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Conversational Train Wrecks
The Twenty Weirdest TV Interviews of All Time

#17. Richard Simmons on Late Show with David Letterman, 2006

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Lost - Ep #507 - Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham - Quick Thoughts
  • "There's a war coming" - between who? Right now, I'm betting on Ben vs. Locke.
  • Widmore is looking a bit less evil.
  • Wow, that was the Mother of All Lost Car Crashes.
  • Ben is looking VERY VERY EVIL.

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San Francisco is cool. How can you tell?

They have giant pillow fights

Valentine's Day Pillow Fight (SF 2009) (YouTube)

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Lost - Ep #505 - "This Place is Death"
lost this place is death charlotte

Charlotte remembers the special 'shroom chocolate she had as girl

    L.A. - Marina

  • The episode begins with a shot of Sun's eye.
  • "Hi mommy, did you bust a cap in the bad man's ass yet?"
  • If Ben is still on his truth kick, he's messing with Kate/Aaron because Kate isn't Aaron's mom, not to pressure/spook her.
  • Kate isn't Aaron's mother, Ben wasn't Alex's father.
  • Island - Friday, November 18, 1988

  • "As anyone watching the show has noticed, many of these events repeat themselves. But why? Is this all the island knows? Lacombe plays violin, Charlie plays guitar... were they both lured there specifically for the same purpose: because a musician was needed to disable the jamming equipment in the underwater station? And if so, did the island kill the both of them in order to remain hidden? Because it sure seems like it did, or at least in the case of Charlie it was trying to kill him while Desmond kept on preventing it."

    Things I Noticed - "This Place is Death" by Vozzek69

    "It's not a coincidence (because remember, nothing's a damn coincidence on Lost) that this doomed group of Frenchies consisted of a pregnant girl, a sarcastic blond tough guy, a string instrument player and a guy who leaves no one behind. Ok, there were no incestuous siblings, no lame man finding his sea legs, no angry little boy with a dog. It's not exactly the same. But there is a befuddled Korean man trying desperately to comprehend a foreign language. In fact it's the exact same befuddled Korean man, more confused now than ever."

    Down The Rabbit Hole, by Fishbiscuitland

    Which leads us to the grand question - why all the coincidences? Why the parallels, the repeated lines, the six-degrees-of-Hugo-Reyes? Are these artistic touches by TPTB or is there some reason for all the interconnectedness?

  • On November 15, 1988, the day the French sailed from Tahiti, the Soviet space shuttle Buran made it's one and only spaceflight.
  • There are 6 people in Rousseau's group: Rousseau, Brennan, Lacombe, Montand, Nadine, Robert.
  • It can be argued that Jin enables the French to take the route they do to the radio tower, but they were going to look for it anyway, and could have gone the same way without him.
  • Is that Hurley reading the numbers on the radio?
  • Alexandra is already named. How did Ben learn her name without either overhearing this conversation or talking with Rousseau? Maybe Jin caught enough to pass the name on to Ben in the past.
  • Listen, Jin says there's a monster, there's a goddamn monster. What do you think made that noise, wandering hobos?
  • Nadine in the tree mirrors the Pilot after Smokey killed him.
  • A breeze starts up when Montand sees Smokey.
  • Did Jin save Rousseau's life by stopping her from entering the hole? Or would Robert have stopped his pregnant girlfriend from following them?
  • "We don't leave anyone behind" - mirrors Jack getting Losties off Island
  • "Help me, I appear to be hurt. If you would be so kind as to climb down this hole and assist me with my recently acquired armlessness I would be forever in your debt. I'm not a soul-stealing black cloud, I promise."
  • We don't know if this temple is the same temple that Ben sent the Others to for safety.
  • Island - November 1988, after monster attack

  • The pillar of smoke mirrors the one Rousseau lit to scare the Losties and steal Aaron.
  • The music box is later repaired by Sayid.
  • Dancing couple on music box - marriage theme this episode.
  • Box of explosives - from the Black Rock? The stenciling would indicate the French brought it. Maybe Rousseau stashes it in the Black Rock later.
  • It's an open question, were the Frenchmen "sick"/controlled dead-people (like Island-Yemi?) or did Rousseau go batshit crazy?

    Robert seemed a bit too quick and easy with "It's not a monster, it's a security system guarding that temple" - like that explains anything - IT'S A GODDAMN HOWLING, CLANKING, MURDEROUS PILLAR OF BLACK SMOKE.

    And Robert looked kind of murderous when he pulled the trigger.

    Me, I'm going for possessed dead people - because how cool is that? The Zombie season is looking a little more likely.

  • Rousseau took the firing pin out of Robert's gun - crazy like a fox.
  • Rousseau: "You disappeared..." - This is the first indication of what people see when someone else time-skips.
  • Why didn't Rousseau recognize Jin 16 years later? Maybe because after that long on Craphole Island she was totally bugnuts?
  • Island - Unknown Date

  • This episode's tearful reunion: Sawyer and Jin.
  • We may never know why Charlotte speaks Korean.
  • L.A. - Marina

  • Damn, I was hoping Kate and Sayid would team up. I miss the old canny fugitive-conwoman-'splody Kate.
  • Island - Unknown Date

  • If the time-skips are directed and purposeful, then this quick series must be to kill Charlotte.
  • L.A. - Carpet Van

  • Ben: "What I'm doing is helping you! And if you had any idea what I've had to do to keep you safe - to keep your friends safe - then you'd never stop thanking me!" - Great, Ben is reduced to trying to guilt-trip the kids into behaving until they get to Grandma's house.
  • Yes Ben, what exactly have you been doing to keep us safe, and from who? Obvious questions that never get asked - #237
  • Island - The Future (post 2005)

  • Charlotte warning Jin mirrors phantom Claire warning Kate.
  • Someone Charlotte knew almost married an American, and she's an expert on Carthage, which was located in what is now Tunisia - home to teleported Polar Bears and Ben Linuses. The Carthaginians, like the Dharma Initiative, were wiped out by Latin-speakers.
  • That time-skip was a clear message: Abandon the Redhead. She's told Locke to find the Well, her job here is done.
  • Charlotte was a big fan of Geronimo Jackson. Juliet blinks when she hears the name, does it mean something to her?
  • How does Charlotte know there was a well at the site of the Orchid? Did she see it as a child?
  • It must be after December 2005, the Orchid station is in ruins.
  • Island - Before Dharma (pre-1970s)

  • Now that they've found the Orchid, they skip to a time when the Well existed. The time-skips are not random.
  • Charlotte "grew up" on the Island. She may or may not have been born there. She pointedly does not say that her parents were part of the Dharma Initiative, only that Dharma was on the Island when she was.
  • Charlotte met Faraday on the Island during the Dharma period.
  • If they don't bury Charlotte will Smokey be able to move her around like the other dead people from the island? - From Gitsie Girl
  • Jin: "No! Stop! You don't bring Sun back."
    Locke: "No, I have to bring them all back, that's...that's how it works."
    Jin: [Incredulous] "How you know?" - Holy crap, a direct question!!
    Locke: "I...I just know. " - And Locke still doesn't see the puppet strings.
  • Jin is having none of this "faith" bullshit.
  • Jin gives Locke the ring to prove he's dead and to keep Sun off the Island. Ben uses the ring to prove Jin's alive and to get Sun back to the Island.
  • Locke promised not to bring Sun and Ji Yeon back to the Island. Does he intend to and does he keep this promise?
  • Jin's ring - marriage theme.
  • Island - After Well, Before Orchid

  • Juliet thanks Locke for what he's doing mirrors Ben getting no thanks for his "helping" the O6.
  • Too Much Fun = Creepy Grin

    lost this place is death locke crazy grin well frozen donkey wheel

    "Where would be the fun in that?" - I think the stress of doing the Island's bidding is beginning to push Locke around the bend.

  • Locke climbing down the Well mirrors French climbing down the Smokey hole and Kate going down the Swan station.
  • The flash comes up out of the Well.
  • The time-skip could have waited till Locke was lower or on the ground. Was it's purpose to break his leg? Why would someone/something want to send a crippled Locke back to the world? It'll be harder for him to gather the O6. How did Locke/Bentham hang himself with one very bad leg?
  • Locke buried under time-shifted Well mirrors Nikki and Paulo being buried alive.
  • Did somebody find the rope sticking out of the ground and wonder where it went? Is that why there's a well there?
  • They must have gone back a long way in time, if the Well was built around the same time as the Smoke Monster Temple and/or the 4-toed statue
  • We never heard Christian tell Locke that Locke had to move the Island:

    • Christian: "We don't have time for this. The people from the boat are already on their way back, and once they get here, all of these questions won't matter one bit. So why don't you ask the one question that does matter?"
    • Locke: "How do I save the island?"
    • ......
    • Ben: "Did he tell you what we're supposed to do?"
    • Locke: "He did."
    • Ben: "Well?"
    • Locke: "He wants us to move the island. "
  • Was this a just a case of miscommunication or did Ben have a reason for being the one to move the Island? Did he want to get off the Island so he could kill Penny?
  • Locke: "But Ben said he knew how to do it! He told me that I had to stay here and lead his people."

    Christian didn't tell Locke how to move the Island! Sweet Jeebus, even the undead masterminds on this Island can't communicate worth a damn.

    And of course Locke didn't bother to ask. That would make to much sense. "Move the Island? Sure thing, no problem, do it all the time, I'll get right on it. See you later."

  • Once again Locke has to "clean up his mess".
  • Christian says Locke has to get "Everyone who left". That would include Aaron, and might include Lapidus and Ji Yeon.

    On the other hand, Christian says that Locke has to get all his "friends" together.

  • That's why they call what sacrifice?
  • Christian never tells Locke what bringing back "everyone who left" will accomplish.
  • Christian can hold lanterns but he can't help Locke?
  • "Say hello to my son" - mirrors Faraday telling Desmond to find his mother. It's interesting that "Christian" is assuming the identity of the dead body he's in.
  • The FDW isn't frozen anymore.
  • Christian came to the Island in a coffin, now it looks like Locke will come back in one.
  • "Locke lived his life with hopes of becoming a great leader. At the end of Season Four, his dream appeared to come true. The Island had cast out his two rivals, Jack and Ben, and chosen him to lead the people left behind. The ending of This Place is Death reveals the true nature of the destiny he had been seeking for so long. He was chosen not as a leader, but as a martyr, the sacrifice that the Island demanded. His whole life had been pointing him towards his one great accomplishment, his death. In possibly the most heartbreaking moment of the entire series, Locke accepts his fate, without a single complaint. He loses everything in one scene, more than any character in this epic story called Lost. Locke loses his friends as the Island buries him under its surface; he once again loses the power to walk, in a remarkably painful fashion; he loses his beloved Island, never to return to it in living form; and ultimately he will lose his life. In return, he gains nothing, except the assurance that someone believed in him."

    Lost 5.05: Die Together, Live Alone
  • L.A. - Church

  • Is Ben surprised that Eloise Hawking is Faraday's mother, or that Widmore must have told Desmond where to find her?
  • Does Ben even know that Desmond and Penny are together?
  • Ms. Hawking is standing in front of the painting The Incredulity of Saint Thomas, by Caravaggio. Thomas doubted the resurrection of Jesus.

  • Theories and Broad Observations

  • I think the "time skips" are controlled and purposeful. The Leftbehinds are being moved around in time in order to accomplish specific tasks.

    1. First shift: Between 2001-2002: Tells the Leftbehinds that they are time-travelling.
    2. Second shift: 2005 or later: Locke has to get the watch and partial instructions from Richard.
    3. Third shift: Between 2001-2002: Faraday tells Desmond to find Faraday's mother in the future. ***
    4. Fourth shift: 1954: Widmore has to meet Miles, Faraday, and Charlotte, so that he picks them for his freighter's science team. Locke has to give Richard the watch and tell him Locke's birthday. Locke has to disappear in front of the Others, creating his "specialness". Faraday has to get his mother interested in time travel.
    5. Fifth shift: Monday, 1 November 2004: Locke sees the column of light from the Swan hatch and Sawyer watches Kate help Claire deliver Aaron. I admit it, I see no purpose for this skip beyond fanboy coolness.
    6. Sixth shift: January 1, 2005 or later: There are boats on the beach they can use.
    7. Seventh shift: Friday, 18 November 1988: Jin is moved so he can be rescued by the French. Jin takes them towards the Radio Tower, so that the French can be attacked by Smokey. Jin saves Rousseau from going down the hole.
    8. Eighth shift: Between January 3-17, 1989: No task I can see, though maybe Jin needs to know about the "sickness" or Rousseau needed to be made more crazy.
    9. Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh shifts: Unknown : Disconnects Charlotte from time so that she can remember the Well and tell Locke.
    10. Twelfth shift: After the Orchid greenhouse is destroyed: The Orchid has to be there so that they know they've found it.
    11. Thirteenth shift: Between the time the Well and the Orchid are built: Locke has to go down the well to get to the FDW.
    12. Fourteenth shift: Before the Well is built: Locke has to be cut off from the Leftbehinds. Maybe his injury serves some purpose and/or this is the time that Christian is waiting for him.

    ***Big Prediction Time:

    This is the exception that proves the rule. Faraday DID NOT talk to Desmond in the original "supposed to happen" timeline. If he had, Desmond would have remembered meeting him at the Swan when he meets him again at the helicopter. Why Desmond "remembers" the meeting 3 years in Faraday's (non-time-travelling) future instead of only a few hours after escaping the Island I have no idea. But if this meeting was the reason for this time skip then I THINK THAT FUTURE FARADAY AND/OR DESMOND IS CONTROLLING THE TIME TRAVEL: Faraday because of his scientific knowledge, Desmond because of his "unique" properties. One or both of them is making sure that the Leftbehinds go to the times in the past they have to go to (because they did go, it did happen) because if they don't then the past they came from won't exist, and that would be bad. We know Faraday spends time working at the Orchid station, so this is where the time skips are controlled.

    This prediction is quite tragic (which adds to it's probability, to my way of thinking) because I think that whomever is controlling the time skips deliberately unhinges Charlotte to allow Locke to get to the Well.

    The way I see it, at the very least Locke (and probably Jin and the Science Team) and maybe all the Leftbehinds (and probably the O6 too) were "destined" to go time-travelling, whether Charlie killed the jamming and let Widmore know where the Island was or not. Even in a timeline where the Losties don't find Naomi and don't contact the freighter, and don't get in a escalating conflict with Ben and the Others, some or all of the Losties would have to time travel in order to "create" the past that underpins the present. I've made my brain hurt very much imagining the alternative plot that allows them to time travel without Ben turning the FDW. I do know that if they didn't leave Sun would have died in childbirth. And the lightning that was supposed to kill Charlie should have killed Claire and Aaron too.

    I think that the reason the O6 have to return is that they are needed to do their own time skipping tasks. And if Faraday/Desmond are controlling the time skips, using the Losties to properly create the past, then they themselves are creating their past - not just mirroring, but a hall of mirrors.

  • "If I'm right, this will create the fifth confirmed predestination loop on the show:

    1. That the time-skipping Lostaways themselves assured the crash of Oceanic 815 by giving the Others 50 years to plan for it and ensure its occurrence.
    2. Locke was the one who first made Alpert interested in Locke, eventually precipitating his arrival on the Island and his seeming ascension to Others leadership.
    3. Daniel cemented his own grooming as a temporal troubleshooter by demonstrating to his future mother, Eloise Hawking, that time travel was possible.
    4. Charlotte confirms that it was Dan Faraday whose warning to stay away from the Island on pain of death no doubt had the reverse effect, guaranteeing it.
    5. It was Hurley's own voice heard by Leonard Simms and Sam Toomey at their listening station broadcasting the Numbers which found their way to Hurley, allowing him to win the lottery and secure his place on flight 815.

    This would also strongly imply that 1) the O6 will get back to the Island, and 2) that they're going to spend some time with the DHARMA Initiative in the past. I'm also betting that we'll see at least a few more of these loops before we're done.

    Again, I put it to you that the big question we all need to be asking about time travel is, "from how far into the future have time travelers come back, leaving a warning of their existence?" I'd be willing to bet that at least the Island and Eloise Hawking have knowledge from farther in the future than the O6's departure on their return trip to the Island."

    Looking at the Little Things --- 5.05 "This Place is Death"
  • If Smokey's Temple is the same as the Other's safe refuge Temple, are the Others "sick" the way the French were?
  • Theme of Marriage and Divorce

    "Welcome to the messy divorce season of Lost. See: an Island separated from its place in space; souls ripped from their designated points in time; a fellowship of castaways pulled apart, a band break-up of such unholy wrongness in the eyes of almighty destiny that unless they are reunited...well, "God help us all," as we've repeatedly been told this year. (If only someone had used that argument on the Beatles 30 years ago...) "This Place Is Death" brought out the theme of dissolution in bold relief, as unions of all sorts were dissolved in various ways. Charlotte died on Daniel. Danielle Rousseau and her French dude, Robert, decoupled with shotguns and madness. Jin turned in his wedding ring. John Locke split from the Island. And good lord, did you see that arm get ripped off poor Montand?! Did you heart the wet icky splooge of his limb being shorn away?! "Put asunder," indeed."

    'Lost' Recap: Married To It
  • Other themes: The underworld and rings.
  • Thoughts on Smokey:

    • For a entity of such stealth, speed, and power, Smokey hasn't shown itself to be an effective killer. I suppose a lot of this is due to dramatic considerations - you don't have much of a story if Smokey kills off most of the characters.
    • Also, if Smokey is too powerful, Widmore wouldn't pose a threat.
    • But even considering this, I think that Smokey deliberately "played" with the French to lure them to the temple. It could have killed Montand just like it killed Nadine and then gone after the rest of the group. If it is just a "security system" why does it drag some people into holes instead of just kill them?
    • "The Great Radzinsky used a different name for the creature, Cerberus, which offers another clue as to its purpose. In Greek mythology, Cerberus was name given to the three-headed canine beast which guards the gates of Hades, to prevent souls from escaping. No one who crosses into the Underworld is ever supposed to return to the world of the living. Lost's version of Cerberus seems to serve that same function for the Island. It possesses other abilities as well: the ability to re-animate corpses (Yemi and perhaps Christian), and to infect living bodies (Montand and Robert). In the seminal episode Walkabout, John Locke stared down the Monster face-to-face. Since that point, Locke has taken it upon himself to perform the task designated to Cerberus: to ensure that no one ever leaves the Island. It was Locke who eventually smashed that same transceiver, who detonated the Flame station, destroyed the submarine, killed Naomi, and turned a gun on his friends as they trekked to the radio tower. Locke may not be 'infected' in the same manner as Robert, but he has been acting as the willing agent of Cerberus for some time. John himself has become another security system of sorts, assigned to protect the Island."

      Lost 5.05: Die Together, Live Alone

  • Articles/Screencaps

  • Smokey and the Temple
  • The Temple & More Hieroglyphs
  • Hieroglyphic Characters Translated (or, we know the words, kinda, but not the sentence).
  • Hieroglyphics Translation , sort of.
  • Official Lost Podcast.
  • Hurley's DPE ("Dudes" Per Episode).

  • Recaps

  • Down the Rabbit Hole, by Fishbiscuitland

    The theme of the week was HOLES. Holes in the head.

    Holes in the heart.

    Holes in space.

    Holes in time.

  • Lost 5.05: Die Together, Live Alone, by Luhks
  • Thoughts on This Place Is Death... , by Eye M. Sick
  • Lost Recap 5x05: This Place is Death, by The Ack Attack!
  • Things I Noticed - "This Place is Death" , by Vozzek69
  • Looking at the Little Things — 5.05 "This Place is Death", by SonyaLynn
  • 'Lost' Dueling Analyses: 'This Place Is Death', by Celebritology
  • 5x05 This Place is Death Review, by Nickb1 (Lostpedia)
  • Lost Friday - 'This Place Is Death.', by CommunistDanceParty
  • MY ReVIews!! Episode 5x05 - This face IS death!! , by ThEmIsFiTiShErE
    (The best BAD Lost recaps on the web. It isn't easy being this stupid)
  • 'Lost' Recap: Married To It , by Jeff Jensen (EW)
  • Lost: Oscillate Wildly, by Tubular
  • 5 X 05: This Place Is Death , by Gitsie Girl
  • That wheel, how many handles does it have anyway? , by Lost in Thought...in Alabama
  • Episode 5x05 -- The Funeral Party, by Anna
  • S5Ep5 - This Place is Death, by Erika (LongLiveLocke)

Friendly Texas, Home of Legal Police Thievery

"TENAHA --- A two-decade-old state law that grants authorities the power to seize property used in crimes is wielded by some agencies against people who never are charged with - much less convicted of - criminal activity.

Law enforcement authorities in this East Texas town of 1,000 people seized property from at least 140 motorists between 2006 and 2008, and, to date, filed criminal charges against fewer than half, according to a review of court documents by the San Antonio Express-News.

Virtually anything of value was up for grabs: cash, cell phones, personal jewelry, a pair of sneakers, and often, the very car that was being driven through town.

Some affidavits filed by officers relied on the presence of seemingly innocuous property as the only evidence that a crime had occurred.

Linda Dorman, an Akron, Ohio, great-grandmother had $4,000 in cash taken from her by local authorities when she was stopped while driving through town after visiting Houston in April 2007. Court records make no mention that anything illegal was found in her van. She's still hoping for the return of what she calls "her life savings."

Dorman's attorney, David Guillory, calls the roadside stops and seizures in Tenaha "highway piracy," undertaken by a couple of law enforcement officers whose agencies get to keep most of what was seized.

Guillory is suing officials in Tenaha and Shelby County on behalf of Dorman and nine other clients whose property was confiscated. All were African-Americans driving either rentals or vehicles with out-of-state plates.

Guillory alleges in the lawsuit that while his clients were detained, they were presented with an ultimatum: waive your rights to your property in exchange for a promise to be released and not be criminally charged."

Property seizures seen as piracy
Via technoccult

Rule #0: Have a Gun
Drill Sergeant Joe B. Fricks Rules For A Gunfight

"21. Be polite. Be professional. But, have a plan to kill everyone you meet if necessary, because they may want to kill you. "

Via kottke.org

Advertising FAIL

Lost - Ep #4 - The Little Prince

I'm not crazy in love with this episode, and I'll go crazy if I'm always 3 weeks behind with my homebrew recaps, so for this episode you get the quick and dirty version:

Lost - Ep #503 - Jughead

Somebody set up us the bomb

Lostpedia: Jughead / Jughead Transcript

Note: To reduce typing I'm going to refer to the people who brought and installed the bomb on the Island simply as "the Army".

    Philipines - 2005

  • Dez and Penny have a wee bairn...
  • Penny's Boat - 2009

  • ...named Charlie. Named after Charlie Pace or Charles Widmore?
  • Desmond:"I have to do this, Penny" - Moral imperative or Course Correction/Destiny?
  • Island - 1954

  • Two more anono-Losties bite the dust. If I was really ambitious I would try to do the math and see how many spear-carriers are left.
  • The Claymore mines are an anachronism - they weren't in use in 1954.
  • Since Miles can read the side that says "Front Toward Enemy" he's on the lethal side. Miles would be dead, jumping or not.
  • What is up with the FPS -gunsight-point of view? Is there some reason for it?
  • "You just couldn't stay away, could you?" - She hasn't met Faraday before, she thinks the Losties are with the Army.
  • England 2009

  • Desmond: "I know how insane it sounds" - Hasn't Penny been brought up to speed on how insane EVERYTHING is?
  • Desmond DOES NOT promise to not go back to the Island.
  • Island - 1954

    ---Faraday Miles Charlotte

  • Lostpedia estimates that there are at most 3 redshirts left, based on Ellie's statement that there were 20 Losties at the start of the beach arrow attack.
  • Why does Ellie think that 20 unarmed people without equipment or uniforms, who can't even light a fire, were with the Army?
  • Ellie's going to need some dental work, grinding her molars like that.
  • Ellie: "Once we leave here, I will be out of control of what happens to you. But if you cooperate now, things will go much easier for you." - This is the first of the references to the Other's chain of command/leadership this episode.
  • ---Locke Sawyer Juliet

  • Is there something going on with Time? No, I mean something else.
  • The 3 in uniform are Mattingly,Jones and Cunningham. Mattingly is dead.
  • Locke's military hobbies come in handy.
  • The uniforms are Others. We know this because they speak Latin. Wait, What?
  • ---Faraday Miles Charlotte

  • Faraday doesn't even blink at Miles' ghost-whispering. He even wants to know if the dead know what year it is. He must know about Miles' ability.
  • Richard has big forearms. He must work out.
  • Oxford - 2009

  • Now that he's off the Island, Desmond is free to dress like an Italian gigolo, or possibly Dr. Who.
  • The Oxford clerk is the same as the Oceanic airlines clerk who allowed Hurley on flight 815.

    lost ep503 s5e03 jughead oxford clerk oceanic identical

    Is she the same woman or just the same actress?

    Episode 5x03 Jughead - Oxford Woman from Exodus??

  • Why can't Desmond remember the year he visited Faraday?
  • I think it's a little too convenient that Faraday's lab is still there 3+ years later, complete with talkative janitor to fill in the blanks. If Oxford is so ashamed of Faraday or has been bought off by Widmore why wouldn't they take the logical step of cleaning out the lab? I hope this is somebody leaving bread crumbs and not the writers being lazy.
  • Island - 1954

    ---Locke Sawyer Juliet

  • Juliet: "Others 101. Gotta learn Latin--language of the enlightened."

    Is Juliet referring to the Age of Enlightenment?

    "The intellectual and philosophical developments of that age (and their impact in moral, social, and political reform) aspired toward more freedom for common people based on self-governance, natural rights, natural law, central emphasis on liberty, individual rights, reason, common sense, and the principles of deism. These principles were a revolutionary departure from theocracy, autocracy, oligarchy, aristocracy, and the divine right of kings. The Enlightenment marks a principled departure from the Middle Ages of religious authority, absolute state power, guild-based economic systems, and censorship of ideas toward an era of rational discourse and personal judgment, republicanism, liberalism, naturalism, scientific authority, and modernity."

    Or to one who is enlightened?

    "Enlightenment broadly means wisdom or understanding enabling clarity of perception. However, the English word covers two concepts which can be quite distinct: religious or spiritual enlightenment and secular or intellectual enlightenment. This can cause confusion, since those who claim intellectual enlightenment often reject spiritual concepts altogether. In religious use, enlightenment is most closely associated with South and East Asian religious experience, being used to translate words such as (in Buddhism) bodhi or satori, or (in Hinduism) moksha. The concept does also have parallels in the Abrahamic religions (in the Kabbalah tradition in Judaism, in Christian mysticism or Gnosticism, and in the Sufi tradition of Islam)."

  • Locke doesn't know Latin, kinda strange for the leader of the others.
  • Locke: "I suggest you talk to us. Once we get back to the creek and meet up with the rest of our people, there's gonna be a lot of anger directed at you for attacking them. " - Mirrors what Ellie said to Faraday's group.
  • Once again Locke can't kill in cold blood. Plus, Widmore can't die in 1954 because Widmore didn't die in 1954.
  • Why not take Locke, Sawyer, and Juliet to the camp? It's not like the 3 of them pose a major threat. They could come to some arrangement.
  • Teresa's House - 2009

  • Faraday's old lab assistant has Minkowski's syndrome.
  • Widmore funded Faraday. How many of Faraday's's ideas come from Widmore?
  • Teresa's sister tells a sad story, but we don't know if it's true, or the full story.
  • Teresa's last name might be a shout out to the English Philosopher Herbert Spencer
  • In the bookcase behind Teresa is a "Lost Book":

    The Lost Book is a common way to refer to the Inventio Fortunata, a book allegedly written by a monk from Oxfordand later recovered by a man named Jacobus Cnoyen, who popularized it before losing it again. This book that didn't want to stay found described the North Pole as a magnetic island surrounded by a violent maelstrom, and helpfully described this magnetic island as being made from "Rupes Nigra", or in Lost lingo - Black Rock. And yeah, I'm going on the assumption that absolutely none of this is random.

    Dropping H Bombs

    Since the cover actually says "Lost Books, it could be This.

  • Island - 1954

    ---Faraday Miles Charlotte

  • The bomb gets it's own section, because it's problematic.
  • The blonde Other is named Ellie.

    Eloise Hawking is the old woman/Ben Ally/Time-cop. Faraday named his mentally time-travelling rat "Eloise". Widmore says that Faraday's mother is in L.A., Ms. Hawking is in L.A.. Q.E.D.: Ms. Hawking is Ellie is Faraday's mother. Could Widmore be his father? And who is Penny's mother?

    • Richard: "We gave them the opportunity to leave the island peacefully. They weren't willing to do that, so I was forced to kill 'em. All of 'em."
    • Faraday: "Forced?"
    • Richard: "Yeah."
    • Faraday: "By whom? "
    • Richard: "You answer to someone, don't you? You follow a chain of command, right?"
    • Faraday: "Yeah."
    • Richard: "Yeah, well, so do I."

    In the enhanced rerun of "Jughead" , the subtitles call Richard "an advisor to the leader of the Others".

    So, in 1954, who is the leader of the Others? Why aren't they with Richard dealing with the Army/Bomb problem?

  • "Jones" refers to Cunningham, who's uniform also said "Cunningham". Are some of the Others defectors from the Army?

    Oh yea, Cunningham can't be a defector from the Army, he knows Latin.

    This is either a production screw-up or an Other decided to take Cunningham's name.

  • "Jones" lies to Richard, and he is an arrogant dickwad.
  • ---Locke Sawyer Juliet

  • Cutting to Locke looking over the camp right after "Jones" dismisses him was classic.
  • Juliet: "Richard's always been here. " - how long is always?
  • Richard wasn't telling Locke how to save the Losties, he was telling him how to save the Island, there's a crucial difference.
  • Locke doesn't care that Faraday is apparently being marched off into the jungle to be executed. Why? Because Locke is not the hero.
  • ---Faraday Miles Charlotte

  • I think Faraday has realized that Ellie is his mother.
  • After a long day of flaming death and atomic weapons, Faraday can get a little sarcastic.
  • Widmore's Office - 2009

  • The painting behind Widmore's receptionist looks like a Jackson Pollack. "Jughead" originally aired on Pollack's birthday.
  • One of the paintings in Widmore's office has a polar bear, "namaste", and an upside down buddha.

    Paintings (Widmore)

  • Widmore refers to Desmond as a "colleague". From him this is high praise indeed.
  • Desmond told Widmore the deal and he's sticking to it. He's not going to answer any questions.
  • Widmore knowing the address for Faraday's mother brings up a whole host of issues.
  • Why does Widmore think that Desmond is delivering a message?
  • Island - 1954

  • Locke knows the magic word, but he's lying. Jacob didn't send him, >2005-Richard did.
  • Penny's Boat

  • Oh Desmond, you are so screwed.
  • Island - 1954

  • I was expecting the compass to have some significance to 1954-Richard, but it doesn't mean anything to him. Instead, Locke and Richard are completing a time loop.
  • Richard never actually says or indicates that he is unfamiliar or disbelieving in Time Travel - he might just be wary of Locke.
  • Richard never told Locke that Locke was the Other's leader, at least that we've seen. Ben told Locke he was the leader.
  • Richard: "Look, I... certainly don't want to contradict myself, but... we have a very specific process for selecting our leadership, and it starts at a very, very young age."

    Richard might be referring to the testing of children to see if they are reincarnations or experiencing transfered memories from time-travelling future selves.

    Note that he says "leadership", not "leader".

  • Time travel screws with causality something fierce, but on the first level the reason Richard showed up at Locke's birth, and the Others regarded Locke as "special" is because Locke disappeared into thin air after telling Richard to attend his birth. To a large degree, Locke is special because Locke said he was special.

    Considering the higher level, doesn't it seem as if the time skips are planned, especially in light of "The Little Prince"? If so, then who or whatever is controlling the time skips caused Locke to be considered "special" by the Others

  • Island - Unknown Date

  • Poor Miles, he needs a hug.

  • Theories / Ruminations / Implications / Half-Baked Predictions

  • How did Richard know when to go help Locke at the beechcraft? Locke told him in 1954 where he would be after Ethan shot him, but Richard would have to know the exact date to be able to help Locke. Locke never knew the date. Did Richard camp out at the Beechcraft for years?
  • 3 Time Loops:
    • Richard and Locke:
      • Richard is visited by time-travelling Locke in 1954, gets compass.
      • Richard keeps an eye on young Locke, sees drawing of smoke monster.
      • Richard saves wounded Locke, gives Locke compass, tells Locke to give him the compass the next time they meet.
    • Ellie/Eloise Hawking and Faraday:
      • Ellie/Eloise meets time-travelling Faraday in 1954, He tells her that his group are from the future and then disappears in front of her.
      • Presumably Eloise studies Time, passes on her interest to her son.
      • Widmore finances Faraday's research, possibly because he saw him in 1954.
      • Faraday invents mental time-travel, using another time-loop with Desmond to send his past self the correct settings.
      • Widmore sends Faraday to the Island.
    • Widmore and Faraday/Miles/Charlotte:
      • Widmore sees the time-travelling freighter specialists in 1954. They disappear from captivity, confirming that they are time-travellers.
      • Widmore sends them to the Island.
    • Luhks has very good recap on this subject.
  • Locke's whole mission to return the O6 could be part of a loop. Richard tells Locke he has to get his friends back, Locke tells Richard that Richard told Locke to GHFB, rinse and repeat. One possible problem with this is Richard telling Locke that he'll have to die - Locke didn't talk about this in 1954. But if Richard didn't gain information about Locke's mission from a source other than Locke then the whole idea came out of nowhere.
  • Desmond is going back to the Island. If all the foreshadowing about "never going back" isn't enough, the fact that the rules don't apply to Desmond should make him essential to any attempt to save the world, or whatever.
  • I don't think they buried Jughead under the Swan or the Orchid. If it was under the Swan then it's gone-and it's too obvious. With the FDW already under the Orchid who would be stupid enough to put an atomic weapon near it? My bet is that the bomb is under the Arrow. If the bomb is under the Swan then that would suggest that the Losties have to stop Locke from not pushing the button.
  • Not My Observation: The Others are like hermit crabs - they inhabit the structures (and clothes) of whoever they kill. This ties in with their habit of disguising themselves - as survivors, balloon pilots, Dharma members, seabilly pirates, etc. But we still know almost nothing about their true nature. And it still drives me nuts that no one has bothered to ask Juliet any direct questions about who the Others are, or Daniel about his lengthy research on Dharma. I can accept lots of reasons for them not to give extensive answers, but the pervasive incuriosity is nagging. If this is a character-driven drama, then having stupid characters is a liability.
  • Widmore was an Other. This raises the possibility that we're looking at an Other civil war.
  • We never see any of the 1954 Others learning any of the Losties' names except Locke's.
  • Widmore could start showing up in Locke's past.
  • "Not only is Richard's age a constant, his name is always the same too. Years, decades, even centuries pass, but Richard is always Richard. This is the Ying to the multiple-names Yang (Dr. Candle for example) we've seen throughout lost."

    Things I Noticed - "Jughead" by Vozzek69
  • Richard and the Others have known about Locke time-travelling since 1954. Why didn't Ethan recognize Locke at the beechcraft? Didn't he ever hear the story about John Locke, the bald old guy who, back in 1954, said that Jacob had sent him, that he was the leader of the Others, and predicted his own birth, before disappearing into thin air? Of course Ethan had to shoot Locke, to prevent him from reaching and dying in the beechcraft, and so he would be waiting for Richard to tell him to return the O6.
  • Richard: "The only way to save the Island, John, is to get your people back here--the ones who left." - not save the world, or save your friends - save the Island. There's no guarantee that this would be a good thing for the Losties.
  • Where (or when) did Desmond bollocks up the timeline? Was it when he saved Charlie, Claire, and Aaron from being hit by lightning? This is the theory that supposes Desmond was made "unique" by destruction of the Swan. It also assumes that Claire and Aaron are "supposed" to be dead. Is this why Claire is in Jacob's cabin?

    Or is Desmond's timeline altering act his turning of the failsafe key?

  • Missing Time?

    This season there have been 2 instances where it goes from night to day with suspiciously rapidity.

      Hurley and Sayid in Ep #1 & #2 -"Because You Left" & "The Lie":

    1. Los Angeles, Jan 1, 2008 - Sunrise 6:58am, Sunset 4:54pm
    2. Start-Sayid shoots a man watching the Santa Rosa asylum at 8:15pm
    3. Sayid takes Hurley from the asylum - 30 minutes
    4. Sayid and Hurley get food from drive-in, arrive at safe house - 1 hour+
    5. Fight at safe house, Hurley gets Sayid into car - 30 minutes
    6. End - Hurley is driving Sayid in full daylight and gets pulled over by Ana Lucia
    7. I can stretch the times but I can't get them past before midnight. So what were Hurley and Sayid doing for 6+ hours?

      Juliet, Sawyer, and Locke in Ep #3 - "Jughead":

    1. The Losties overpower 3 Others in the middle of the night.
    2. The next we see them it's bright daylight and the Losties seem to have not done anything except get the Others on their knees.
  • Latin

    The Other's speak Latin. When the hell did this start? Because we've had dozens of scenes where Others talk privately among themselves, and no Latin. The only way this works is if the Others have learned Latin just to use in situations where they might be overheard.

    It's the language of the enlightened. It's also the language of the Romans, who practiced slavery and enjoyed watching people and animals fight to death.

  • You Dropped a Bomb on Me

    The 500lb gorilla in this episode, in more ways than one, is Jughead the bomb.

    • In 1954, one can hardly imagine something that the U.S. Government values more than one of it's atomic weapons.
    • Being a high-value asset, how the hell did the Army decide to test Jughead on an Island that is near impossible to find and land on? How did they even know about the Island in the first place?
    • Atomic tests aren't done by 18 people-try hundreds, with lots and lots of ships, all visiting Craphole Island.
    • If the Army lost an atomic bomb to an unknown hostile party in the middle of the Cold War I think I can safetly assume that they would freak the fuck out. Questions would be asked, like "where is the goddamn Island?" and "who decided on this island?". The Army would have an intense and ongoing interest in finding the Island again.
    • Theories:
      1. The writers have screwed up. I'm still waiting to learn how the Dharma Initiative found the Island and moved hundreds of people and tons of stuff onto it, and how the Island became hidden afterwards, without a FDW. And if Widmore was an Other, and he was behind Dharma, why didn't they do better in fighting them?
      2. Somebody wanted the bomb-The Island, Jacob, Rocket J. Squirrel: somebody with Juice - enough to arrange for a small group of Army chumps to take Jughead to Island secretly. The Others weren't defending the Island from invaders, they were eliminating the delivery boys.
  • Locke - Hero or Psychopath?

    I take the contrarian view of John Locke - he is not a hero. Sympathetic, interesting, finely-acted, but not the "good guy" he so desperately wants to be. Ever since he regained the use of his legs and "looked into the eye of this island" (the smoke monster, an amorphous people-shredder, to be exact) Locke has valued the Island over people. He has lied, assaulted, exploded, and killed in service to his faith. What exactly, if anything, he knows about the desires and goals of the Island (if they exist at all) is unknown; Locke has never seen fit to detail any communications from the Island. I would argue that Locke's situation is worse than being in thrall to some semi-godlike geographical oddity - Locke is the slave to an idea - his concept of the Island as a place "where miracles happen". Not that serving the Island is much better: It apparently demands human sacrifices, keeps people alive until they do it's will, kills pregnant women and unborn children, and has no problem with the death and pain it's followers commit in it's name. In case you haven't guessed, I seriously doubt that the Island is worth serving, or that the Others are "the good guys".

  • Recaps and Articles

  • Lost: SISTE VIATOR, By J. Wood
  • 'Lost' Dueling Analyses: Jughead, by Celebritology
  • Dropping H Bombs, by Fishbiscuitland
  • Lost 5.03: Beyond Belief, by Luhks
  • Episode 3 of season 5 is entitled ''Jughead.'' Wikipedia tells us that the word ''Jughead'' can refer to many things. Jughead can refer to a search engine. So maybe ''Jughead'' means that the Island is zipping through the world wide web of time looking for something. (Free amateur porn, probably. Naughty Island!) Jughead also can refer to a progressive rock band founded by Ty Tabor, also the lead singer of the Christian prog-rock band King's X, whose first album, Out of the Silent Planet, was named after a science fiction book by Lost-linked author, C.S. Lewis. And Jughead can refer to the Canadian name for the Kool-Aid mascot, that half-man, half-pitcher creature that smashes through walls and growls ''Oh yeaah!'' Kinda like Smokey.

    Of course, Jughead also refers to the Archie Comics character of the same name. Curious fellow, this Jughead. For quite a while, nobody knew his real first name. Kept it a secret. Ironically, in tonight's episode, you will meet two characters whose first names are deliberately withheld from us until late in the hour. One made me gasp; the other made me get all misty. Jughead also wore a sweatshirt with the letter ''S'' on the front, and I'm told that for many years, the comics kept the significance of this conspicuous detail as secret. I'm really no Archie fan, so I can't tell you what the 'S' stands for... but I'm going take a stab and say it's not Smokey.

    'Lost': What's In a Name? Maybe...Clues? , by Jeff Jensen (EW)
  • 'Lost': Doc Jensen's 'Jughead' take, by Jeff Jensen (EW)
  • 'Lost' Recap: Time After Time, by Adam B. Vary (EW)
  • Lost's Nuclear Bomb Tech Decoded: Season 5, "Jughead", by Popular Mechanics
  • Thoughts on Jughead, by Eye M Sick
  • Things I Noticed - "Jughead", by Vozzek69
  • Never Mind The Paradox, by MangoBingo
  • Looking at the Little Things, by SonyaLynn (DocArzt.com)
  • Probatur Vegrandis Res (Looking at the Little Things, "Jughead" addendum!), by SonyaLynn(DocArzt.com)
  • Lost Recap 5x03: Jughead, by The Ack Attack
  • J. Wood's Otherville Book Club - 5.03 "Jughead", by J. Wood
  • Lost: Girlfriend in a Coma, by Tubular
  • Course Correcting Time Flashes, by Lost in Thought..in Alabama
  • S5Ep3 - Jughead, by Long Live Locke
  • Talking LOST - 5x03 Jughead, by Sledgeweb and Astro

lost richard alpert batmanuel
Very Old and Very Strange

Badass of the Week

Sample Baddassery:

"That was the final straw. Jeanne wasn't going just going to stand there and let some jackoff stick his gay-ass flag on the walls of her town. She got super pissed off, grabbed the closest thing to her - which just so happened to be a gleaming fucking hatchet - sprinted across the wall like a homicidal Olympian and lunged at the stupid asshole.

The poor knight didn't even know what hit him. One minute he was standing there, crotch-chopping in the general direction of the citizens of Beauvais, and the next minute this crazy bitch was assaulting him with a hatchet. Jeanne smashed this guy in the shoulder with her axe with enough force to decapitate a rabid Minotaur, and her second swing sent the hatchet blade right into his throat. As the guy stood there, his eyes slowly glazing over, Jeanne kicked him square in the chest, sending him flying off the wall to his death below. Then she pulled the flag up out of the ground, broke the flagpole over her knee and hurled it down into the moat on top of him.

After seeing this display of badassitude so completely xtreme that it generated its own gravitational field, the defenders of Beauvais got super omega pumped up with the energy to punch boulders, play middle linebacker for the Chicago Bears and pull all the stuffing out of their couches with their teeth. The men defending the city fought like they were totally wigged out on a Satanic concoction of Red Bull and crack, killing every Burgundian they could get their hands on and chucking their bodies over the walls of the city. Jeanne continued to flip out like a goddamned ninja on the invaders, swinging her axe like a bloodthirsty lumberjack, and before long Charles the Bold was boldly running away from the ever-swinging death-bringing hatchet arm of our insanely badass heroine. He never returned, and met a miserable end five years later when he was brained with a halberd and his dead body was eaten by wild animals.

When King Louis XI heard about how this one tough broad had single-handedly turned the tide of the battle by hacking up some dude with a hatchet and biting his flag in half with her teeth he couldn't help but get psyched up as well. He threw a parade for her, lavished her with gifts, and gave her the right to marry the man of her choosing, which was kind of a big deal back in the days of arranged marriages when most women were bought and sold like livestock at the county fair. To this day, there is a statue of Jeanne in the town she so valiantly fought to defend, and in celebration of her heroism a parade known as the "Procession of the Assault takes place every year on the anniversary of the battle. "

Via Bifurcated Rivets

None More Black
Heavy Metal Laundry Tips
Via Boing Boing

Lost - Ep# 502- "Because You Left"

Warning: Spoilers for Ep# 503 - "Jughead"

    Penny's Boat - Dec 31, 2004 or Jan 1, 2005

  • Lapidus and Desmond are drinking Jekyll Island Red Ale.

    "The brand is a prop developed by Independent Studio Services, and is also seen in the shows Dexter and Rules of Attraction."

  • Hurley: "You know what, dude? I'm gonna remember this. And someday, you're gonna need my help, and I'm telling you right now... you're not gettin' it."

    This isn't quite a lie, just an idle threat. Hurley spends the whole episode helping Sayid.

  • L.A. - 2008

  • Dead people can give good advice. Still don't know what exactly they are - hallucinations, manifestations of the Island, ghosts working for the Island...
  • It's nice to see Michelle Rodriguez being a good sport about police and traffic stops.
  • Dead Anna Lucia should have told Hurley to call Ben's cell # and to go with him back to the Island. It would have made a short episode though.
  • "Libby says hi" - Kind of creepy.
  • Beach Camp - 1954

  • Rose is still my least favorite character. Frogurt isn't even close. If only she would D.I.A.F.
  • Gas from the Zodiac could help start a fire.
  • Miles and Sawyer - dueling smartasses.
  • What did Faraday do that took 2 hours? His talk with Desmond didn't take that long.
  • Faraday has a sextant, or a least something complicated looking that he's going to use to calculate a new escape bearing. If it is a sextant, then he's going to have trouble determining the longitude by celestial navigation, because he needs to know the exact time.
  • Juliet says she'll get the water and we cut to Hurley throwing water in Sayid's face. I think they're telling us the O6 and the Island Losties are still connected.
  • L.A. - 2008

  • Sunglasses on unconscious Sayid = Weekend at Bernie's
  • I "Heart" my Shih-Tzu:

    The Shih Tzu is reported to be the oldest and smallest of the Tibetan holy dogs


    Recent DNA analysis confirms that the ancestors of today's Shih Tzu breed are the most ancient dog breeds

    Shih-Tzu (Wikipedia)

    The answer to just how the Shih Tzu were created still eludes us today. Its origin is steeped in mysteries and legends.

    Shih Tzu Have Had Many Nicknames

  • Hurley: "I don't believe I'm lying" - "these are not the droids you're looking for"
  • Dream Police by Cheap Trick is playing in the gas station.
  • Kate just misses Sayid and Hurley at the gas-station. Is the Island manipulating coincidence to get them to return?
  • Watching Kate on the phone at the gas station it strikes me that Evangeline Lilly has become a better actress.
  • Ben has a package hidden in the airvent of the motel room. Possible contents: Medusa Spiders that are keeping Locke in a state of suspended animation.
  • Ben: "And find yourself a suitcase. If there's anything in this life you want, pack it in there... because you're never coming back." - Odd turn of phrase.
  • I'm maintaining my own personal fantasy that Ben driving Locke's casket around in a carpet van is a tribute to the Rug Suckers, who-along with the Kolodny Brothers, aid Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers in the raid on Yoyodyne. Apophenia, indeed.
  • Ben pointedly does not answer Jack's question about Locke being dead.
  • Hurley's dad likes caviar on his ham sandwich, which is odd.
  • Is Expose' a clue that medusa spiders have been used on Locke?
  • Hurley lugging Sayid around mirrors Ben transporting Locke.
  • Hurley's dad is not that bright.
  • Sayid goes from couch to pool table to couch again. I think they had to move him to the pool table so the cops wouldn't see him.
  • Hurley does not lie to his father. Everything he says in this scene is true.
  • Aaron: "Can I push the button?" - sure, but sometimes you can't stop.
  • Ben still has loyal minions in the outside world - Jill the butcher, Gabriel and Jeffrey.
  • Ben: "Cut the man some slack. He's been through a lot. We all have." - Sympathy for Jack from Ben is surprising. He's not exactly Mister Warmth.
  • Locke's body has to be kept safe. Safe from what?
  • Island, Night - 1954

  • Charlotte's showing more signs of Minkowski syndrome. Why is she the only one?
  • Miles found a dead boar with his ghost talking ability.
  • Nice death for Frogurt - FIRE! Thwack!!
  • Sawyer grabs Juliet, he's still the selfless hero.
  • L.A.

  • Sun is muy creepy.
  • Sun's daughter is 3 years old, why is Sun showing Kate baby pictures?
  • Sun: "Wouldn't you do anything you had to in order to keep Aaron?" mirrors Juliet: "Wouldn't you do anything to save Walt?"
  • Does Sayid not being dead on the couch mirror Locke not being dead in Ben's care?
  • Jack never agreed to Hurley's Dad's request that he stay away from Hurley, so he didn't lie.
  • Ben's tricksy mind must be spinning - he must be imagining a wide-awake and anti-Ben Sayid talking to Jack
  • Hurley's pose echoes the painting of the Virgin Mary behind him
  • Mom: "A good guy doesn't kill anyone" - Her baby boy has killed an Other. Just about everybody on Lost has killed somebody, and we still don't know whether the Others are Good Guys or not.
  • Is it really lying that bothers Hurley or that he left his friends behind and didn't try to help them?
  • Island - 1954

  • There's something going on with that thorn/twig stuck in Sawyer's foot - I can't imagine they would make such a big point of showing it to us if it weren't going to matter in the future. And I don't think he's going to lose a toe and become the inspiration for the 4-toed statue.

    If his foot gets infected we could have a Philoctetes reference.

  • Sawyer: "You don't have to be a wise-ass..." - Pot calling the kettle black. It's interesting to watch how well Sawyer and Juliet get along, they're such an odd pair.
  • "Jones": "What are you doing on our Island!?" - Considered in light of "Jughead", this is a bit of a stupid question. Either the Losties are with the US Army and are after the bomb or they're someone else and maybe "Jones" and his group shouldn't have tried to kill them all/scatter them to the winds before determing their identity. They could have easily grabbed Miles when he was off by himself.
  • L.A.

  • Sayid is not a morning person.
  • Hot-Pocket Fu!
  • Poor Ben, he's the boy who cried wolf. He's lied and manipulated so many times that when he is sincere Hurley doesn't believe him. And using Sayid as an assassin has caused a chain-reaction that backfired on him. The sad thing is that Hurley and Ben both want to go back to the Island.
  • Ben: "You won't ever have to lie again." - That's laying it on a bit thick.
  • Welcome to the new Lost, where Hurley outsmarts Ben.
  • Congratulations Ben, people would rather confess to murders they didn't commit than have anything to do with you.
  • Irony - Hurley lied to the police.
  • Island - 1954

  • Wow, "Jones" sure is quick to chop off people's hands. Is there a surplus of beautiful women on the Island? I think "Jones" has issues.
  • John Locke - Man of Action! Thrower of rocks and knives!!
  • Sawyer, take somebody's shoes!
  • L.A. - Spooky Lab/Church

  • Faith (Church) and Science (Basement Lab)
  • Ms. Hawking uses a Foucault pendulum and an Apple III Monitor. The actual computer looks more like one of the Apple II variants.
  • More on the lab and Foucault's pendulum: What Was That Thing On LOST? 5.02 'The Lie' Easter Eggs
  • Foucault's Pendulum, by Umberto Eco
  • Ms. Hawking's lab could be the "Unknown", aka "Lighthouse" Station
  • Screenshot of the Lab
  • How did they not catch Ben blowing out his match twice in editing?
  • It looks like Ben is getting his information about the Island's location and situation from Ms. Hawking.

  • Theories and Ruminations:

  • Let's catch up on missing body parts:

    From: Tubular
    • Lies (Just the outright ones, Not Telling the Whole Truth could be another list)
    • Faraday lied about what he did at the Swan station.
    • Hurley will probably never pay Sayid back like he promised.
    • Hurley lies to the convenience store clerk - a lot.
    • Jack lies to Ben aboconvenienceut intending to throw out his pills.
    • Hurley's Dad lies to the police.
    • Frogurt lies about where the non-existent knife is.
    • Hurley's Dad deceives the police by hiding Sayid in the back of his SUV.
    • It's hard to say what, but Sun must have lied about something to Kate.
    • Hurley lied to his mother about not knowing anyone who would want to hurt him.
    • I'm going to count Ben telling Hurley that he "would never have to lie again" as exaggeration. I'm interpreting him as meaning Hurley would never have to lie about what happened on the Island again.
    • Hurley lies to the police about killing people.
  • The Others are really vicious in 1954. Why did they open fire on the Losties? If they had watched them for any length of time they would have known that they weren't associated with the Army. They could have easily grabbed Miles for questioning when he was off by himself. So either they had just come upon the Losties and immediately decided to attack or they knew the Losties weren't the enemy and attacked anyway.

    And what about Widmore beginning his questioning by chopping off hands? His questions indicate that he knows they aren't Army, why does he think that cutting off somebody's hand is justified?

    Contrast the Other's behavior with the lack of overt hostility they showed the season 1-4 survivors. Did the 2004 Others not wipe out the Losties because they knew some of them would have to time travel to the past?
  • Locke killed an Other in 1954 - he committed the same crime they convicted Juliet for.
  • Let's assume that the O6 need to return to the Island because their leaving creates a "bad" future timeline - They need to do something on the Island that creates the past we have. What part could Locke's body have in insuring the past happens correctly? My head hurts.

    Oh, oh...I'll bet that when the O6 do return to the Island they join in the time skipping. Then they'll have to do something in the past. As "Jughead" showed us, the corollary to Rule#1 (if it didn't happen it can't happen) is that if it did happen it has to happen - example: Locke telling Richard his name before Locke was born and Faraday telling the Others to bury the bomb.

    Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh - but for this to work it means that the O6 were "supposed" to time travel to the past in the future that would have happened if Charlie hadn't contacted Penny and turned off the Looking Glass. But in that future Ben wouldn't need to turn the FDW and set off the time travelling. Or would he?

  • Not my Theory: Did time travelers rescue Locke, Eko and Desmond from the Swan implosion?

  • Recaps and Articles

  • Lost 5.02 Two-Faced Liars , by Luhks
  • DRIZZLE DRAZZLE DRUZZLE DROME (combined EP #1 & EP #2 recap), by Fishbiscuitland
  • S5Ep2 - The Lie, by Long Live Locke
  • 'Lost' recap: True Lies, by Jeff Jensen (Entertainment Weekly)
  • 5 X 02: The Lie , by GitsieGirl
  • Lost: The Boy With a Thorn in His Side, by Tubular
  • Many recaps were of both "Because You Left" and "The Lie" combined. Links for these are at the end of my "Because You Left" Recap

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Land of the Dead, by Thomas Harlan will finally see print in August 2009:

"It's a small change in our history: Imagine that the Japanese made contact with the Aztec Empire. Instead of small-pox and Christianity, they brought an Imperial alliance, samurai ethics, and technology. By the time of these books, the Emperor in Mexico City rules not just the entire planet Earth, but a growing interplanetary Empire. But the Galaxy is not a hospitable place, and there are other powers, both new and very, very old, who would stop the spread of the power in Anuhuac.

A weapon of the Old Ones, from the time of the First Sun, has been found in a region of space. It must be investigated, then tamed or destroyed to keep it from the hands of opposing powers. Gretchen Anderssen, freelance archaeologist and specialist in First Sun artifacts, has been hired by her old mentor Green Hummingbird, agent of the Mirror Service, to join him in the study. They will be joined by old friends, and some old enemies as well."

Tor Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-0-7653-1204-4
ISBN-10: 0-7653-1204-2
$28.95 Canadian

51/2" x 81/4" / 384 pages

Zen/Aztec mysticism in the service of covert black ops, kick-ass space battles, sensawunda alien tech, gunfights, twisted yet fully realized and plausible alternative history...I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl.
'Land of the Dead' publication date

Google Reader
"The feed being requested cannot be found." - That's funny, I was reading it just 2 seconds ago. Google Reader seems to have a bunch of small problems, like logging you out at random intervals and the inability to delete folders. I find myself constantly logging in and out after it freezes. Bloglines never had these problems, but their free email accounts no longer receive mail and the word on the interwebs is that they aren't long for this world. I wonder if Google will be willing to spend the money to make Reader a finished product, since they own the world and have no competition.

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Best Line Overheard in a Cartoon this Week
"I can't hear you, my cheeks are covering my ears!!"

Lost - S5E01 - Faraday's Notebook
Faraday's Notebook has an interesting image. I can't tell what it is, but it looks like a drawing or rubbing and the bottom resembles stonework.
lost faraday notebook enhanced

Lost - Locke's Leg and Transfered Memories
Lostpedia shows me the error of my ways:

"Following the airing of "Because You Left", many fans attributed Locke's limping when he and Boone found the Beechcraft in "Deus Ex Machina" to an assumed "phantom pain" that had somehow temporarily superimposed itself onto past/future Locke via time travel, caused by Ethan shooting a time-jumping Locke in the leg just as Locke was about to climb up to the newly crashed Beechcraft in "Because You Left". This theory ignores the specifics of Locke's problems in "Deus Ex Machina", however: There, he got hit in the leg (the same one Ethan would shoot him in) by a piece of shrapnel from a broken trebuchet, which caused him to realize that he was losing his feeling in both legs (the piece of shrapnel was not the cause, but an indicator of the problem). On the way to the Beechcraft, Locke's legs - both of them - eventually failed altogether (shortly before that, Boone specifically pointed out that Locke was limping on the other leg, which was not hit by the shrapnel), until Boone fell to his death. None of this bears any resemblance to what Locke was going through after Ethan shot him in the leg beyond a very cursory glance. "

Lostpedia: Apophenia

"Apophenia is the perception of patterns, or connections, where in fact none exist. Most psychologists agree that this condition exists in everyone, to some degree; it is a bias of the human mind. "

I still like the idea of memories being transfered between a time-traveler and their "normal" existence.

Science Fair
science fair electricity vs cat photoshopped
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In Russia, Cats Laugh at You
 russian lolcatMy living quarters are comprised of the bone meal of the bourgeois
My living quarters are comprised of the bone meal of the bourgeois!
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