrasts to Locke destroying Submarine
  • "Heart wants what the heart wants" - where have we heard that before?
  • Tina Fey is a geophysicist.
  • Widmore is sorry like Keamy is sorry.
  • Widmore offers Jin what he wants, like Flocke
  • Widmore says that if Flocke escapes everyone will cease to be. - "Ceasing to be" is a new description-pretty weird
  • The Package is a "who"-my money's on Desmond
  • Widmore let Flocke leave-hasn't got a way to kill him, at least not yet.
  • There isn't much in that cooler in the way of food.
  • Sayid's Robin-Hoodness only extends so far.
  • Shit, Sun2 shot. Either we get a Flashsideways Major Character death or we're due a trip to see Dr. Jack.
  • RED tomato, didn't have time to notice color cues in Flashsideways.
  • Jack's taking on responsibilities beyond Jacob's needs
  • No big surprise, Desmond's out of the closet.

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Team Jacob: Sarcasm, awesomeness, redemption, forgiveness, faith, love,... - Team Jacob -

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Lost - Ep #607 - Dr Linus



  • T1: The timeline where flight 815 crashed on the Island.
  • T2: The "flash-sideways" timeline where the Losties continue on to LA and the Island is underwater.
  • Jack2, Kate2, Claire2. etc2: Characters in T2. T1 characters have no suffix.
  • Flocke: The impersonation of Locke, presumably by the Man in Black, aka Esau, Jacob's Nemesis, The Smoke Monster.

Scene By Scene

All dialogue from the Lostpedia "Dr Linus" Transcript

-T1 Jungle/Escaping the Temple-
  • Sun: "Who's Dogen?" - Characters asking questions, I love it.
-T2 Classroom/School-
  • Background Blackboard:
      Places to Locate
    • Ape***** (illegible)
    • Po River
    • Piedmont-Sardinia (aka the Kingdom of Sardinia - who's full name is "Kingdom of Sardinia, Cyprus, and Jerusalem, Duchy of Savoy and Montferrat, Principality of Piedmont". Possible reference to Others=Templars?)
    • Papal States
    • Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (Interesting: revolt against foreign occupiers of an island)
    None of this means anything, but Dr. Linus would appreciate our interest in history. I never knew that Byzantian Christians reconquered parts of Italy.
  • BEN: "It was on this island that everything changed. That everything finally became clear. Elba... is where Napoleon faced his greatest test. Because exile wasn't the worst of his fate. What was truly devastating to him was the loss of his power. Sure, they allowed him to keep the title of Emperor... but without any power it was meaningless. He might just as well have been dead."

    It's interesting to consider who this might be a reference to:

    1. Ben: Lost power, exiled OFF Island.
    2. Widmore: Lost power, exiled to the island of Great Britain.
    3. Jacob and Flocke might be exiled on the Island (Jacob voluntarily, he does leave) , no evidence so far that either were more powerful before.

  • Napoleon escaped his island captivity.
  • Red signs. Red screwdriver handles
  • Ben2 is having sushi for lunch.
  • Ben and Arzt never met in T1.
  • Arzt2 spilling formaldehyde on his shirt mirrors Jack and Hurley getting Arzt on their shirts when he was blown up by dynamite.
  • Instead of Ben manipulating Locke, here we have Locke2 motivating Ben2.
  • Is Ben2 wearing the same glasses as Lennon?
-T1 Jungle/Beach-
  • Miles echoes Ben's description of Sayid killing Dogen.
  • Ilana: "Jacob was the closest thing I had to a father"

    This isn't good, considering the history of daddy-issues on this show.

  • Lots of blue on the beach.
-T2 Ben2's House-
  • This episode's mirror scene is Ben2 reflected in a microwave.
  • A baseball game is playing on the radio (I don't see a TV).
  • Roger2 is doing a crossword, yet another game like tic-tac-toe or solitaire.
  • Ben2 and Roger2 where in the Dharma Initiative and went to the Island. What happened there and why did they leave?
  • Roger is on oxygen, a possible reference to the actor Jon Gries's previous show "The Pretender", which featured a villain with a similar tank.
  • In T2, Ben2 gives Roger2 a life-saving gas. In T1, Ben killed Roger with poison gas.
  • Roger wonders what would have happened if they'd stayed on the Island. Would it have been T1?
  • Of course Alex2 is in Ben2's history club. That's where all the daughters of French scientists end up.
  • If anything, the characters in T2 are more closely linked than in T1. Is there some outside influence on their lives? We still don't know why the T1 characters are linked.
-T1 Beach-
  • Ilana is working off another list
  • Six candidates left:
    1. Jack
    2. Hurley
    3. Sawyer
    4. Jin
    5. Sun
    6. Kate
  • Let's assume Sayid and Claire are crossed off Ilana's list. Why does Ilana consider Sayid and Claire non-Candidates when Dogen didn't? Was Dogen forbidden to kill Candidates or those touched by Jacob?
-T1 Jungle-Jack and Hurley-
  • "Cheese Curds"
  • Hurley doesn't want to go back to the Temple and doesn't want to look scared.
  • JACK: "Where did you come from?"
    RICHARD: "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

    Richard just came from the Temple. He doesn't tell Jack this because he needs him to help kill him.

-T1 Beach-
  • Ben finds a "Booty Babes" porn mag, a fictitious book entitled "Benjamin Disraeli: Justice and Truth in Action", and a copy of "The Chosen" by Chaim Potok. "Justice is truth in action" is a famous quotation of Disraeli's.
  • Lapidus didn't fly Oceanic flight 815 because his alarm didn't go off. Was this caused or an accident?
  • Like Roger2, Lapidus wonders how different life might have turned out.
  • Ben refers to "the Island still got you in the end". Does the Island bring people to it or does Jacob? Or do both?
-T2 Library - Ben2 and Alex2-
  • The East India Trading Company would have been in operation when the Black Rock last set sail from England in 1845.
  • Red shirt on Alex2
  • Alex2's mom (presumably Danielle Rousseau) works 2 jobs. We can assume that her father is out of the picture.
  • Ben2 is not going to keep that promise to Alex2.
-T1 Beach-
  • We never see anyone at the beach argue Ben's case.
  • Ben could write a check on that banana leaf, if he had something to write with.
  • Does Miles have a tattoo on the back of his neck?
  • Jacob was hoping Ben wouldn't kill him.
-T1 Jungle - Jack, Hurley, Richard-
  • Hurley and Richard have never met before-someone must have told Hurley about Richard's agelessness.
  • I love that Richard knows what a cyborg is and Hurley makes him deny being one.
  • Jacob gave Richard "a gift"; that's why he doesn't age.
  • The Black Rock looks pretty good for a wooden ship that's been in a tropical jungle for 150 years.
  • Great, Jacob talks to the fat guy-Richard's suckiest day just gets suckier.
  • Richard has lost his faith in Jacob.
-T2 School-
  • Long set of Red books.
  • Arzt2 marking in Red ink.
  • Ben2's Red tie.
  • Ben2 breaks his promise to Alex2.
  • This is the last season: Arzt won't go along unless he knows what's happening.
  • "Tree Crap" is a scientific term for "leaves and twigs".
  • Arzt2's line, "Linus you're a real killer", provokes a flash of memory in Ben2.
-T1 Black Rock-
  • Richard probably arrived on the Black Rock, and has never visited it since.
  • The shadows of slats on the floor look like a chessboard.
  • Historically, the dynamite couldn't have come on the Black Rock. It last set sail in 1845 and dynamite wasn't invented until the 1860s.

    Is this just a screw-up or did someone put the dynamite there after the wreck?

  • RICHARD: "What I'm talking about Jack is that...Jacob touched me, and when Jacob touches you... well it's considered a gift... except it's not a gift at all. It's a curse."
    HURLEY: "Dude, seriously! Let's go now!"
    JACK: "Why do you want to die?"
    RICHARD: "I devoted my life, longer than you can possibly imagine, in service of a man who told me that everything was happening for a reason, that he had a plan, plan that I was a part of, when the time was right that he'd share it with me, and now that man's gone so...why do I want to die? Because I just found out my entire life had no purpose. Now if I light this myself it won't work, but you can light it for me Jack. I made the fuse long enough so you'll have time to get out."

    Richard is as much in the dark as the Losties, always has been.

    Jacob touched all the Candidate Losties as well. What gift did they receive?

  • "Let's Talk"- I laughed out loud at this. Jack wants answers.
  • Too bad Jack did all the talking.
  • It's not that Jack has faith. He's just figured out some of the rules; if Richard can't kill himself because he was touched, then neither can Jack.
  • Richard is following Jack.
-T1 Beach-
  • Wow, that is one anal-retentive grave.
  • LOCKE: "I'm gathering a group to leave this place for good. But once we're gone, someone's going to need to be in charge of the island."
    BEN: "Me?"
    LOCKE: "I can't think of a better man for the job."

    Once again Flocke doesn't quite state his promise clearly.

  • Flocke offers Ben the thing Flocke thinks he wants most-power.
  • Flocke apparently has telekinesis, or the magical equivalent.
  • Is Flocke just using Ben to kill Ilana? What's with all the rigamarole? If Flocke wants Ben, why doesn't he just grab him? Or kill Ilana and grab him? There may be a rule-based reason or the writers just needed a way to set up Ben and Ilana's confrontation.
  • Flocke shirt still has Sayid's stab-hole.
-T2-Principal's Office-
  • Red Door
  • Painting of green and blue - jungle and ocean?
  • That is one crappy laptop.
  • Crafty T1 Ben would have thought his blackmail plan out better and realized he had a weakness.
  • Ben2 can't do what T1 Ben did and say that Alex2 means nothing to him.
  • Principal Reynolds still has a problem-Alex2 will graduate and be beyond his influence, but Ben2 will still have the emails.
  • Principal Reynolds call Ben2 "Doctor".
  • Picture of the Island?
-T1 Jungle-
  • Ben's little speech doesn't make much sense, but Michael Emerson is so good it doesn't really matter.
  • "Ben's only redemption at this point lies in the fact that he himself was pushed and manipulated into the very role he's played. Benjamin Linus never chose to be leader, and unlike Napoleon maybe he never really wanted it. The metamorphosis he underwent at the temple came while he was an unconscious child, with no choice given to him whatsoever. He usurped power from Charles Widmore out of necessity, in an effort to raise a daughter who Widmore admittedly would rather see dead. Unknowingly, Ben's upbringing as a Dharma-brat also influenced his decision to move everyone to the barracks... a decision, in hindsight, that would disconnect him from the island at the most fundamental of levels.

    String all of these things together, and the sum total of Ben's existance has been engineered since childhood. He's been given very few choices, other than the one he himself later points out: the death of Alex. Ben confesses to choosing the island over the life of his daughter, and honestly admits to his mistake. His pain and sorrow are genuine, and so is his regret."

    Source" Vozzeck69

  • Ben is the first person to turn down Flocke.
-T2 School-
  • Ben2 still has a hold on Principal Reynolds, as long as he doesn't push it too far.
-T1 Beach-
  • What is Lapidus doing lighting a fire while it's still daylight?
  • Miles dug up the diamonds in the short time Ben was gone?
  • Ilana's doesn't get hugs.
  • Widmore is back.

Questions/Theories/Hairbrain Predictions

  • Lots of choices for Ben:

    Kill Ilana or not
    Flocke or Jacob
  • Ben has come to terms with himself and earned a little redemption - so he'll probably die soon.
  • Why is Jacob looking for replacements?
  • Is Jacob's gift always agelessness? If so, it must have limits, or Jacob wanted Jack to get appendicitis.
  • Jacob touched Ben when Ben stabbed him.
  • Is Widmore the person that Jacob said was coming? Probably
  • "Things I also loved: Jack fucking with destiny with the stick of dynamite. He's always been the dude who believes in free will and in this single moment it's almost like he's hacked into destiny's operating system to his own advantage. Couldn't help but think of the exchange from season one: Jack—"I don't believe in destiny." Locke—"Yes, you do. You just don't know it yet." I think he Jack might believe in a certain type of destiny—one where he's not meant to be blown up. I'm looking forward to Destiny Jack taking on Team Evil with the idea in his head that he's kind of invincible."

    Source: The 'Lost' Council of Nerds
  • We're The Alt
  • So will we ever learn why women couldn’t carry babies to term on the island? Isn’t that the whole reason Juliet was brought over by Dharma in the first place?—Jean B., via e-mail

    Lindelof says the show is not going to specifically state why, however, “we feel like we’ve given you the empirical data so you can figure it out for yourself.” Hmm… a little more help please for the clueless? “Clearly Ethan was born on the island in 1977,” continues Lindelof. “That’s the last baby that we know of who was born on the island. And then something happened between 1977 and when our show takes place in 2004 (when Claire arrived eight months pregnant) where it’s been a long time since women have been able to have babies on the island. What might have happened between those two points that could have created fertility issues?”

    Source: DarkUfo/TV Guide

    Give me a fucking break. We're supposed to be able to deduce what happened between 1977 and 2004 that caused the pregnancy problem? It's a magical Island ruled by a mysterious demi-god; It could be goddamn anything-the Incident, Ben usurping Widmore, the Purge, Hurley travelling back in time and cooking ham.

  • It seems strange that Dogen knew that the MIB/Smoke Monster could appear as a dead person but Richard and Ben didn't. Jacob could have made MIB killing him a great deal more difficult if he shared this information. To me this is either evidence that even being killed by Ben is part of Jacob's plan-or a plot hole.


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RT @lostpedia RT @tedlandau Thumbs down for me on episode. You can read my reasons here: - Giving up hope for Lost - --Me Too--

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How many people believe Obama is both a Muslim AND the Antichrist? #ThingsIdontWantToKnow

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Dogs on Roofs
dogs on roofs
Dogs on Roofs
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A to Z of Awesomeness (O is Optimus Prime Obliterating Oompa Loompas) - A to Z of Awesomeness (W is Wolverine Wishing Wonder Woman Wasn't Wasted) -

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Cute Puppy of the Day
french bulldog puppy

French Bulldog Puppy (Flickr)

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R.I.P. Robert Culp: Demon With A Glass Hand pt1 - RIP Robert Culp: "Demon With A Glass Hand" - #twilightzone #harlanellison

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Watching Don Rickles on @craigyferg The little old bald guy is sharp as a diamond razor. I should be half the badass when I'm 60

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I wonder if James Cameron has to keep reminding himself that he's not running for Prime Minister?

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What a wonderfully dark and sweaty movie - RT @warrenellis Robert Culp is dead. I feel a need to re-watch HICKEY AND BOGGS.

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Seattle's tallest building is underwater on it's mortgage - Columbia Tower misses mortgage payment -

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Obama threatens to veto greater intelligence oversight - Obama threatens to veto greater intelligence oversight/Anthrax Investigation - - He's doing a great job of making sure I never vote for him again

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Craig & Eddie Sing Us Out
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Fine Aged Italian Disco Cheese
Stefania Rotolo Goldrake Live Appearance Tilt 1979
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Lost - Ep #606 - Sundown



  • T1: The timeline where flight 815 crashed on the Island.
  • T2: The "flash-sideways" timeline where the Losties continue on to LA and the Island is underwater.
  • Jack2, Kate2, Claire2. etc2: Characters in T2. T1 characters have no suffix.
  • Flocke: The impersonation of Locke, presumably by the Man in Black, aka Esau, Jacob's Nemesis, The Smoke Monster.

Scene By Scene

All dialogue from the Lostpedia "Sundown" Transcript

-T2 LA Suburb/Omer2's House-
  • In the language of flowers, yellow rose = "forgive and forget"
  • Sayid2's reflection in Nadia's door is split - half is clear, half is black/obscured.
  • Sayid2 says he does translating for oil company contracts, which doesn't explain why he has an Iranian passport.
  • Sayid2 's brother is in dry cleaning, which indeed can be adventurous if you borrow from load sharks.
  • Uncle Sayid2 brought boomerangs: foreshadowing of things sent away that come back.
-T1 Temple-Dogen's Office -
  • The prominent colors are green plants and red books.
  • Still wondering why Dogen wears a fingerless glove on his left hand.
  • Why did Dogen attack Sayid?
  • Good Sayid says he's bad, Bad Sayid says he's good.
  • How the hell can Sayid march into Dogen's office alone and then have a noisy, knockdown fight without anybody else showing up? Short version: Other Security SUCKS (#1).

    Cynical version: We needed a fight, so we had a fight. It doesn't matter if it doesn't make sense.

  • Dogen declines to kill Sayid. Following Jacob's rules?
-T1 Flocke and Claire -
  • Why not just have Claire clear the ash away?
  • Nice lack of sentries/lookouts - Other Security SUCKS. (#2)
  • Flocke didn't really answer Claire's question about why she had to go to the Temple
  • Flocke: "I always do what I say" - Flocke's promised Claire that she'll get Aaron back. Doing this would be challenging, as Aaron is off-Island with his grandmother. This is a opportunity to see if Flocke lies.
-T2 LA-Omer2's House -
  • Sayid2 is sleeping on the couch, which implies that he doesn't live in LA.
-T1 Temple -
  • MILES: "They... they tried to save you, but... you were dead, man. For two hours. Trust me when- when you sat up they were just as surprised as the rest of us. So whatever brought you back, it wasn't them." - Sayid might take this as independent evidence that something bad did happen to him.
  • Claire just waltzes in the front door. Other Security SUCKS (#3)
  • Why does Dogen obey Claire and speak to her in English? Is she still a Candidate, despite being Claimed/Infected?
  • Claire: "..maybe you should send someone he won't kill"
  • Who are the people Flocke won't kill - Candidates? Is it won't or can't?
  • What's with all the back and forth, Claire goes in-send somebody out business? Why couldn't Claire just deliver Flocke's message instead of Dogen sending somebody to talk to Flocke who then comes back and talks to Dogen? Was Flocke hoping Dogen would send Sayid?
  • Why did Dogen want Jack and Hurley? Was he going to send them to meet with Flocke?
  • Did Jacob bring Jack and Hurley to the Lighthouse so that they wouldn't be sent to talk to Flocke?
  • Jack and Hurley are missing. Other Security SUCKS. (#4)
  • Dogen and Sayid are alone, AGAIN. Other Security SUCKS (#5)
  • Dogen kept the knife buried in a flower pot.
  • Dogen describes Flocke as an "angry man". Is he angry at being trapped, or is their something more?
  • DOGEN: "For years, he has been trapped, but now Jacob is gone, he's free. This man will not stop until he has destroyed every living thing on this island. He is evil incarnate."

    Wow, that's a pretty clear statement.

    Does "every living thing" mean animals and plants, not just people? Why would Flocke want to do this?

  • Why should Sayid believe Dogen?
-T2 LA-Omer2's House/Hospital -
  • Sayid2 says he has to go to Toronto. He's lying, because every time a character in Lost refers to Canada they lie. Ethan, Kate, Sawyer, Anthony Cooper, and Ben have all lied about Canada.
  • Big Red backpack
  • Nadia2's bright Red blouse.
  • Jack2 passes Sayid2 and Nadia2 in the hospital hallway.
  • Omer2 has a punctured lung. This would indicate either a stabbing or a severe beating that broke a rib. Either way, this is a bad business move for a loan-shark. If Omer2 dies or can't work it's more likely they won't get paid.
-T1 Jungle/Temple Kate/Sayid/Miles-
  • "What'd I miss?", "Ask Miles" - I REALLY like how the Losties are at least trying to talk and share information.
  • That Kate said "Thank you" to the Other who opened the courtyard door stood out to me, maybe because it's so normal and gracious.
  • Miles is playing solitare.
  • It was nice of Miles to give Kate a simple explanation for what Sawyer did.
  • I love it, Kate quicky asks Miles what's going on and Miles tells her. This would have been unthinkable in seasons 1-5.
  • Miles thinks Claire is "still hot". I worry about him.
-T1 Jungle Sayid/Flocke -
  • That's a badass knife. I wonder if there's something special about it.
  • Screenshot of Knife
  • Flocke was out and about as Smokey again.
  • Flocke said "Hello Sayid" before he was stabbed. I don't think that made Sayid's attack futile. I think Dogen warned against Flocke speaking because of Flocke's persuasiveness.
  • The blade actually went into Flocke. I wonder if the bullets in the Statue's foot went through Flocke and flattened on the stone behind him.
  • No Blood
  • How does Flocke know that Dogen tried to have someone else kill Sayid?
  • I think Flocke is right, Dogen expected Flocke to kill Sayid. But is Sayid still a Candidate, and therefore someone Flocke can't kill? Not to mention the old question of "can't" vs. "shouldn't"- was Dogen trying to get Flocke to break the rules?
  • Flocke doesn't address the whole "Evil Incarnate" issue.
  • LOCKE: "...Sayid, if you'll do this for me... what if I told you that you could have anything you wanted. What if I said you can have anything in the entire world?
    SAYID: "I would tell you that the only thing I ever wanted, died in my arms, and I'll never see it again."
    LOCKE: "What if you could?"

    The rest of Flocke and Sayid's conversation occurs off-camera, and I hesitate to be overly legalistic, but it seems odd to me that Flocke never comes right out and offers "anything in the whole wide world". He keeps prefacing his statements with "What if", which to me makes his offers hypothetical rather than actual. In other words, he never comes right out and says "Do X for me and I will give you Y"; it's more like "If I were able to give you Y, would you be willing to do X?". As they say, the Devil is in the details.

  • Is there any connection between Flocke's seeming offer of "anything you wanted" and Ben's story of the "Magic Box"?

    And yes, I still want to know how Anthony Cooper ended up on the Island.

-T1 Temple Sayid/Kate -
  • According to Sayid, the outer wall is a mile south of the Temple proper.
  • Note how Flocke doesn't give the Temple Others the same choices he gave Sawyer: They may be "free", but it's only to choose between joining Flocke or death.
  • SAYID: "He wants you to know that Jacob is dead. And because he's gone, none of you have to stay here anymore. You're free."

    Flocke may in part see himself as freeing the Others from Jacob's slavery. That they allowed themselves to be ruled by Jacob may be why he was "very disappointed".

  • Claire is singing "Catch a Falling Star".
  • The Other's apparent solidarity crumbles when confronted by choice.
-T2 LA Sayid2/Omar2/Keamy2 -
  • It's Omar2 (not to be confused with Omer2), last seen being blown up by a grenade in T1.
  • Omer2 speaks Arabic.
  • Keamy2 does a good Christopher Walken impression without being too obvious about it.
  • Keamy2 is wearing a big shiny watch-did he get it from Jin2? Was it intended for Keamy2?
  • I can't fault Sayid2 for killing Keamy2 and his thugs-they clearly represented a mortal threat to him and his family.
  • Jin2 pled in Korean for Sayid2 not to kill him.
-T1 Temple Sayid/Dogen/Kate/Claire... -
  • Sayid is allowed to meet with Dogen, alone and armed, Other Security SUCKS (#6).
  • Dogen's recruitment story is interesting, but it didn't answer Sayid's question. We still don't know why Dogen wanted someone else to kill Sayid.
  • Other people have theorized that part of Dogen's deal with Jacob is that Dogen follow some rules, like not killing Candidates.
  • Dogen didn't deny that he tried to have other people kill Sayid twice.
  • Baseball floating up echoes the baseball falling in the earlier fight scene.
  • Wait, Dogen was keeping Flocke out? How? (no answer). What about the ash? (no answer). If Dogen was keeping everyone alive, why did the Others let someone they knew to be Claimed/Infected kill him? (no answer).
  • Of course, once Flocke has minions the ash doesn't work so well as a defense.
  • Ilana seems to always refer to the Losties by their last names.
  • Smokey is lit from within by flashes.
  • I think we can safely conclude that Sayid has gone over to the dark side.
  • Miles tells Sun that Jin is alive.
  • How did Kate and Claire get out of the pit?
  • Claire knows about the Flocke/Smokey connection.
  • No sign of Sawyer this episode. Is he off on a mission?
  • Flocke, Claire and Sayid shared a very creepy smile.
  • Flocke and minions aren't staying at the Temple. Why did he attack it?

Questions/Theories/Hairbrain Predictions

  • I don't know why they introduced the Temple only to ravage it a few episodes in or why the Temple was guarded by a 20th century businessman who chose to dress like a medieval samurai (Halloween costume maybe?) or where all these people were a few short days ago when the Smoke Monster was haunting Ben in the Temple basement, since they've made a rather large point out of the fact that, until this episode, the Smoke Monster couldn't get into the Temple.

    Source: Fishbiscuitland
  • OtherSayid's story is different from the OtherStories that we've watched in recent weeks. He didn't contemplate his reflection in a clear mirror, as his friends had done. Instead, there was only a passing glance of his distorted image captured unexpectedly in Nadia's front door glass.

    OtherSayid was an interrogator for the Revolutionary Guard, just like Original Sayid. He was still fearsome and violent. Still a passionate lover separated from the one he loves. There were no radical departures from his story as we knew it, except of course that he'd apparently manipulated Nadia into becoming the wife of his brother, and it's unclear if the two had ever bonded in a torture cell, the way we'd seen them do. Unlike the previous Other-flashes, Sayid's story seems much the same. He is still an assassin. He doesn't rise above. He doesn't conquer his demons. He doesn't solve his problems. We can tell that OtherLOST isn't going to be merely a mirror story of redemption, because there isn't any redemption there for Sayid.

    Source: Fishbiscuitland
  • # Temple security leaves much to be desired. Claire -- the same wingnut who spent the last three years picking off Others -- knocked on the front door unimpeded. And Kate walked right in as well. Next week, Rose and Bernard will pop by for mojitos and backgammon ( ... I'm thinking that'll be cancelled, though).
    # Speaking of the Temple ... Dogen's death allowed Flocke to enter, right? So what's the point of the ash? We saw Bram use ash alone to keep smokey at bay (temporarily), but I'm not getting the Dogen connection. Does the temple elder carry some sort of anti-smokey mojo?
    # ANJATH? -- Anyone Notice Jack At The Hospital? Figured I'd get that out of the way.

    Source: Filmfodder
  • 'Lost': When is 'wanting answers' a bad thing? Or a good thing?
  • Lost Discussion Group: What's the Objective?
  • The Others have certainly shifted from the implacable enigmas of seasons past to confused and frightened peasants.
  • I think you could make a case that Jacob abandoned his people at the Temple. Yes, I know he's dead, but he's still a major player. If he can finagle a way to nudge Jack towards enlightenment and keep Jack and Hurley out of Flocke's clutches maybe he could have made an effort towards keeping the Temple safe. And dunking Sayid in the Pool was his idea in the first place. Smooth move, Sherlock.
  • Who was controlling the time-travel? Some of the jumps were necessary to Flocke's plot to kill Jacob, but Jin's jump to the French team allowed Jacob to save Sayid.
  • Flocke/MIB is still nameless.
  • "He will come to you as someone you know... someone who has died." WOW. This kind of information would've been pretty fucking useful last season, no? Dogen's intel on the dark man's operation is a thousand times better than Ben or Richard's. You'd think if they're sharing personnel with the barracks crew that Dogen could somehow educate his allies against what looks to be the island's greatest potential enemy. Instead, he keeps that knowledge to himself and hides ancient mystic weaponry in the soil of common houseplants. Not a smart move.

  • Why did Dogen know about Flocke's ability to impersonate the dead but Ben and Richard were kept in the dark. besides it being necessary to the plot?


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INVADER ZIM Fact #2 - Aliens cancelled "Invader Zim" -

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Lost Ep #605 - Lighthouse



  • T1: The timeline where flight 815 crashed on the Island.
  • T2: The "flash-sideways" timeline where the Losties continue on to LA and the Island is underwater.
  • Jack2, Kate2, Claire2. etc2: Characters in T2. T1 characters have no suffix.
  • Flocke: The impersonation of Locke, presumably by the Man in Black, aka Esau, Jacob's Nemesis, The Smoke Monster.

Scene By Scene

All dialogue from the Lostpedia Transcript

-T2 Jack2's Apartment-

  • lost picture lighthouse jack and parents

    I could Photoshop a better picture with my nose.

  • Apartment was all black and white. Every piece of art-black and white.
  • Appendectomy Scar:

    There is NO WAY Jack2 would have forgotten that he had had his appendix taken out. He's a neat-freak surgeon who waxes his chest hair-he wouldn't forget that he has a big-ass scar right over his hipbone. Sure, he might have forgetten the actual incident when he was seven, but he would have been reminded about constantly since then.

    So I see 2 possibilities:

    1. Jack2's appendectomy is new, and T2's past has changed to accomodate it.
    2. My Theory: Jack2 is confused between memories of both the T2 and T1 appendectomies.

  • What song is playing in Jack2's truck? It's driving me crazy.
  • It's a sullen mini-Jack!
-T1 Temple-
  • Jack's reflection is unclear.
  • "Tie again" - If the first player is allowed to play in the center, tictactoe can always be played to a tie. How many games have MIB and Jacob played to a tie?
-T2 Jack's Apartment-
  • David is a Dodgers fan, not the Red Sox.
  • T1 Jack read "Alice in Wonderland" to Alex.
  • David takes after his dad, took ONE cookie and resealed bag.
-T1 Temple Hurley and Dogen-
  • Screenshots of writing on Hurley's arm. Good luck decyphering it, Jorge Garcia has terrible handwriting.
  • It's interesting that Dogen knows about Candidates but not Richard.
  • Hurley is still a terrible liar.
  • Dogen's Japanese: "You're lucky that I have to protect you. Otherwise I'd have cut your head off."
  • Hurley's looking for the Shen Ring to open the secret door.
-T1 Claire and Jin-
  • Love the creepy Pig-Skull Baby
  • It must never rain on Claire's camp.
  • You just know we're going to see more of that dynamite.

    Irrelevant Fun Fact: Dynamite and TNT are not the same.

  • CLAIRE: "We'd better get that cleaned up. If there's one thing that'll kill you around here it's infection."


  • As someone who is Claimed/Infected, is Claire not getting any Island Healing Goodness?
  • Screenshots of Claire's Camp
-T2 Jack2's Childhood Home- -T1 Claire and Jin-
  • The Others must not have been trying to find Claire very hard, her camp seems easy to find.
  • Claire makes a distinction between "her father" (Christian) and her "friend". Bear in mind that she's nuts.
-T1 Jungle, Hurley and Jack-
  • This must be the last season, because finally characters are asking questions and sharing information.
  • The new Lost forthrightness doesn't extend to Jack telling Kate that Claire has been zombiefied.
-T2 Jack2's Apartment/Ex-Wife's House- -T1 Jungle, Hurley and Jack-
  • Jack's reason for returning to the Island may be selfish, but at least he's being honest.
  • HURLEY: "It's right there. It's a lighthouse."
    JACK: "I don't understand. How is it that we've never seen it before?"
    HURLEY: "Guess we weren't lookin for it."
-T1 Claire and Jin-
  • The Others tested Claire like they tested Sayid.
  • How did Claire escape? Are the Others unwilling to kill her because she's a Candidate? "313 Littleton" was crossed off in the cliffside cave.
-T2 Williams Conservatory-
  • Sign: "Welcome All Candidates!"
  • Reflection of David in piano lid.
  • Red judge's table.
  • From the back I thought Dogen2 was Sayid2.
-T1 Lighthouse-
  • Lighthouse wheel echoes Frozen Donkey Wheel
  • In the mirror: The temple where Sun and Jin got married, the church where Sawyer's parents had their funeral, Jack's parent's house.
  • Jack's house has a white door-T2 house's was red.
  • Oh, NOW you want answers.
  • Lighthouse Interior Screenshots
  • Austen (Kate) wasn't one of the cliffside cave names, but she's on the wheel.
  • Sayid and Jack's names on the wheel look to be written or rewritten with a darker line than the other names. This isn't because they time-travelled, because "Kwon", "Austen" and "Ford" (above "Jarrah") aren't darker as well.
  • The wheel appears to be full, with no space for more names. This is like the cliffside cave, where the numbers got to zero.
  • 108 on the wheel is "Wallace", which could be a "William Wallace" reference to Desmond or just a red herring, since Jacob didn't intend the wheel to get turned anyway.
  • If "Wallace" is a reference to a philosopher, it could be Alfred Wallace.
  • List of Names and Numbers on the Lighthouse Wheel.
  • " Kwon is at 42° and Ford is at 15°. Jack is at 23°, which would mean that if the wheel were turning clockwise, we would see Sawyer’s reflection, then Jack’s, then the Kwons. If it was turning counter-clockwise, we’d see the opposite - but nevertheless, we would see Jack’s reflection in between those. Perhaps he just missed the reflection the first time since the wheel was turning so fast, or perhaps the powers-that-be weren’t really paying attention. And maybe I pay too much attention."


    It's stuff like this that makes me worry about plot holes the size of Jupiter.

-T1 Lighthouse, Hurley and Jacob-
  • Hurley actually chides Jacob for not filling him in.
  • Hurley is never as dumb as he seems.
  • How did Jacob know that Jack would see anything in the mirrors?
  • Why can't Jack be told what he needs to do? Probably because he wouldn't do it.
-T1 Claire and Jin-
  • Of course She's nuts, but it seems a little contrived that Claire would want to kill Kate for raising Aaron. Somebody had to take care of him-Claire had disappeared.
  • Flocke doesn't seem happy to see Jin.
  • How does Claire know that Flocke is "her friend" that's been with her for the last 3 years? The MIB couldn't have assumed Locke's form until a couple of days ago, and he's been busy. How did the MIB appear to Claire before Locke's body returned to the Island? And if Claire can recognize the MIB no matter what form he takes, why did she make a distinction between "her friend" and "her father", who presumably was the MIB impersonating Christian?

Questions/Theories/Hairbrain Predictions

  • Ep #604 was title "The Substitute", which might have tied in with the Who song. And if you want to go down the rabbit hole of Lost references, this episode's title, "Lighthouse", could be a reference to The Who's unfinished and unreleased followup to "Tommy", "Lifehouse".
  • I had always assumed that Jack's Ford Bronco was something he bought post-Island. It just seemed to be a strange car for a tightly wound spinal surgeon to drive.
  • "Like season 6 Jack, the tragic hero of Greek myth Narcissus also was fond of looking at himself in reflective surfaces. According to Wikipedia, the word ''Narcissus'' is derived from a Greek word meaning... ''sleep'' and ''numbness.'' (Wow. That tangent was both short AND possibly relevant!)"

    Source: Jeff Jensen
  • I'm thinking of referring to Jacob as "The Smug Bastard" from now on.
  • Justin was ready to kill Claire, but Dogen couldn't just kill/execute Sayid. They are both "claimed" Candidates, what accounts for the difference?
  • The Great 'Lost' Debate: Analyzing the sideways universe
  • Why was Claire tested? Why didn't the Others just kill her?
  • What is Jacob's relationship to the Purge?
  • The $64,000 question: did Widmore knowingly send Locke back at the behest of The Man in Black or Jacob? Because one of those two had to give him his marching orders. Answering that is like answering "Who staged the Oceanic 815 crash at the bottom of the Sunda Trench?" during Season 4. You've got two equally plausible scenarios that can't be answered definitely at this point. Either The Man in Black told Widmore to send him back to create the loophole, or Jacob WANTED the loophole to be broken in order to make the final leap of progress.

    Source: Zap 2 'Lost'


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And Why Wouldn't Obama Sign It?
Lieberman/McCain bill detainee bill allows military to hold US citizens arrested in US without trial indefinitely: A Detention Bill You Ought to Read More Carefully

Twitter Sat, 06 Mar 2010 18:27:35
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Le Tweet Cinema
Twitter: The Criterion Collection

Twitter Fri, 05 Mar 2010 04:06:34
RT @Atrios the wolf blitzer pedophile, cnn child sex trafficking issue has become quite the controversy. hopefully both sides will weigh in

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RT @Atrios i have not yet tried to reach CNN for a comment, but their failure to comment speaks volumes

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Twitter Thu, 04 Mar 2010 20:04:59
RT @ggreenwald HAPPENING NOW - many are asking: RT @Atrios "is CNN an elaborate cover for a child sex slave trafficking organization?"

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The British PoW who broke into Auschwitz — and survived - Insane Badassery -

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Say hello to the Ug99 fungus, say goodbye to wheat - Red Menace: Stop the Ug99 Fungus Before Its Spores Bring Starvation -

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Film Noir Tribute: - The Endless Night: A Valentine to Film Noir - (YouTube)

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Texan Christian Taliban: "Repent Amarillo" - Religious Thuggery in Texas -

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Glenn Greenwald: American exceptionalism on due process

"If there's any country which can legitimately claim that Islamic radicalism poses an existential threat to its system of government, it's Pakistan.  Yet what happens when they want to imprison foreign Terrorism suspects?  They indict them and charge them with crimes, put them in their real court system, guarantee them access to lawyers, and can punish them only upon a finding of guilt.  Pakistan is hardly the Beacon of Western Justice -- its intelligence service has a long, clear and brutal record of torturing detainees (and these particular suspects claim they were jointly tortured by Pakistani agents and American FBI agents, which both governments deny).  But just as is true for virtually every Western nation other than the U.S., Pakistan charges and tries Terrorism suspects in its real court system. 

The U.S. -- first under the Bush administration and now, increasingly, under Obama -- is more and more alone in its cowardly insistence that special, new tribunals must be invented, or denied entirely, for those whom it wishes to imprison as Terrorists (along those same lines, my favorite story of the last year continues to be that the  U.S. compiled a "hit list" of Afghan citizens it suspected of drug smuggling and thus wanted to assassinate [just as we do for our own citizens suspected of Terrorism], only for Afghan officials -- whom we're there to generously teach about Democracy -- to object on the grounds that the policy would violate their conceptions of due process and the rule of law).  Most remarkably, none of this will even slightly deter our self-loving political and media elites from continuing to demand that the Obama administration act as self-anointed International Arbiter of Justice and lecture the rest of the world about their violations of human rights."

Genuine American exceptionalism on due process

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RT @factlets The Chile earthquake shortened the day by 1.26 μSec and shifted the earth's axis by 8cm. - Chile Earthquake Effects Earth's Rotation -

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RT @warrenellis Dear BBC: you are a pile of spineless fucknozzles cutting bits off yourself in public in the idiot hope that it will ap ...

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RT @justinvincent What Is Time? One Physicist Hunts for the Ultimate Theory - What is Time? -

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RT @KateYule Paris gov't puts its money where its booksellers are - A French revolution of a bookish sort -

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RT @fireland Wrote MARRY ME in flames on her front lawn but then the wind picked up and oh god it was horrible just horrible

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My Devo color is blue: Find out your Devo color at - Find Out Your DEVO Color -

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The French want to tax clicking on a Google ad. The French are insane.

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RT @CarltonCuse Love this. - Lost, Simpsons Style - - Lost, Simpson sty;e

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Better Beardyman link, starts at beginning - More Beardyman, More Better -

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RT @dubstep -Beardyman - Live in the Underbelly (YouTube) - beardyman on dubstep // Live loops and standup

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Fear And Loathing On Sesame Street - There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a Muppet in the depths of an ether binge -

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The Denzel Washington Venn Diagram -Denzel Washington Venn Diagram breaks it down-

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