"If you understood everything I said, you'd be me" - Miles Davis
"There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge." - Bertrand Russell
"Take away the right to say fuck and you take away the right to say fuck the government." - Lenny Bruce
"Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!" - Homer Simpson

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Lost - Ep# 514 - "The Variable"

1: This episode accounts for all of Daniel's time once he gets off the Sub. He and Pierre Chang never have an opportunity to make the "Dharma Booth Video". So much for the DBV being "strict canon".

2: I found Faraday's explanation that "people are the variable" and that they can indeed change the past to be very, no, INCREDIBLY weak. That was it? The whole of season 5 so far has been predicated on the notion that "whatever happened, happened" and now it's all out the window because "gee, I guess I was wrong".

3: What happened to the sneaky "king of the jungle" Others? "Twitchy" Daniel Faraday just waltzed into their camp.

4: Just how stupid is Faraday's plan? In 4 hours he wants to convince the Others to let him dig up Jughead (and let him explode it on their precious Island), dig up said atomic bomb that should be encased in concrete and lead, transport it to the heavily guarded Swan site (without motor vehicles), repair it, and then make it go BOOM. Yea, that'll work.

It's not the Crime, It's the Cover-up

I had no idea there was a US Pole Dance Federation. Wonders never cease.
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Rinji News O Moshiagemasu!
Making of the Godzilla Suit!
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Meat Go Boom

"In January 2004, the carcass of a 50-ton sperm whale explodes in a Taiwanese city center. NGC examines the physics and the biology of this 100,000-pound animal whose body was destroyed by its own internal forces."

The Whale that Exploded

Make sure to check out the wallpapers - they're perfect for the office.

Not to be confused with Oregon's TheExplodingWhale.com.

Remember kids, dynamite is not an acceptable option for dead cetacean disposal. What goes up must come down.

Lost - Ep #513 - "Some Like it Hoth" - Quick and Dirty Play-by-Play
  • Number on microwave
  • Pierre Chang's "wife"?
  • White ceramic rabbit.
  • Miles has been talking to dead people since childhood

  • Tommy Lasorda became manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers on September 29, 1976.
  • Sawyer: I owe you one - this is new
  • Video tape numbers?
  • Ponytail on Horace
  • "Circle of Trust"
  • Radzinsky is operating on Hostile territory
  • Nice whistle, let everybody in 2 miles know you're out there
  • Hairy guy, shot in head
  • Sooooo looking forward to Radzinsky meeting the unpleasant end of a flaming arrow.

  • Have a few piercings - they would not react well to Island electromagnetism.
  • T-shirt pattern?
  • Miles' Mom has cancer.
  • Pierre kicked Mom/Miles out - Mom's story.
  • Pierre died on the Island

  • Still no sign of Jimmy
  • Miles doesn't like what he heard from the corpse
  • "You on a secret mission?" - Hurley not as dumb as he looks.
  • Juliet and Kate don't have a story ready.

  • Song - boarded 747 Seems It Never Rains In Southern California Hammond Albert
  • "There is no bounty hunter"? What the heck?
  • Alvarez died from EM yanking out his filling through his brain
  • Hugo calls Miles' talent.

  • When they're desperate, ask for more money.
  • Miles lied to the Dad
  • Naomi is a fox.
  • T shirt pattern?

  • Lost loves that swing set.
  • Nobody can lie to anybody this episode.
  • So much for the Kate/Roger friendship
  • Captain and Tenniele, "Love Will Keep Us Together".
  • Young Miles would have preferred Joy Division
  • Hugo goes by Hurley in Dharma
  • Pierre isn't impressed with the Hydra Polar Bear experiments

  • Dead guy is Felix, delivery guy (like Miles) to Widmore.
  • There really were empty graves, who emptied them to fake Flight 815 is still uncertain. Why would Widmore need pictures if he emptied the graves?
  • 1.6 million, half what Miles asked from Ben.

  • Yes Miles, why did you tell Hurley?
  • Miles' Mom is on the Island.
  • Moist rags work better to clean blackboards.
  • Blackboard lesson is about ancient Egypt
  • Jack is incurious about Ben's disappearance.
  • OK Jack, let's see you be apathetic about a threat to Kate.
  • Porter? Who's Porter?

  • Miles is 3 months old in 1977, which would make him 31.
  • Miles is horrified that his Dad like Country Music.
  • Hurley is really pushing it.
  • Yea, that fake bush will really fool the Others.
  • Hurley is thinking about trying to change the future.

  • Bram, one of Ilana's merry men.
  • "Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue"

    Why would Bram think Miles might know the answer? Why would Ilana think Lapidus might? It sounds like they don't they know who might be in their group. Were the members of Ilana's group recruited/enlisted one by one, and then "spontaneously" came together?
  • Bram offers knowledge and community, he sounds like a true believer - like the Others, if they recruited.
  • If Bram works for Widmore, he either doesn't know it, or he being used to test Miles.
  • Bram's recruitment spiel to Miles doesn't confirm my theory that Ilana's group are the ancient pre-Other inhabitants of the Island, but it doesn't hurt it either. They don't seem to be Others or Widmorean. And their zealotry fits well.

  • Hurley in van mirrors Bram in van.
  • Hurley's notebook has a Dharma logo featuring an apple and a book - school?

  • Pete shows some loyalty. Too bad it got him busted in the chops.

  • Miles shows a sense of responsibility..

  • Oh crap, Juliet is wearing a red shirt. Don't do this to me.
  • Luke Skywalker got hand cut off - Pierre Chang will get his arm cut off.
  • Dharma baby clothes
  • Polar bear storybook.
  • Faraday got off the Island, did he stowaway on the Sub?

  1. Screencaps - "Some Like it Hoth"
  2. LOST Episode 5x13 "Some Like it Hoth" - Screencaps, Easter Eggs, Audio, & Analysis

Lost - Ilana Theory

I have an idea about Ilana and her band of merry men. Even for a Lost theory, this is very speculative, but I like the way it might work.

I think Ilana and her crew could be members of an old (or even ancient) group that is the true enemy of the Others.


  1. Ilana's question: "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" is a reference to the far past, when the statue was still standing and had more of a shadow than from a giant ankle.
  2. Ben's famous answer to Michael: "We're the good guys". This implies that there are Bad Guys.
  3. The Others are fanatical about defending the Island, and have been since at least before 1954, when they repelled a US military force. What if their focus on defense stems from knowing about a specific persistent threat? And by persistent I mean a group that has been trying to take the Island for possibly centuries.
  4. If Ilana is working for Widmore, either he neglected to tell her about Ben and Locke, or she was told to leave them alone.
  5. Lost is a show full of reversals. Losties become Others, or become Dharma. Dharma members become Others. Others live where Dharma lived, then Losties live where Others lived. Con men become heroes, Doctors become addicts. Dead men become live. I could go on and on. What if the Others, who are seen as the "indigenous" true-believer defenders of the Island, were actually once the invaders? What if they took the Island from an earlier group, and then "went native"?
  6. Widmore seems to be fading as an active villian. I can see the show wanting a clear antagonist in the run to the grand finale.


  1. A third group would complicate things even more than they already are, which is PLENTY.
  2. I can't think of any clues to this new group appearing in the first 4 seasons, which is kind of like having the Empire show up only in the last half of Return of the Jedi.

My New Name is Thud Mollockle

"Then, as quickly as a balloon inflated at a vendor's tank, and with much the same hiss and squeak, the gryphon was as large as a Great Dane. Bronwyn felt the recoil from a sharp glance of molten copper eyes, before a final burst flung the monster to its full height, far above her head. She held breath and heart still in utter, utter awe. ...

Its steel claws had enveloped her like a cage when, with a shriek like a steam locomotive, the gryphon disintegrated. Bronwyn was scooped from the earth, tumbling into a huge, soft hollow, and the pit of her stomach wrenched with the sensation of rising rapidly. She looked up and for the one dizzying moment before she lost consciousness she saw, towering above her like a mountain, the abundant, boundless, heaven-crowned figure of Thud Mollockle. "

Silk and Steel and Tripe

Skull Cakes

Lost - Ep #512 - "Dead is Dead" - The quick and dirty play-by-play
  • Widmore rode up on a horse, where the heck did they get horses?
  • "Island chooses who it want to"
  • 1977 Charles is rocking the flowing pirate locks. I bet he missed that hair.

  • I knew Ben would have a story
  • We don't even have a word for it - my ass, they've got to call it something, even if it's "That which shall not be named".

  • What's in the box? Is it MAGIC?
  • "Have a great day" - Friendly Ben is double creepy.
  • Caesar doesn't work for Ben, at least not knowingly. And he doesn't seem wary of him, so it seems he isn't much in the know.
  • Look, Ben has found another Sayid

  • Ben and Ethan, messing with Danielle - pre-Purge?
  • 1992 - 1977 = 15, that might work for Ethan's appearance.
  • The French arrived in 1988, when Danielle was 7 months pregnant. So at the latest Alex was born in 1989. That was not a 2+ year-old Alex. So either the facts about the French are wrong, or the Purge didn't happen in 1992, or this scene is 1988/89, before the mass murder of the Dharma Initiative.
  • And that's how Ben learned Alex's name.
  • Run away from whispers- Why?
  • Ben knows something about Whispers, they existed before the Losties.

  • Photo of Alex
  • I was afraid that Locke was letting Ben run around free
  • I killed you to get the O6 back, and hey, It all worked out in the end. I did it for the Island.
  • Ben didn't apologize
  • Be careful what you wish for, Ben.
  • How exactly is Locke supposed to be forcing Ben to go?
  • Well, that was unexpected. Why did Ben kill/shoot Caesar? Why did he manipulate Caesar into confronting Locke? How convenient that Caesar left his most important asset unguarded.
  • Ah Caesar, we hardly knew ye.
  • "Will you be patient? Will you stay awhile? I have overshot myself to tell you of it. I fear the honorable men whose daggers have stabbed Caesar, I do fear it!"

  • Ben lying? I'm shocked, just shocked.
  • Locke has insight now.

  • Much older Widmore,
  • Ben refuses to kill innocent child
  • Widmore's case is that killing babies protects the Island? How are Danielle or Alex threats to the Island?

  • Ben didn't answer Locke's question - was it his idea?
  • Locke is just wonderfully spooky this episode, almost Richardesque. Except that Caesar would have shot him.
  • Game of Risk shows this isn't an alternative timeline (w/o Losties).
  • Ben freaks at hearing Christian's name. This whole episode is a Bug-eyed-Benfest.
  • Ben says he didn't know the Losties were in 1977. Is he lying or did his Temple visit erase it all? Does this mean Young Ben doesn't return to Dharma until after the Losties have left?
  • Ben doesn't know a everything, in fact he's in the dark.

  • Stone faced Sun
  • "As long as the dead guy says everything is ok..."
  • Jacob Lantern
  • Ben pulls the plug - Smokey contained by water
  • Ben can talk directly to Smokey

  • Widmore wasn't tricked into turning FDW
  • There has to be more to Widmore's "exile" than Ben kicking him off.
  • How did the Others get on/off the Island before the Sub?
  • Widmore broke the rules by constantly leaving the Island and having a daughter with an outsider - so Penny isn't Ellie's daughter.

  • Ben basically admits to killing Locke, claims he didn't know Locke would be resurrected/reanimated, it scares him. I think he's telling the truth.
  • Ben expects Smokey, gets Locke instead. We're clearly supposed to make a connection between Locke and Smokey.
  • Was Locke dealing with Smokey or is Locke Smokey? Or Smokeyesque?
  • Ben can't control Smokey, and he can't control Locke.
  • "Not a train", though sometimes it sounds like one.
  • "it's weird for me too" "I'm the same man I've always been" - maybe he's always been Smokey, at least since Sun knew him.

  • Our Mutual Friend - Dickens
  • Widmore hasn't got people watching over his daughter? What good is having bazillions of dollars if you don't use them?

  • Ben and Locke have traded places from their first time around Jacob's cabin.
  • Wall around the Temple. Temple is half-mile away - BIG WALL
  • Locke is receiving special knowledge.
  • Is Ben sorry?

  • Ben wouldn't kill Danielle/Alex, but he would kill Penny
  • No bullet wound that I saw on Desmond, groceries or Island/Timeline?
  • That is one pissed-off Scotsman
  • I would say no dead Penny or Charlie. So how is Desmond going to get to the Island now? Or more importantly, "Why"?

  • Illana and which three?
  • "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" - Is this a passphrase like "What did the one snowman say to the other snowman?" - Others?, why not Latin?
  • Did Illana have allies on board, or something else? Sudden conversion to Othership?

  • Ben's fall mirrors Locke's down the Well
  • More hieroglyphics
  • Jackal god and Smoke monster
  • Grating - 7x7=49
  • Shows Ben scenes from the past
  • Torch relighting, nice touch
  • That's not Alex - It's a Yemi/Smoke-Zombie
  • Smokey wants Ben to follow Locke. This is going to be interesting.

Brave New Naval Warfare
Say Goodbye to the Carrier Battle Group (either practically or violently)
Via Charlie's Diary

Lost - Ep #510 - "He's Our You"
Lost Hes our you oldham

I have got to cut down on the toad licking.
I had a dream that Billy Holiday was licking my frontal lobes.


Dammit, just when I get the DharmaBong© fired up, you buzzkills drop in

For me, an episode of Lost isn't finished until 3 recappers tie it all together with a mix of poetry and insight:

The Play-by-Play

  • Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
  • Yea, no credit for telling the truth...chubby non-chicken killer wuss brother.
  • Brother and Father issues, what a surprise.
  • Sayid's childhood mirrors Eko's
  • --1977--

  • What is Phil polishing, some knobs?
  • Sayid killed a chicken, now he gets a chicken sandwich
  • This Ben is older, he met Richard 4 years ago.
  • If he's around 12 now, he was 8 when he went into the jungle. I like 11-12 meeting richard, 15-16 now.
  • A Separate Reality
  • --2007 Moscow--

  • I'm sorry, but does this putz look like a threat? I think Sayid just killed a blackmarket Viagra smuggler.
  • Sayid went out a different door, good tradecraft.
  • The writing in the glass over the door says "Oldham Pharmaceuticals" in Russian.
  • Iron gate bars mirrors iron bars on Sayid's cell.
  • Ben: "You didn't kill them for ME, Sayid. YOU'RE the one that asked for their names."
    Typical Ben passive-aggression: "You're the bad guy, while I'm pure as the driven snow".
  • Hey, wait a minute, you're not done. What about the Economist? He's still alive.
  • --1977--

  • Garden shears? Nice feint towards torture.
  • Plastic Handcuffs? For a plane trip? Not metal?
  • Did they have plastic handcuffs/cable ties in 1977?
  • Radzinsky is obsessed with his model. I can see why he's all alone out at the Flame.
  • Sawyer should be watching the Jail.
  • Juliet is burning food again.
  • Where the hell is Sayid going to go? Why wouldn't he pose as a defector? Ignoring the problem that anything he says about the Others would be a total fabrication, and he would have to worry about Ben killing him.
  • Nice Afro behind the counter.
  • "Alice in Wonderland" Geronimo Jackson poster on the wall..
  • Ben brings Sayid sandwiches, Juliet brought Jack sandwiches.
  • Roger, not looking so good.
  • Why the hell are they letting Roger wander into Sayid's cell? So he can mop!? Can't have a dirty jail floor, what with all the traffic it gets. Dumb as hell.
  • "You never made me a sandwich in your life." - Roger mirrors Ben's comment to Juliet about soup, with added headslam.
  • --2007--

  • "How did you find me? I looked." - asking Ben questions gets you nothing but snark.
  • Ben, lying through his teeth, again, still.
  • Ben is a killer too.
  • --1977--

  • Automatic rifles are a poor choice to move prisoners.
  • And that would be one of the "zappers".
  • Who's watching the Flame? Why is Radzinsky involved?
  • Is that Billy Holiday singing I can't give you anything but love?
  • Oldham is living without electricity. Somebody else who doesn't like technology.
  • Nice confounding of expectation: Oldham doesn't torture. Why does do people think he's a psycho? He be more evil later.
  • Oldham seems less like Dharma material than ship captain LaFleur.
  • "One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small..." - "White Rabbit", Jefferson Airplane (Now all we need is "Jefferson")
  • Sayid: [Pointing at Ben] "And if I see you again, it'll be extremely unpleasant for us both."

    This is very different from the first viewing of this scene in This Place is Death:

    Sayid: "I don't want any part of this. And if I see you, or him again, it will be extremely unpleasant for all of us." [Sayid leaves]

  • They're not going to believe him.
  • Getting Tied to a Tree:
    • The Tailies tied Sayid to a tree after Ana Lucia shoots and kills Shannon.
    • Jack and Sayid tied Sawyer to a tree when Shannon's asthma inhaler goes missing.
  • Larry: What's your name? Darryl, perchance?

    Stoned Sayid: Dude, nah, it's Sayid. Sayid Ja-to-the-rah. As in "rasta," as in Marley...Dude, have you ever listened to Marley? No, I mean like, really listened to him? Profound stuff, man.

    Larry: Why were you in handcuffs?


    Larry: Why were you in handcuffs?

    Stoned Sayid: 'Cuz I'm baaaaaaaad. SHAMONE.

    Larry: Why were you running away from your people?

    Stoned Sayid: Dude, what?

    Larry: The Hostiles, why were you running away from them?

    Stoned Sayid: Awww, man, I'm not hostile. Why are you so hostile? You should chilllll. It's all love, man. Not hostility.

    Larry: So, where'd you come from?

    Stoned Sayid: A plane. A plane of another existence man. OPEN YER MINDSSSS.

    Larry: Uh, what?

    Stoned Sayid: Yeah, Ajira Flight 316. And that's how I returned to the island, dude.

    Larry: Say what now?

    Stoned Sayid: Dude, this will blow your mind but I was here before on Oceanic Airlines Flight 815. AND IT CRASHED MAN. Dude, I was here for like, 100 days. But then I left. And then I came back. Its like a big circle, man. KARMA. DHARMA. HEY! GET IT? THAT RHYMES!

    Larry: What?

    Stoned Sayid: Nah, seriously dude. I was here. Ask Sawyer.

    Larry: Darryl who?

    Stoned Sayid: Sawyer. Ask him, man.

    Larry: Fine. Tell us what you know about our stations.

    Stoned Sayid: DUUUUUUUDE. That one? The Flame? Is totally not on fire. And that other one? The Pearl? With all the teevees and stuff? OH and there's that other one? The Swan? With the giant magnet or something? It was totally rad until the incident. It had snacks. OOOH. I WANT SNACKS. DO YOU HAVE ANY DHARMA CHEETOS?

    Group: [Freak out.]

    Stoned Sayid: Dudes. You know what? You're all gonna die. Bummer.

    Larry: Well, how would you know that, Sayid?

    Stoned Sayid: BECAUSE, DUDE. I'M FROM THE FUTURE. The air is clean. The water's clean. Even the dirt... is clean. Bowling averages are way up. Mini-golf scores are way down. And we have more excellent waterslides than any other planet we communicate with.

    And that's when Larry suddenly worries he gave Sayid too much of the good stuff, and Sayid's like, "Nah, Dog. I've got just the right buzz going on. Can I get some of that for parties, you think?"

    Lost note: The drug: we're not entirely sure what drug this is that Larry gives Sayid, but there has been some speculation that it might be the same bitter drug Ethan doses Claire with during her time at the Caduceus station. Thus, the sugar cube.

  • Horace the mathematician must not be in on the Orchid time-warp plans. I bet Pierre Chang would have turned white hearing Sayid.
  • Radzinsky is an idiot. You don't give a prisoner more information.
  • Radzinsky: [Interrupting] "The Swan?! How could he know what we were gonna name it? We haven't even built it yet! I told you! He saw the model! You see?! He is a spy!" - Then why is Pierre Chang wearing a Swan logo on his lab coat?

    And Why does Roger Linus have the Swan on his jumpsuit?

  • Where does a guy living in a teepee in the middle of nowhere get a hold of truth serums? And sugar cubes?
  • The girls have nice shoes.
  • I got a big kick out of Juliet and Kate's scene. It totally confounded any expectation of bitchy confrontation.
    They've both been around the block, they're practical women and they don't need any more shit than they've already got. So, this a volkswagen flat-4 air-cooled engine...

  • lost kate juliet dharma jumpsuits

    Sawyer is so screwed. Lucky Bastard

  • Why is EVERYTHING Dharma brand? Even the motor oil? Stuff like that would cost good money.
  • Horace still believes Sayid is an Other.
  • Meeting mirrors the Other's book club.
  • Why does Radzinsky have the option to go over Horace's head?
  • Amy: Kill the Other while holding your child who will become an Other.
  • Not everybody gets to vote - evidence of a class structure? I count 12 people in the meeting.
  • I'm beginning to hope that Kelvin lied about Radzinsky killing himself in the Swan just so I can enjoy watching someone else kill him, slowly and painfully. Maybe Radzinsky and Rose get locked in a closet together and annoy each other to death.
  • --2007--

  • Sayid is drinking MacCutcheon.
  • The idea that a private bounty hunter can take a handcuffed Iraqi to Guam for a murder he committed in the Seychelles one day after he's captured is absurd. But it gets Sayid and Illana on the plane, so let's just roll our eyes and move on.
  • Illana offers to buy Sayid a rabbit's foot.
  • Sayid should have said: See these people? These are my friends from Flight 815, and they're on this flight to help free me from your clutches. We better take another flight.
  • --1977--

  • Sayid has an idea of the "purpose" behind the time travelling?
  • Sawyer asks the one question that Kate told Jack not to ask
  • "Three years, no burning busses, ya'll back ONE day" - Best line of the night.
  • Young Ben setting fire to bus mirrors Walt setting fire to boat.
  • Fire - report to building 15 - the one on fire?
  • Ben's hoodie mirrors Evil Charlie
  • Sayid's purpose is to kill Ben. He's had a plan.
  • Nice work by Ben. Where did he get the keys?
  • Young Ben needed glasses, Old Ben only uses them to read - how does that work?
  • --2007--

  • Illana's been warned about Ben.
  • --1977--

  • Well, that was a definite shot. No misfire, no misses.
  • Sayid's purpose/time-travel task was to shoot Ben, only he won't die. Wanna bet Juliet is his Doctor?

    But mostly, I think Sayid's purpose in going back to 1977 becomes NOT putting an end to Ben Linus, but actually turning him into the person he will become. He hangs his head and says, "You're right; I am a killer," and young Ben doesn't know what he's talking about. But 30 years later, the adult version of Master Linus will look at Sayid and say, "You're a killer, Sayid."

    What Nikki Noticed
  • Then we have Ben reminding Sayid that he's a killer... telling him that he's a killer... over and over, beating it into his skull. We also have Sayid driven to an intense hatred for Ben and a complete mistrust in him by the time he gets on the Ajira airways flight. Add all of this together and what do you get?

    Alright, I've built it up enough: Ben wanted Sayid to go back to the past and shoot him. He fine-tuned Sayid into enough of a killing machine and instilled enough hatred in his heart for him so that Ben knew he would shoot even a young child version of himself. Yeah, I know it's crazy. I know it's out there. But if you examine this episode and really delve into why Ben spent so much off-island time honing Sayid into the killing tool he's now become... it makes a lot of sense.


Theories, Predictions, and Deep Thoughts

  • The one thing that bothered me about this episode is how easily Sayid went along with Ben's "kill Widmore's stooges" plan. Sayid has always been practical and skeptical - I would expect that at some point during the 3 years he spent doing Ben's dirty work he would begin to wonder just who his targets were.
  • Mirror/Parallels List:

  • Young Sayid kills to prevent his brother from having to, echoing Eko's flashback in "The 23rd Psalm."
  • Ben "frees" Sayid from assassinations in the future in a perversion of his freeing of Sayid from captivity in the past within this single episode.
  • Sayid is, yet again, tortured...though this one most closely resembles his torturing of Sawyer in "Confidence Man."
  • Illana flirts with a drunken Sayid in a bar, mirroring Ana-Lucia sitting next to both Jack and Christian Shephard at various points.
  • Illana dupes Sayid with sex only to attack him, much like Ilsa in "The Economist."
  • Sayid knocks back glass after glass of extremely expensive MacCutcheon whisky, the same whisky denied Desmond by Widmore, then presented to Desmond by Charlie and Hurley (both in "Flashes Before Your Eyes").
  • Sayid sees an echo of his own hard-ass father in abusive Roger Linus...not that it stops him or anything.
  • Young Ben's repeated sandwich deliveries aimed at getting something from Sayid mirror Juliet's plying of captive Jack with cheeseburgers on several occasions during early Season 3.
  • Sayid's lie that he was actually there to bring Ben back to the Others mirrors Ben's later lie to Locke that he was the Lostaways' captive for the same reason. ("Two For the Road" Thanks, Bundt! -SL)
  • Sayid denies that he's a killer by nature to Adult Ben on one tropical Island only to affirm it to Young Ben on another.
  • The cyrillic writing over the door as Sayid leaves the building after killing Andropov reads "Oldham Pharmaceuticals" and later, Sayid will be interrogated by Oldham with pharmaceuticals.
  • A be-hoodied Ben uses fire as a diversion to liberate Sayid much as a be-hoodied Charlie used a fire as a diversion to abduct Aaron in "Fire+Water."
  • Ben gives a book to captive Sayid like Locke will give books to a captive Ben on two separate occasions.
  • Young Ben burns a vehicle, creating chaos, just like Walt burned a vehicle (the first raft), creating chaos. ("...In Translation")
  • Even Hurley, practically in a cameo, echoed his stint as Keeper of the Food in "Everybody Hates Hugo" by becoming a cook for the DHARMA Initiative.
  • Looking at the Little Things
  • "He's Our You", and "A Separate Reality" tease us with the concept of multiple timelines.
  • Just because young Ben might be dead, doesn't mean he stays dead.
  • Everybody Dharma is first name, except LaFleur, Radzinsky, and Oldham.
  • In Namaste, Christian used an electric light, not a lantern or fire.
  • Lines:
    1. "A 12-year-old Ben Linus just brought me a chicken sandwich. How do you think I'm doing?"
    2. "Even the new mom wants you dead."
    3. "I thought it was kinda obvious. Who couldn't see that coming?" -- Hurley on the Sawyer/Juliet coupling.
  • Sayid in a cell mirrors Ben in the Swan storage closet:

    Sayid has dropped out of the sky (literally) onto the island in 1977, not unlike the way Ben dropped out of the sky onto the island in 2004. Sayid was taken prisoner and dubbed "hostile." So was Ben. Arguments about whether or not to kill Sayid ensued, just as they did about Ben. Obviously we all know Sayid is not a bad guy, he's a man who has done very bad things in his life but feels remorse about them. To put it in "Pulp Fiction" parlance, he's trying real hard to be the shepherd.

    We have all assumed that Ben is a bad guy -- yeah, brace yourself, we're getting back to this again. And up to this point, it's a fair assumption since there is a key difference between him and Sayid -- Ben has yet to show real remorse for any of the murders he has committed. But I think throughout the entire series, the "Lost" writers have been coming back to this theme of "others," and how we make assumptions about who is good and bad and what their motivations are, based solely on our own perspectives. As we can see with what the Dharma-ites tried to do to Sayid, that is not always fair. Is it fair to Ben? We'll see. But I think all of this says something important about human nature and our propensity to judge when, often, we have no basis for doing so.

  • LINDELOF: We're not going to tell you that we're against bending the time-space continuum. We are very for it. Carlton and I are PRO time-space continuum bending! But we're ANTI-paradox. Paradox creates issues. In Heroes, Masi Oka's character travels back from the future to say, ''You must prevent New York from being destroyed.'' But if they prevent New York from being destroyed, Masi Oka can never travel back from the future to warn you, because Future Hiro no longer exists. Right? So when we start having those conversations at Lost, we go, ''This show is already confusing enough as it is.'' To actually have characters traveling through time has to be handled very deftly.

    Lindelof and Cuse on Time Travel Rules